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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Black Or White'

    Posted on 11/15/2013 by Rachel1016

    Did you catch last night's episode of Degrassi? The dramacrobatics were in full force, and it's time to break down every last detail! In the wise words of Space Jam, y'all ready for this?! (But really, if you haven't caught up, watch the full episode of "Black or White" online [LINK] first before we spoil it for you!)

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Drew was none to pleased when Winston aired a very edited version of an interview he conducted on DegrassiTV. In what turned out to be a televised lambaste, Winston accused Drew of being a non-starter president with no platform who was elected based on his looks. Ouch.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Suffice it to say, Drew was miffed. He decided to use executive power to nip Winston's condemnatory bud by firing him from Degrassi TV. But soon thereafter, both Imogen and Becky insisted that if Winston was ousted, they would quit DTV in solidarity. The situation quickly escalated into a full-on "Occupy Degrassi" movement wherein Drew was labeled a fascist who should be impeached.

    To make matters worse, when Drew tried to take control of the situation, he found out that Winston's unforgiving tirade was inspired by personal grievances. Winston revealed that it was "guys like Drew" who have picked on "guys like Winston" his entire life. The conversation quickly went from heated to violent, and the next thing we knew, Winston was on the ground.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Unsurprisingly, Drew began to worry that everyone (read: Bianca, his fianc�) would start to think he was same the screw-up he's always been. After seeking a little encouragement from Dallas, Drew was able to reconcile with Winston and the rest of DegrassiTV. He even proposed a Thanksgiving dinner for needy families instead of his original carnival idea. Winston was receptive, admitted that he may have misjudged Drew, and all things were copacetic once again.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    For a drama class assignment, Mr. Townsend chose roles for each of students that he thought reflected their personality. Tristan hoped he would get exercise his acting chops with one of Shakespeare's great dramatic roles, like Hamlet or Macbeth. Much to his disappointment, though, he was left with Bottom, a comedic character from A Midsummer Night's Dream who turns into a Donkey. And to add insult to injury, when Mr. Townsend said, "I'm counting on you to deliver a flamboyant performance," Tristan felt he was being pigeonholed (and more to the point, stereotyped).

    Determined to prove himself as more than just a colorful jokester, Tristan used a healthy dose of creative freedom to re-interpret the role and perform the monologue very seriously (I mean, he was talking to a skull. How more serious can you get?). Unfortunately, Mr. Townsend wasn't too keen on Tristan's dramatic choices, and warned him that if he didn't stay true the comedic nature of the role, he would fail the assignment.

    Then, as Tristan was starting to feel like one big blergh, Zoe surprised all of us and actually had some words of wisdom for him! (And yes, we realize she does have a lot of experience in the field, but her helping someone out is always an unexpected occasion!) She told Tristan that even if he wanted to prove he could be a leading man, choosing to perform the piece different than the way it was written, merely proved he could do nothing. Touch�.

    Tristan ultimately decided to embrace the comedic role, to willingly (and literally LOL) make an ass of himself. Unsurprisingly, he killed it on stage. Zoe even she invited him to join a sketch comedy troupe she was starting. But *lodges wrench into premature celebration*when Tristan agreed, he deliberately dishonored his allegiance to Maya. Zoe said she could keep a secret, but yeah... we all know where this one's headed.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Clare was so excited for Eli's visit home from school, she planned romantic a night for them to watch a movie under the stars. But as Eli sat next to her, aloof and struggling to stay awake, it was clear that their night wasn't going as smoothly or as romantically as Clare had hoped it would. Eli seemed distracted, preoccupied even, and when he stepped away to take a phone call from New York, Clare found a pack of cigarettes in his coat pocket.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Clare was ready to confront Eli about the smokes, speculating that they had something to do with his being distant, but it turned out Eli had a secret much bigger than a newly-formed nicotine habit. As she stood there in her kitchen, she slowly pieced together the truth. Eli cheated.

    Well, Degrassi fans, it's safe to say that this episode introduced new matters that could change Degrassi forever. What were your reactions? Let us know in the comments!