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  • '90s Are All That: '90s Fashion Throwback!

    Posted on 05/29/2014 by Rachel1016

    Oh hey, '90s fans. Grab your Tomagotchis, lace up your Airwalks, and throw it on back to a time when neon fanny packs, over-sized flannel shirts, backward baseball caps, and explosions of color reigned supreme. You know you loved the ridiculousness of '90s fashion, so we rounded up some of our favorite moments from '90s Nick shows to demonstrate just how sartorially EPIC its characters were!

    Take a look at the outfits from shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude!, Alex Mack, Salute Your Shorts, Doug and more, and you'll see that memorable fashion is just one of of the many reasons the '90s were, indeed, all that.

    90s Throwback Fashion

    Gypsy sleeves and patchwork denim? Yes, please. Clarissa taught us many a lesson about owning your personal style.

    90s Throwback Fashion

    The over-sized khaki shorts and all-denim-everything look of the Hey Dude era definitely contributed to our dreams of living on a ranch.

    90s Throwback Fashion

    We just have two words for you: bucket hat.

    Want to see more wacky and totally awesome outfits? Check out the rest of our favorite '90s fashion moments here!

  • '90s Are All That: Our Favorite Clips From 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'

    Posted on 02/14/2014 by Rachel1016

    Are You Afraid Of The Dark

    Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, we call this story "Our Favorite Clips From 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'"

    A spoiled rich kid and his babysitter set off to his aunt's house. Melissa Joan Hart guest stars in this spooky tale that begins the way all great ghost stories do: with mysterious footprints in the mud.

    When Melissa's friend Susan mysteriously disappears, she finds out that she's been turned into a porcelain doll. They're both trapped in the dollhouse and unsure whether or not the curse can be reversed. Excuse us while we put our childhood toys back in their boxes…

    As if we need to explain why clowns are actually the scariest things on earth, when Josh bets he can steal the nose of Zeebo the Clown, the creepy jester goes after him. A-DUH!

    Honestly, is there anything less appealing than an old hospital at night? After volunteering for the night shift, Amanda learns there's a vampire on the loose, and proceeds to confirm our fear that never needed to be confirmed in the first place.

    Ghost children, pleading messages, and blood-curdling screams are standard AYAOTD fare. The writing's on the wall. Literally!

    What are some of your favorite memories from AYAOTD? Share them with us in the comments!