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  • TeenNick Top 10: Back To School Style Blogs

    Posted on 08/09/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last week on TeenNick Top 10, we teamed up with Macy's to bring you ten fabulous back-to-school fashion trends for the fall. With everything from neon to grunge, we rounded up the best looks for hitting the books (and, of course, gossiping in the hallways). But this week, we're bringing you even more back-to-school style inspiration! What better way to see your favorite trends come to life than on young fashion bloggers who live and breathe style? We took a cruise through the interwebs and found three stellar girls who put their personal spin on our Top 10 Back-To-School Trends! 


    Melanie, the creator of Aetherlily, has our Top 10 Back-To-School skirt trend down to a science. She wears her skirts long and flowy or short and sporty, using plaid flannels (hello, grunge trend!) to make for a tomboy look we can all get behind. And she's all about comfort, too! Every now and then, she'll trade her killer heels for trusty sneakers. From beach wear to street wear to rain wear, every look tells a different story! 


    Romanian teen style maven, Mary, is having a girly girl moment. Her whimsical, delicate pieces with muted pink coloring and lace accents channel our Top 10 trend, Great Romance. But whether you're an ultra femme or going for a more casual vibe, you'll find something to love at Teen Fashion Diary. She even has an advice column for teens who have questions about style! 


    Lauren, of Someone Like You, has an eye for all things vintage and vintage-inspired. She loves a 50s-style A-line dress, but also knows how to pair a motorcycle jacket with a maxi skirt, � la Motorcycle Diaries, one of our Top 10 trends! We're all about a nostalgic sweetheart with a knack for throwback, and we think this look deserves some extra-credit in History class. 

    Be sure to check out the blogs for even more back-to-school style ideas, and don't forget to visit your local Macy's store on August 10th for Teen Vogue Back To School Saturday, a one-day shopping extravaganza for the best deals on everything you need for back-to-school! Plus, check out all the looks now at the Macy's Style Lab

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  • TeenNick Top 10 Styling Tips With Mary Kate Steinmiller

    Posted on 08/02/2013 by Rachel1016

    This week, TeenNick Top 10 and Macy's bring you the ultimate fusion of music and fashion. As a part of the TeenNick Top 10 Back To School special, we caught up with Teen Vogue's Senior Fashion Market Editor and resident trend-setter, Mary Kate Steinmiller, who teamed up with Macy's to bring us ten fabulous back to school trends! Check out all of the looks here

    Neon is great for adding a pop of bright color to your outfit, but you mentioned that it's also a good idea to offset the brightness with more muted pieces. How do you know you've found the right balance?
    Pick one statement neon piece, whether it be a top, jacket, jeans or an accessory and keep it at that. Neon works best in small doses and balanced with neutrals.

    For a look that is supposed to blend in, camouflage is great for making a statement. What are some accessories that complement this bold pattern?  
    Take the colors of classic camo and carry them out into your accessories. A solid army green baseball hat and tan colored worker boots make it cool.

    We see a lot of guys wearing patterned t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers.  What tips would give a girl who wants to rock the trend?
    "Borrowed from the boys" is one of the greatest fashion "tricks." The key is picking your masculine item and keeping the rest of your look feminine. Colored sneakers look great with a floppy mini skirt and classic tee; a printed hoodie or tee looks cool with a colored skinny jean.

    A motorcycle jacket is a staple for any biker-chic look. How would you pair a leather jacket during the early fall months when temperatures are still high?
    A moto jacket is seasonless. I wear mine over a summer sundress when nights get cool, or I layer a faux fur vest under it in the cooler months. It's versatile, think of it as a layering piece, not just a jacket. I also love the look of a hoodie under a biker jacket. 

    Chambray has been everywhere recently. What are your thoughts on wearing chambray with jeans?
    Denim on denim looks laid back cool when done right. Just remember not to match your denims perfectly. There should be a little hint of shade difference if you are wearing denim on the top and bottom, and if not the denim should be patchwork or embellished so you are not head to toe flat denim. I love a chambray shirt with white jeans.

    Grunge is a trend that comes straight from the 90s. Sartorially, do you think the 90s are here to stay?
    The exact grunge of the 90s stayed in the 90s, but the best elements of it may be here to stay. A worn-in plaid flannel, classic black combat boots and ripped up denim often return on the trend radar, especially this fall.

    Plaid flannel shirts are a must-have for guys, but how else can guys (or girls) work plaid into their overall look?
    For girls I love a plaid flannel shirt over a floral baby doll dress and boys look cool in ripped worn in jeans and a classic white undershirt tee.

    Great Romance is such a whimsical, delicate look. Could this trend be inspired by any historical eras or specific places around the world?
    Great romance has a bit of a fashion fairy tale but nothing too perfect or pristine. More like a princess who has run away. A beautiful dress, but worn with a dreamy oversize knit sweater and a beanie hat to make it look a bit tattered.

    Contrary to popular belief, stars and striped aren't just for the 4th of July! What would you say to someone who's never rocked the patriotic look as a fall trend before?
    Take it in small doses, showing your patriotism can mean star print denim or just a red and white stripe tee. As long as you are not head to toe Americana, a piece of patriotism works in any outfit.

    Skirts come in all different lengths, shapes, and silhouettes. What is the go-to skirt style this fall?
    The two must haves for fall hit both sides of the spectrum. For the girl embracing her inner grunge, it's a long and languid maxi skirt, preferably in a floral. For the girl who wants to show some leg, it's a short and sporty floppy mini skirt. Both can be worn with another must-have for the season, a crew neck sweatshirt. With the long gypsy skirt it's best to keep it oversize, and for the mini, wear it with a cool color-block crew neck that has a tinier fit.

    There you have it! A jump-start on the best fall trends for Back To School! Don't forget to visit your local Macy's on Saturday, Aug. 10th  for Teen Vogue Back-to-School Saturday, a one-day shopping extravaganza for the best deals on all these trends and everything you need for back to school! Plus, check out all the looks now at the Macy's Style Lab!

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