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  • Bucket and Skinner: Two Episodes Tonight!

    Posted on 05/01/2013 by Lisa

    Tonight, at 9:00 and 9:30 pm et, we're airing two never-before-seen episodes of Bucket and Skinner: "Epic Showdown" and "Epic Seal." In the meantime, check out these epic gifs:

    Bucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and Skinner

    I could stare at that gif of Bucket in a seal costume all day. Maybe I will... but only until 9pm et / 6pm pt, because I do NOT want to miss these new episodes.

  • Bucket and Skinner: Epic Cupids Is Tonight!

    Posted on 04/24/2013 by Lisa

    Why are Bucket and Skinner's heads plastic-wrapped together? It'll make sense (kinda) when you watch the new Bucket and Skinner, tonight at 9pm et (6pm pt).

    Bucket and Skinner
    I love this pic.

    Bucket and Skinner
    The more Bucket and Skinner I watch, the more I appreciate Aloe. I like anyone who's willing to burst into song in public.

    Bucket and Skinner
    What's with the epic use of hair product? Tune in tonight!

    Bucket and Skinner
    And one last reason to watch tonight -- you'll get to see Ashley Argota dressed as broccoli and Tiffany Espensen dressed as a can of soda.

    Tune in at 9pm et / 6pm pt for a Bucket and Skinner packed with MUCH MORE epic silliness than you see in this blog post! (Also: Bucket wears a really cute T-shirt with a polar bear riding on a whale.)

    BTW, you know you can watch full episodes of Bucket and Skinner online, right? Just go to that link and click "Full Episodes."

  • Interview: True Jackson's Ashley Argota

    Posted on 05/29/2011 by Mary

    Soon, Ashley Argota (aka Lulu from True Jackson) will be heading to NYU to study nursing -- her mom's a nurse, too. In the meantime, she talked to us about dress emergencies, books, and best friends. (There's a True Jackson marathon on right now! If you didn't know!)

    Ashley Argota, aka Lulu on True Jackson, at the 2011 KCA I was just looking at your Kids' Choice Awards look... it was gorgeous. How do you pick a dress for an event like that?
    Thank you! I'm not even gonna lie, I picked that dress the night before the Kids' Choice Awards! I had another dress picked out a few weeks before -- it was kind of a peachy orange, but I was not really wanting to wear orange because the carpet is orange. So the people who dressed me for my birthday party -- I had a big 18th birthday bash this year -- sent me dresses from NY literally the day before the show. My brother had to drive them from my house to the set; I tried them on on the set. And it was a little bit too big so I had to get it altered, and I didn't try it on again until the morning of the Kids' Choice Awards, like two seconds before we left. And I took my shoes and I ran out of the house.

    Oh my God. That sounds like an anxiety dream I used to have about prom.
    It felt like... it was a nightmare, I was so nervous. Because I wasn't there when the lady altered my dress! We had to pin it ourselves, and I'm not like a master wardrobe person. I was so scared that it was going to be botched but it turned out perfectly.

    I saw somewhere that you love to read and you always have a book on set. Is that true? Very true. Right now I'm reading a poetry book by Billy Collins, called Horoscopes for the Dead.

    What are your favorite books of all time?
    The Great Gatsby -- I read it for school. And usually when you read a book for school you think it's going to be a little bit boring, but I talked to Greg Proops who plays Mr. Madigan -- he's a total bookworm. And when I mentioned that I had to read The Great Gatsby, he was like "No no no, you don't understand; that's a great book." And he was so right.

    When you're picking out a book that school isn't making you read, what do you usually gravitate towards? I really like books by Sarah Dessen. I think she's a really good writer. And of course I'm a big Twilight and Harry Potter fan.

    So, what do you like about Lulu on True Jackson? I love that she tries to find the positive in everything. Pretty much nothing can faze her, she can be having the worst day and still try to find something positive in it, which I love.

    And I guess she and you have in common that you're both pretty good at school and enjoy it?
    Yeah, I think that's where we're the most similar -- she's very booksmart. But she also gets so easily distracted, and that's where we totally part ways because I'm very, very focused in real life and she's very much... not.

    Do you have a real-life best friend?
    I do! She's been my best friend since we were 8 years old; my mom and her mom were best friends for years, and they lost contact. And I was singing in my hometown and they somehow got reconnected, and then I became best friends with my mom's best friend's daughter!

    That's so cool! Did you just have stuff in common immediately?
    Well, it took awhile because she was really shy. So I kinda had to pull it out of her. But now, I mean... she won't stop talking. It's all good now.

    What do you consider the rules for best friendship? What keeps it together?
    I think honesty and loyalty. One of the cool things about her is that, if something is going on, she won't even hesitate to tell me. And she also gives really, really good advice, which I appreciate. Because she's not in the business... and in the business there are so many people that you don't know if you can trust them. And I know that I can trust her and that she's really loyal.