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  • Big Time Rush: Behind the Scenes

    Posted on 11/20/2011 by Lisa

    Are you watching the Big Time Rush marathon on TeenNick today? The new Big Time Rush album comes out tomorrow, 11/21 -- pre-order it on iTunes.

    In the meantime, here's a behind-the-scenes video of BTR's acoustic performance at a radio station:

    And here's a cool pic my photographer friend, Shawn Corrigan, took while he was on tour with Big Time Rush.

    Big Time Rush, performing live

    Don't miss the new Big Time Rush special, Music Sounds Better with U, tonight at 7:30 pm et on TeenNick!

  • Hey, Big Time Rush fans!

    Posted on 11/15/2011 by Lisa

    The new Big Time Rush album Elevate comes out Monday 11/21, but you can pre-order it now on iTunes.

    In the meantime, here's their new video, "Music Sounds Better with U"

    It makes me want a swing chair for my apartment. (My aunt had one just like that in her basement when I was little, and it was the best thing about visiting her house.)

    Big Time Rush
    If you ever run into a bunch of guys in a dark alley, I hope they turn out to be Big Time Rush.

  • House of Anubis: Who's the Snoggable-est?

    Posted on 10/01/2011 by Lisa

    I'm an Anubis newbie (I'm Anubie, haha!). I just started watching the show this week. Now I keep hoping I'll meet a cool old lady on the street and she'll give me a necklace with special powers.

    Today, I'd like to present a few Anubis cuties for your approval:

    Fabian from House of Anubis
    Fabian (played by Brad Kavanagh)

    Alfie from House of Anubis
    Alfie (played by Alex Sawyer)

    Mick from House of Anubis
    Mick (played by Bobby Lockwood)

    Hearing their British accents reminded me of this quiz Mary wrote a while back called What's Your Snogging Style? If you want to know what it'd be like to make out with one of those guys, go take the quiz!

    Whether you've seen the show yet or not, which of these guys do you consider the snoggable-est?

  • That one time Jake fed Eli a pear.

    Posted on 09/01/2011 by Mary

    So, in this video, Munro Chambers tells us all about his real-life Now or Never moment -- a moment that decided whether or not we would ever see him on Degrassi! -- and then Justin Kelly feeds him a pear.

    You should probably definitely watch it.

    And don't forget! After tonight's Degrassi: Now or Never finale, you only have a few days to catch up on all of the full episodes in HD right here. Because after Labor Day (which, by the way, will also be a 9a to midnight et Degrassi: Now or Never marathon), the full archive comes down.

    So do your eye stretches, get settled, and hit play.

  • Sweet Merciful Crap: It's Mr. Simpson

    Posted on 05/13/2011 by Mary

    We found this old picture of Archie "Snake" Simpson -- aka Principal Simpson, aka Degrassi director and producer Stefan Brogren -- as a teenager. (Those who don't know... he was on the Super Old School '80s version of Degrassi.)

    Um, we hope he forgives us?

    Stefan Brogren, aka Snake Simpson from Degrassi
    Stefan Brogren, aka Snake Simpson from Degrassi High

  • Degrassi: Everybody Loves Zane

    Posted on 03/13/2011 by Mary

    Over on the boards, eliisagod asks:

    "Is there anyone that hates Zane? Because I simply can't think of any reason why someone would."

    I can't either, eliisagod. But it'll be interesting to see if anyone comes up with anything...

    Zane from Degrassi
    Everybody Loves Zane from Degrassi

  • The 12 Boys of Degrassi: Eli!

    Posted on 12/24/2010 by Mary

    The 12 Boys of Degrassi

    On the 12th day of Degrassi Boys my TeenNick gave to me... a blog full of

    ♥ Eli Goldswortheeee♥!

    Ahhh, it's a very good day indeed. A day to celebrate the guy with the pillow-lips AND the vocab. A day to revel in all of our fantasies that somewhere out there, there's an Eli waiting to storm into our worlds in his hearse, kiss us like some kind of old-fashioned movie star, and then put his arm around our shoulders and make us laugh -- a real laugh. And somehow, make us feel safe and protective all at the same time.

