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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Army of Me'

    Posted on 04/02/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Hey, Degrassians! Did you catch last night's new episode? Between an act of domestic terrorism, a tough (but cute) new teacher, and an ongoing game of "He loves me, he loves me not," these kids better see all the drama a-brewin' before things get out of control! If you haven't seen "Army of Me," watch it online and then read our recap below!


    It was finally time for Alli to present her project at the science fair. She was so excited because she and Dallas had been working tirelessly for weeks, and only few loose ends stood between her and total science domination. But when Dallas and Alli went to the mall to pick up her posters, a frightening incident shook things up. Literally.

    Someone set off a homemade dry ice bomb in the middle of the food court and forced everyone to duck and cover under tables. No one was hurt, but when the police cleared out the room, they asked Dallas to stay behind for questioning.

    And before long, he realized that both he and Connor were being profiled as suspects because of their race.

    After waiting for a long time, disgruntled and upset, Dallas and Connor were finally released. Unfortunately, the bus to the fair had already left without them. They had to figure out a way to meet Alli and Jenna at the fair, and thankfully, Principal Simpson let Connor borrow his car so they could make it in time. (It pays having the principal be your legal guardian!) Keys in hand, Dallas and Connor hit the road.

    But while they were on their way, the boys got pulled over by two cops. And since Dallas was positive he wasn't speeding, he asked the officer why he was stopped. The officer scornfully replied, "Your exhaust is very loud." Dallas knew this wasn't a legitimate violation, and when the officers questioned the boys' permission to use the car, he was sure they were being persecuted. Because of their race.

    Do you think will Dallas' anger inspire him to make a stand in a constructive way? Or will it lead to even more trouble?


    There's a new teacher at Degrassi, and his name is Mr. Grant Yeats. He stands on desks, prefers that students and teachers "teach each other," and has this super-secret-invite-only play-writing collective (because multi-hyphenates = prestigious, obviously).

    Tristan really wanted to get into Mr. Yeats' play-writing collective to keep his mind off of how things weren't going so great at home. But when Zoe got her invitation to the collective, Tristan was confused about how and why his invitation was, er, lost in the mail?

    Well, turns out, Mr. Yeats didn't think Tristan's work was deserving of admittance into the collective.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Determined to get a spot in the super-secret society, Tristan followed the group to their meeting place… in the middle of the woods. But as he spied on them behind a tree, Mr. Yeats noticed him. (Let's be real, when you swat a fly like a kung fu warrior, you're bound to get noticed.)

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    At first Mr. Yeats was a little confused, and suggested that Tristan's boldness might not have been in the best taste. But after the meeting was dismissed, he told Tristan individually that he admired his determination. And even said that he could foresee Tristan being his favorite student.

    Degrassi: Close To Me



    After Becky called Clare and Drew "work spouses" (y'know, because they finish each other's sentences, know the intimate details of each other's candy intolerance, and basically are in LURVE), Clare became worried that everyone at school thought she and Drew were dating. And since they kissed that one time (oh, riggghhtttt), Clare decided that it would probably be better to have no suspicions floating around. So, she set out on a mission to find Drew a girlfriend.

    She created an online dating profile for Drew, and it didn't take much time for her inbox to be flooded with responses. Clare thought she was being sneaky, but Imogen sensed her ulterior motives for playing matchmaker: "You're trying to avoid your feelings for Drew," she said.


    But when Clare asked Imogen to keep her "stupid crush" on the down low (HEY, ELI), Imogen tried to ease her fears by saying that Drew wouldn't actually date her, anyway. She wasn't his type.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Wait, what?

    To see if Imogen's hunch was true, Clare made a fake profile for a made-up girl named Annabella. And this girl was basically Clare—she had all the same interests and attributes, just without the picture.

    However, when she gave Drew his options, he chose another girl named Eden based on her looks. Was Clare a little bummed? We think so.

    Will Clare finally face her feelings and tell Drew the real identity of Annabella? Will Tristan and Mr. Yeats form a bond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!