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  • How To Make DIY Vampire Cupcakes

    Posted on 02/18/2016 by TeenNickBlogger

    Mm, take a bite out of this! With these simple steps and a little help from your parents, you can make your own delicious Count Cupcake!

    Count Cupcake

    1. Gather your ingredients! Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

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    For this recipe, you'll need:

    1 box Red Velvet cake mix

    2/3 cup water

    1/4 cup of oil

    3 eggs

    1/2 tsp black food coloring

    Black decorating icing

    Candy eyes

    Red gummy candies

    Paper cupcake liners

    2. Add cake mix, water, oil and eggs. Then stir it up!

    Count Cupcake

    3. Place batter into lined cupcake baking pan and bake for 20 minutes.

    Count Cupcake

    4. Frost each cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

    Count Cupcake

    5. Add candy eyes. Then apply the vampire hair and mouth using black icing. Finally, add two red gummies for the fangs!

    Count Cupcake

    Stick with us for more fun DIY projects! Keep watching Awesome Flicks + DIY Tricks every night at 8, all this week!

  • TeenNick Top 10 Sneak Peek: Make It Pop, DNCE and CUPCAKES!

    Posted on 12/17/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    We've got a jam-packed TeenNick Top 10 for you this week. Here are five things you CAN'T miss tonight at 9pm!

    1. Your Fresh Artist DNCE talk about their influences.

    TeenNick Top 10

    2. Nick Cannon puts together a very special music video playlist.

    TeenNick Top 10

    3. The cast of Make It Pop tease Season 2!

    TeenNick Top 10


    4. Amanda Dilks gives us an exclusive look at her new music video for "Go Go Go!"

    TeenNick Top 10

    Get ready for major moves.

    5. And finally, Morgan hits up the bake shop to show us some scrumptious cupcake recipes!

    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10

    Mmm. Our bodies (and our bellies) are ready for some Top 10 goodness. See you tonight at 9pm! Don't miss it!