    Of course, you can take a nice leisurely roll down Eli lane over in our Eli playlist, with all the OMG kisses and E-Clare pay-off you can handle. But let's also not forget... the dude is a stand-up human being who looks after his friends' feelings and well-being:

    Oh and...

    We found you something else you might like. Please believe me (twitter nation) when I say that our department literally did not get this picture in hand until THIS WEEK. It was a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a scramble to get it done before everyone left for the holidays. BUT WE DID IT! For you. Enjoy.

    Merry Holidays from TeenNick. ♥

  • The 12 Boys of Degrassi: Declan!

    Posted on 12/23/2010 by Lisa
    The 12 Boys of Degrassi

    The 12 Boys of Degrassi, our love-fest celebrating the guys of Degrassi season 10, is wrapping up... but not just yet! It's day 11, time to celebrate ♥Declan♥!

    A diplomat's son, Declan is total private-school material, but aren't you glad he enrolled at Degrassi for a while? He brought us the musical "Space Awakening," starred in Clare's steamy vampire fanfic, and left his player ways behind when he fell in love with Holly J.

    Let's travel back in time to before Declan and Holly J started dating:

    There's such a sparkle in Holly J's eyes as she looks at Declan, like she's realizing for the first time that he might be someone special. If you're in the mood to watch Declan trap Holly J in the sound booth ("You have to trust me, Holly J... I don't normally try this hard and I am terrified right now."), check out Love Games, pt. 1, in our Declan playlist.

    Heeeeey, Declan.

    Question time: After everything they've been through, do you think Declan and Holly J will get back together? Do you want them to?

    What are your all-time favorite Declan moments and quotes?

  • The 12 Boys of Degrassi: Drew!

    Posted on 12/22/2010 by Lisa
    The 12 Boys of Degrassi

    Day 10 of our Degrassi-holiday-boy-o-rama brings us to: ♥Drew♥!

    On the tenth day of Degrassi boys, we've got lots of Drew, just for you. What makes Drew special? Here's how he tells it: "His killer smile makes ladies scream. He's the best QB in the entire league. Every girl in school wants to be his match, and that's why he is the perfect catch!" Oh, Drew...

    At first, I thought Drew was a manipulative jerk, but once I saw what a good brother he is, I realized football and girls aren't the only things that matter to him. He'd also do anything for his brother, Adam. I love how well they get along.

    Drew does love girls, though. In this clip, he's in super-flirt mode:

    If you'd rather watch Drew bond with Alli in the photo booth during the Hoedown Throwdown (such a good scene), watch You Don't Know My Name, Part 2, and lots of other Drew-filled episodes in our Drew Playlist.

    Oooh. Drew.

    What are your all-time favorite Drew scenes? Favorite Drew quotes? Favorite Drew hats?

  • The 12 Boys of Degrassi: K.C.!

    Posted on 12/21/2010 by Lisa
    The 12 Boys of Degrassi

    Day 9 of our Degrassi-holiday-boy-fest brings us to: ♥K.C.♥!

    K.C. has made a lot of mistakes (stealing a car and getting sent to the group home, dumping Jenna when he finds out she's pregnant, treating his mom like crap, keying the coach's car... this could be a very long list). Now that he's forgiven his mom and reunited with Jenna, I'm dying to know -- how do YOU feel about him?

    Flashback with me to K.C.'s first day at Degrassi...

    Oh, little Clare and little K.C... so cute! If you want to hear my favorite K.C. quote, "You're so much more than the smart one," check out the full episode of Uptown Girl, pt. 2, in our K.C. Playlist.

    Does K.C. stand for Kinda Cute?

    Are you still mad at K.C. for the things he's done in the past? Or are you willing to forgive, and hope he'll be a better guy in the future? Post your favorite K.C. moments and quotes in the comments.