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  • How does Madison Pettis handle crushes?

    Posted on 05/15/2013 by Lisa

    Behind the scenes of Life With Boys, we asked Madison Pettis (Allie), "What do you do when boys crush on you?" Watch her answer:

    Two new episodes of Life With Boys premiere on TeenNick tonight at 9 and 9:30pm et / 6 and 6:30pm pt. The first episode, "Double Trouble with Boys," includes a guest appearance by Emily Osment!

    Don't forget: You can watch full episodes of Life With Boys online after they air. Go to the video page, and click on "full episodes."

  • Life With Boys: Who Tessed?

    Posted on 02/21/2013 by saidbyjohn

    Life With Boys

    The Life with Boys episode "Social Death with Boys" made me laugh, cry (kidding), and question why I didn't end up in an Ivy League pre-med program, sorry mom. Though I never suffered the trauma of farting on camera like Tess, it made me reminisce about an awkward time for everyone: senior year of high school.

    I attended an all boys' private high school with a mandatory dress code: school sweater, dress pants, shirt and tie. Despite our already spiffy dress code, on Fridays I tried to dress extra nice, because on these days I'd walk across the street to the all girls' school with my friends to scout prom dates.

    Jonathan, TeenNick intern
    Me, my sister, and the famous pants (pre-rip)
    So a Friday in October rolled around and the school was holding a college fair for all the seniors. I'd recently bought my first pair of skinny slacks in an attempt to lure the girls in with that sorta clean cut yet edgy look. I wore these pants to the fair and I knew I looked good. I could feel other people's eyes on me -It was almost an omen of the events to come. I walked around the fair for a while, and then I saw it: the Harvard table and, more importantly, the gorgeous college rep. As the highly fashionable, overconfident high school senior that I was, I told myself that a college pamphlet wasn't all I'd be walking away with.

    As I started talking to this girl I had this mini movie playing in my mind: I'd ask her to prom, she'd say yes... The reality: She reached for her business cards and knocked over a cup of free pens, so I bent over to pick them up. Despite the cool autumn breeze that day, the wind I was feeling on my legs was cooler than it had been all morning. I stood like that, bent over, for an entire minute just to make sure I wasn't imagining the RIP that I just heard. I tore my pants!

    I never did apply for Harvard and the girl never did give me her business card. Good news though: I ended up going to prom with one of the girls from the school across the street! Even though she and I met months after the day of the ripping, my date's only request was that I not wear a skinny suit. It could have been worse, though, right? I could have pulled a Tess!

    What's the closest you've ever come to "social death" at school? Leave a comment.

    (Watch the full episode of "Social Death with Boys" if you need a little inspiration.)

  • Life With Boys: Torri on Texting

    Posted on 02/13/2013 by Lisa

    Behind the scenes of Life With Boys Torri Webster (Tess) shares a story about trying to text a crush:

    Hey, what's your boy-catching style? Take the quiz to find out.

    Two episodes of Life With Boys premiere tonight, starting at 8pm et!

  • Life With Boys: Strength vs. Smarts

    Posted on 02/12/2013 by Lisa

    Life With Boys

    Our new intern, Jonathan, took a look at the "Misguided Motives with Boys" episode of Life With Boys, and he has a question for you. (If you haven't seen that ep yet, watch it here.)

    Jonathan, TeenNick intern
    Jonathan takes a look at Life With Boys
    Here's Jonathan:
    Tess Foster is living her life with boys, but I'm living my life AS a boy -- imagine that! Tess may not have her own bathroom yet, but it seems as if she has definitely learned a few things from the three annoying brothers she has to live with. She's the only girl on the wrestling team and even though the head cheerleader, Kaylee, calls her a "boy-girl freak," I think she should stay on the team. Ladies, take notes: some guys want their girls to be a little rough. Why else do you think the blond guy was checking Tess out right after she viciously mutilated Allie's muffin?!?

    Remember when you were too young to spell and your parents would tell you that if a boy was mean to you, he likes you? It sounds crazy, but they weren't lying. The girls who were the meanest to me in grade school ending up confessing their love for me sometime before my high school graduation -- I kid you not! This is exactly why Tess' genius brother, Sam, should not have fallen for Kaylee's attempt to get him to do her science project. Sam doesn't need to do extra work to impress her. Even if she doesn't realize it yet, deep down inside, she might already have feelings for him.

    Even though Tess and Sam shared a womb, they are definitely two different creatures! Forget their genders for a second. Overall, are you more attracted to people like Tess, who are aggressive and strong? Or would you prefer someone like Sam, who's super smart?

    What matters more to YOU -- strength or smarts? Vote in the comments!

    Don't forget: Two new episodes of Life With Boys premiere Wednesday, starting at 8pm et!

  • Life With Boys: Who's More Boy-Crazy?

    Posted on 02/06/2013 by Lisa

    In this video, we asked Torri Webster (Tess on Life With Boys) and Madison Pettis (Allie) which of them is more boy-crazy:

    Are you boy-crazier than Torri and Madison? Take the How Boycrazy Are You? quiz to find out!

  • Life with Boys: How to Get the Guy

    Posted on 12/28/2012 by Lisa

    In this Life with Boys promo, Tess (Torri Webster) says there's a simple trick to get boys to like you:

    Do you agree with her advice (even if she doesn't seem to follow it AT ALL in that clip)? I get what she's saying, but if you act like you don't care, the person might also think you're not interested, and that's no good.

    My best love advice is very similar to the classic relationship tip, "Be yourself." That can be tricky advice to follow if you have low self-esteem, so here's another way to think about it: Don't pretend to be something you're not. If you change yourself (or fake an interest in something) to impress someone else, they're going to figure it out eventually... and who wants a relationship that's based on a lie? Nobody.

    What's the best love advice you've ever received? Got any tips for attracting a crush? Please share them in the comments for those of us who are love-challenged.

    p.s. Life with Boys is coming to TeenNick in February, but you can sneak a peek at a special holiday episode tonight at 9pm et!