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  • Get Ready... TeenNick Top 10 Is Back!

    Posted on 08/04/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10 fans, rejoice! Your favorite music countdown show is back and hotter than ever. This Thursday, August 6th, we're kicking off a brand-new season of TeenNick Top 10 complete with new music, new celeb interviews, new Fan Favorite voting, new Dances with Amanda and... wait for it... two new uh-mazing correspondents.

    Your loyal host and taste-maker Nick Cannon is going to be passing the mic coast-to-coast for all of the latest and greatest in music, fashion and culture. Get ready to be obsessed, because YOUR new TeenNick Top 10 correspondents are DJ Maxwell and Morgan Lynzi!

    TeenNick Top 10

    If there's one thing DJ Maxwell knows a lot about, it's music. He's your go-to for what's trending, who's burning up and which fresh, new track might just be next on the soundtrack to your life. Plus, we're taking our Interview Takeovers to the next level, as DJ Maxwell sits down and clowns around with some of the biggest celebs in the game. (Spoiler alert: he is, like, total BFF with Selena Gomez.) Straight from the center of the universe, DJ Maxwell is your NYC TeenNick Top 10 correspondent.

    TeenNick Top 10

    On the other side of the country repping the Best Coast, is Morgan Lynzi. She's Top 10's authority on fashion and teen culture, and straight from Los Angeles, she's taking it to the streets to talk to you about everything you love. Fun fact: She's obsessed with Pharrell. And we're obsessed with her.

    Tune in this Thursday, August 6th at 10pm for a brand-new season of TeenNick Top 10!

  • 10 Reasons You Can't Miss the 2015 KCA

    Posted on 03/26/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Just in case you haven't already cleared your schedule, set reminders in your phone and marked your calendar with bold orange font, here are 10 reasons you absolutely cannot miss the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards this Saturday, March 28th at 8pm!

    10. THE FASH-UN

    The KCA are known for bringing the brightest, boldest and sometimes wackiest outfits to Orange Carpet. We'll be highlighting the best fashion throughout the night, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

    9. THE STARS

    KCA 2015

    Who's showing up to the 2015 KCA bash? Emma Stone, Liam Hemsworth, Debbie Ryan, Zendaya, Meghan Trainor, Fifth Harmony, Echosmith, Shawn Mendes and so many more... That's who!


    It's easy to get caught up in the star power, but let's remember the goal at hand: scoring a big W. Your favorite stars will battle it out for a coveted orange blimp, and it's up to you to VOTE and make it happen!


    KCA 2015

    We're not sure who has the record for most KCA appearances, but Nick Cannon is probably pretty close. In true NCredible fashion (both literally and figuratively), Mr. TeenNick Chairman will be in the house to help get the party started!


    Missing Degrassi? Well, we've got you covered! Degrassi faves Luke Bilyk (Drew Torres) and Cristine Prosperi (Imogen Moreno) will hit the Orange Carpet on Saturday to show some Panther pride! (So excited to see what they wear, TBH.)

    5. THE LOLs

    KCA 2015

    Humor is every Nick fan's bread and butter, so you know the KCA will have its fair share of belly-aching, tear-inducing and muscle-spasming laughs. Plus, TeenNick Icon and all-around hilarity monster Josh Peck is making an appearance, so... case in point.


    KCA 2015

    Can you say, LIVESOS?! And Iggy Azalea?! And Jennifer Hudson?! And Nick Jonas?!?!

    3. THE HOST

    Speaking of... this year's show will be hosted by the "Jealous" singer himself and, although Nick is no stranger to the KCA, he's got a lot on his plate. Good thing he's totally up to the task.


    At the 2015 KCA, expect the unexpected. You never know what will go down, especially when it comes to...

    1. THE SLIME!!!!

    KCA 2015

    We all know there's nothing better than seeing your favorite stars get covered in green, gooey goodness. Let the countdown to slime time begin!

    See you this Saturday, March 28th!

  • Open Heart's Mena Massoud Has a Crush on One of Hollywood's Favorite Sweethearts

    Posted on 03/20/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Mena Massoud

    via @menamassey Instagram

    Stars, they're just like us! They have crushes on celebs, too!

    Open Heart's Mena Massoud, who plays the (almost) (not really) (maybe one day) lovable volunteer coordinator Jared, sat down with TWIST Magazine to talk about his role on the show and, oh, so much more.

    He revealed exclusively that he has a crush on the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. When speaking about the Oscar-winning actress, he said, "[My celebrity crush is] Jennifer Lawrence for sure, probably. That's common one, but I love her work and I love the way she carries herself in the media. There's lots of beautiful girls who are celebrities."

    You speak the truth, Mena. We love J-Law just as much as you do.

    So, who's your celeb crush? We wanna know in the comments! And make sure to catch Mena and the rest of the cast of Open Heart on Tuesdays at 9pm!

  • Mary J. Blige & Jason Derulo: Live at the HALOs.

    Posted on 10/28/2011 by Lisa

    The 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards (premiering 11/6 at 8pm on Nick@Nite) include performances by Mary J. Blige and Jason Derulo. I was at the ceremony, and they were both AMAZING live. Mary J. Blige sang her new single, "25/8," and closed the show with "The Living Proof." Jason Derulo performed his hit song, "It Girl."

    Mary J. Blige, performing live at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Mary J. Blige, live at the HALOs.

    Mary J. Blige, performing live at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Mary J. Blige!!

    Jason Derulo, performing live at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Jason Derulo sings "It Girl"

    Jason Derulo, performing live at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Jason Derulo ♥

  • 2011 HALO Awards: Orange Carpet Pics!

