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  • Should you be friends with your boyfriend's ex?

    Posted on 03/11/2010 by Mary

    Many people subscribe to the "Don't date your friends' exes" law of life. But: what about becoming friends with your bf/gf's ex? (What I Like About You, 11p et, btw.) Like the kind of friends who would have solo hang time and heart-to-hearts not in your bf/gf's company?

    Off limits? Or, if it's a case-by-case basis type thing, in what cases is it OK and in which cases is it not? (OK if your bf/gf did the breaking up? OK if the ex did the breaking up? OK if they 're still really good friends? OK if they're still decent-ish, not-great-but-whatever friends? OK if they don't really talk anymore? Only OK if your bf/gf says it's OK?)