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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Close to Me'

    Posted on 03/26/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Valentine's Day may have been a month ago, but this week at Degrassi was all about sweethearts and love triangles! And chalk it up to pre-dance jitters, but a few things went down last night. If you haven't seen "Close to Me" yet, make sure to watch it online before reading our recap because, you know, spoilers.


    The incarnation of Connor 2.0 made quite the impression at Degrassi and the lovable-nerd-turned-total-hunk started to get a lot of attention: Grade Nine girls were suddenly in dire need of biology tutoring, and Jenna, sensing some ulterior motives, didn't feel too great about how in-demand her boyfriend had become. With the semi-formal coming up, she felt like she had to pull out all the stops, "wow" Connor with a stunner dress, and bury those creeping jealous feelings!

    But when it came time to get ready for the dance, Jenna found herself not loving any of her outfit choices (been there!) and she started to get frustrated. She knew that if she wanted to show up the younger girls, her dress had to be perfect.

    A few dozen outfit changes later, Jenna arrived at the gymnasium in her chosen frock that, well, turned a few heads. And despite the fact that Alli thought her dress selection was a bit bold, Connor, being the adoring boyfriend that he is, said she looked great. He gave her the reaction she was looking for, and she was happy.

    Later on, Dallas and Alli announced that Connor and Jenna won King and Queen—everything was going as planned! They took the stage to retrieve their crown, and Jenna was all, "You can call me Queen Bee." But just as she addressed her adoring subjects, Connor took her hand, raised it in a triumphant "BOO YAH!" and caused her dress strap to snap right off.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Mortified, Jenna quickly ran off stage.

    As much as we wish Jenna could just rewind a few hours, let's face it, we've all been there before. Sometimes a fashion risk turns out to be a mistake, and you suffer through the embarrassment.

    But as Connor walked into the bathroom to comfort Jenna, he made it clear he didn't care about those Niners, anyway: "They only like me now that I'm conventionally dressed," he said. "You liked me before then." Jenna was so caught up in creating the right image that she forgot why her relationship with Connor was so strong in the first place!

    Plus, he didn't love any of those other girls.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    And that's the way the #Jonnor cookie crumbles, my friends.


    Last week, Becky accidentally asked Imogen to the Sweetheart Semi-Formal, as her date. And even though she did want to go to the dance with Imogen all along, she wasn't really sure whether or not she like liked her.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Jack, on the other hand, totally had a thing for Imogen. And when she told Becky that she wanted to ask Imogen to the semi-formal, Becky wasn't about to let the new girl threaten her friendship.

    …But was she getting in too deep?

    At the dance, Becky and Imogen danced their tushes off, and seemed to be having a great time. But when the slow dance music forced everyone to couple off, they had to figure out what in the world was going on between them. After about a millisecond, she realized:

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Becky admitted that she wasn't actually gay. She told Imogen that she just didn't want to lose her first best friend. And Imogen was so relieved, too, because Becky was her first best friend who wasn't her girlfriend.

    After they officially solidified their BFF (not GF) status, Becky realized that she needed to make things right with Jack. She told Jack about the mix-up and encouraged her to ask Imogen to dance. Now the question is, could there be another budding romance in the works?


    Since Zig moved in with Maya, things got a little tense between Maya and her boyfriend, Miles. Miles didn't totally trust Zig's motives, and sure as heck didn't want Maya in close quarters with him. But Maya, hoping that everyone would just put a little kumbaya in their hearts, had a plan to ease the tension: She thought that if everybody hung out together at the dance, maybe Miles and Zig could get along!

    But Maya soon realized that her friends (Tristan, Zoe, Grace, and Tiny, to be exact) thought it was a useless idea to try to make BFF out of two hotheaded boys who clearly had feelings for her. And even though Maya didn't want to give up, Zig put his foot down and said that it wasn't his responsibility to fix her problems with Miles. He didn't want anything to do with the dance.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Back at Matlin household, Maya confronted Zig right before the dance. She told him she was really upset that he was "such a jerk" about the whole situation, and even though Zig scoffed it off, you could tell that he cared.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Oh, he cared.

    Zig eventually showed up to the dance, and much to Maya's surprise, chatted with Miles by the punch table. They started talking man-to-man and everything was going fine until Zig, well, said some stuff that didn't exactly sit well with Miles. He talked about living with Maya and provokingly joked, "It's gonna be kinda hard to be just friends when you're sleeping down the hall."

    Yikes, you could practically see the steam coming out of Miles' ears.

    In fact, Miles was so mad, he tried to get Zig out of the picture for good. He went to Mr. Perino and got two cops to accuse Zig of hiding drugs in his locker. They whisked Zig away to investigate, and Maya stood there, dumbfounded and shocked. Miles insisted that he just did it to protect her, but Maya couldn't believe Miles would do such a spiteful thing. Holding back tears, she told him, "I need some time to think."


    Back at home, Maya waited to for Zig to see what happened with Perino. Turns out, there were no drugs in his locker, and Miles had just thrown him under the bus. But when Maya tried to explain that Miles wasn't a bad guy and couldn't understand why he'd so something like this, Zig said he had an idea. And it went back to a promise he made Maya months ago.

    "Remember when I told you I'd wait for you?"

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Well, what say you, Degrassians? Will Zig test #Matlingsworth's fate? Is Imogen on her way to a new relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!