    Posted on 10/27/2011 by Lisa

    Yesterday, I went to the HALO Awards ceremony, which will premiere on Nick@Nite on Sunday Nov. 6th. I met all of this year's honorees -- seriously amazing people -- and a bunch of celebrities, including Charlotte Arnold (Holly J from Degrassi)! She's just as nice as everybody says.

    Charlotte Arnold (Holly J from Degrassi) at the 2011 TeenNick HALO AwardsJason Derulo at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Charlotte Arnold (Holly J from Degrassi) and Jason Derulo on the orange carpet

    Victoria Justice at the 2011 TeenNick HALO AwardsMary J. Blige at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Victoria Justice and Mary J. Blige on the orange carpet

    The 2011 TeenNick HALO honorees with host Nick Cannon
    HALO Awards host Nick Cannon (center) on the orange carpet with 2011 HALO honorees Kyle Weiss, Emily-Anne Rigal, Shanoah Washington and James O'Dwyer

    Nick Cannon and his mom at the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards
    Nick Cannon walked the orange carpet with his mom. :)

    Don't miss the 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards, Nov. 6th at 8pm. (I'm planning to live-tweet the show, and I'll include lots of info about what it was like to be there in person.)

  • 2011 HALO Awards: HALO Heroes

    Posted on 10/13/2011 by Lisa

    Millions of people idolize Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift -- but who do these celebrities look up to?

    You guys, I am reeeeeally looking forward to the HALO Awards this year (and not just because I sing along to Taylor Swift in my car). I love when regular people find ways to make the world a better place, so the HALOs are my kind of show.

  • The 2011 HALO Awards: Everything You Need to Know

    Posted on 10/12/2011 by Lisa

    Mark your calendar for Nov. 6th at 8pm on Nick@Nite!

    The third annual TeenNick HALO Awards, hosted by Nick Cannon, honor teens who are Helping And Leading Others. If you've never seen the HALOs before, they aren't your typical awards show. Instead of honoring celebrities, the HALO Awards match four extraordinary teens with a mega-celebrity who shares their commitment to service. This year's celebrity guests will include Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, David Beckham, and Jessica Biel. (This is my third year watching the HALOs, and I'm not embarrassed to say that the previous two shows made me cry more than anything else I've ever seen on TV. This is some seriously inspiring stuff.)

    Here's a peek at the teens featured on this year's show:

    James O'Dwyer and Taylor Swift, 2011 HALO AwardsJames O'Dwyer, 19, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
    James was a freshman at University of Alabama when the EF4 tornado hit Tuscaloosa, leaving a six mile track of destruction across the region. He started Magnolia Disaster Relief, an aid program that targets small rural towns hit the hardest by tornadoes. James helped deliver food, water, clothing, toys, furniture, and fridges to people rebuilding their lives. James' HALO match is Taylor Swift who, among her many philanthropic endeavors, raises money and awareness to benefit those affected by tornadoes and floods.

    Emily-Anne Rigal and Lady Gaga, 2011 HALO AwardsEmily-Anne Rigal, 17, Williamsburg, Virginia
    As a young overweight girl, Emily-Anne was bullied so harshly she was forced to switch schools. That experience lead her to create, a teen-run YouTube channel and website, to combat bullying. It's a place where teens can post videos about their experiences and give tips to others on how to overcome bullying. Emily-Anne's HALO match, Lady Gaga, campaigns for anti-bullying laws and encourages teens to be themselves.

    Shanoah Washington and Jessica Biel, 2011 HALO AwardsShanoah Washington, 18, St. Petersburg, Florida
    Shanoah was born in California, where her home life was plagued with gang violence until her grandmother moved her to Florida. Through the local Boys & Girls Club, Shanoah discovered her talents as a slam poet and spoken word artist. Now, she helps young people find their own voices. She created Sista2Sista, a mentoring program which instills young girls with self-esteem, self-discipline, and positive thinking. Shanoah's HALO match is Jessica Biel, who works with Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign through which girls in the U.S. help give girls in developing countries a better future.

    Kyle Weiss and David Beckham, 2011 HALO AwardsKyle Weiss, 18, Danville, California
    A huge soccer fan, Kyle's activism was sparked after speaking to Angolan fans at the 2006 World Cup and learning about the lack of sports resources available to the youth of Africa. Kyle and his brother started FUNDaFIELD, an organization that raises funds to build soccer fields in developing countries. Nine soccer fields have been funded so far. Kyle's HALO match is David Beckham, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, who campaigns for children's education and recreational programs around the world.

    Watch Nick Cannon's intro to the 2011 HALO Awards above, and don't miss the show, premiering on Nov. 6th at 8pm on Nick@Nite. The 90-minute special features musical performances, celebrity presenters, and of course -- a few surprises. If you're a crier, definitely have a box of tissues handy.

    p.s. If you're in the mood for more inspiring HALO fun, go take one of our HALO quizzes!

  • Who's your style inspiration?

    Posted on 09/27/2010 by Mary

    Who's your personal style inspiration?

    Not that you're a style-biter or anything, but is there someone -- famous or not -- who, every time you see them, you're like "I kind of wish I was wearing that"?


    This post sponsored by Macy's Style Lab

  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand

    Posted on 06/19/2010 by Mary

    Katy Perry and Russell BrandKaty Perry's "California Gurls" video is on Obsess This this weekend...

    But lately I can't look at her without thinking "Russell Brand." It's like word association. Katy Perry, Russell Brand. I have to say I'm somewhat surprised by their love... do you think they make sense as a couple?