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  • Dance Academy: The Cutest Pic!

    Posted on 01/29/2013 by Lisa

    Working for TeenNick gives me access to a lot of amazing photos. Check out my pick for the cutest Dance Academy photo from season two:

    Jordan Rodrigues (Christian) from Dance Academy

    Yes. That's Jordan Rodrigues, a.k.a. Christian, feeding a baby kangaroo. MY BRAIN HURTS FROM THE CUTENESS!!

    The Dance Academy cast

    And just in case that's not cute enough for you, here's my favorite photo of the season two cast. I love them all.


  • Dance Academy: Sending a hug to all the Sammy fans

    Posted on 01/24/2013 by Lisa

    The last few episodes of Dance Academy: Season Two broke my heart, and from what I saw on Twitter, I'm not alone. I'm sending a huuuuge hug to all the Sammy fans out there. (If you don't know why I'm so upset, get caught up on Dance Academy here.)

    I'm rewatching this "Sammy Uncovered" video to remind myself that Tom Green, the guy who plays Sammy, is very much alive. You can even follow him on Twitter.

    I know Sammy's just a TV character (sigh), but I'm still so sad that he's gone. I'm posting a bunch of Sammy pics in his honor:

    Sammy (Tom Green) from Dance Academy

    Sammy (Tom Green) from Dance Academy

    Sammy (Tom Green) from Dance Academy

    Sammy (Tom Green) from Dance Academy

    Sammy (Tom Green) from Dance Academy

    We'll miss you, Sammy. ♥


  • Dance Academy: Hip Hop Dance Battle

    Posted on 01/15/2013 by Lisa

    One of my favorite Dance Academy scenes so far was the hip hop dance battle during "Love and War." If you missed it, watch it here:

    Preparing for the hip hop dance battle

    Don't you wish all of the world's problems could be solved with dance battles? I know I do (even if I wouldn't win, haha.)

    If you want to see what the first years and the second years are battling over, watch the full episode here.


  • Dance Academy: Dance Your Way Through Life

    Posted on 12/11/2012 by Lisa

    Have you been watching season two of Dance Academy? If not, catch up here. I love this clip of Sammy from "Legends."

    It makes TOTAL sense to me that Sammy's experience as a dancer would make him better at anything that requires coordination -- even waiting tables. If I ever get a job as a waitress, I'm totally going to take dance lessons so I can serve food Sammy-style.


  • Dance Academy: Learn hip-hop from Christian!

    Posted on 12/06/2012 by Lisa

    Like Christian's hip-hop moves on Dance Academy? Learn his routine from "Dreamlife" in this video:

    Christian is one of my favorite characters on the show, but if I wanted to learn that dance, I'd need a LOT of practice. (I'm not exactly Dance Academy material.)


  • Tonight: Four More Dance Academy Episodes!

    Posted on 12/05/2012 by Lisa

    Watch four new episodes of Dance Academy: Season 2, starting at 9pm et. Here are some sneak-peek pics.

    I haven't seen the episodes yet, so I'm just going to guess what's happening in each photo. Maybe the National Academy of Dance closes down and everyone dances on public transportation instead?
    Dance Academy

    Or maybe the entire school floods and everyone takes classes in their bathing suits? It looks like fun to me. I'd let somebody lift me like that as long as I could land in the water.
    Dance Academy

    Maybe Tara puts her hair in braids and it looks VERY CUTE? (I guess that's not a "maybe." It definitely happens.)
    Dance Academy

    Maybe Christian quits dancing to sail the seas? He makes an attractive pirate.
    Dance Academy

    If you want to know what really happens in tonight's episodes, tune in at 9pm. And if you missed the four episodes that kicked off season two last week, don't stress. You can watch them online.


  • Dance Academy: Ballet Boot Camp

    Posted on 11/28/2012 by Lisa

    The Dance Academy cast trained full time for five weeks to prepare for season two. Watch this behind the scenes video to get a sense of what they go through to play dancers on TV:

    "We were doing like five dance classes a day, plus personal training, plus going to the gym, acting training... it was unbelievable." - Dena Kaplan (Abigail)

    Season two of Dance Academy starts tonight at 9pm et! I can't wait to "meet" the new characters.

  • Dance Academy: Crush-splosion

    Posted on 03/22/2012 by Lisa

    This week on Dance Academy, there were sooo many crushes, from Tara's girl crush on Kat's mom to Sammy's crush on you-know-who (if you watched).

    Spoilers below -- don't read any further unless you've seen the episodes Perfection and Crush Test Dummies.

    Tara, girl-crushing.Last night, during "Perfection," I was really surprised to find out that Kat's mom was Natasha Willis, a famous ballerina -- and Tara's idol. Doesn't that kind of stuff usually come up in conversation between friends? I agree with Abigail (for once!) about the situation. It must suck for Kat to know that her best friend is crushing madly on her brother and fangirling over her mom. It's like... "What about ME?"

    I loved that Tara dyed her hair green, though. Yay for crazy-colored hair (even if it's just temporary).

    Tonight's episode, "Crush Test Dummies," had lots of crush talk, and I could definitely relate. I loved Sammy's quote "You can't control a crush," especially knowing how hard he probably tried not to have a crush on Abigail. I felt so bad for him when Tara and Kat joked about it, without realizing it was true. I'm dreading the moment Abigail finds out... I can't imagine that she's going to take it well.

    I liked the Christian / Ethan storyline, too, because I feel like we got a better sense of where they're both coming from. Ethan seems to care a lot about his dad's opinion. Christian was willing to blow off the dance performance, but he wasn't willing to let Ethan get hurt.

    Hey, you know how Tara says she has that fantasy about seeing her crush just after he's been in a fight for her, and he's a little bit injured? Is that something other people feel? I'm pretty much the queen of crushes, but I have NO interest in seeing any of my crushes bleeding -- even in my daydreams.

    Crush fight fantasies: Hot or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.



  • Dance Academy: How They Got Cast

    Posted on 03/21/2012 by Lisa

    Want to find out how the Dance Academy cast made it onto the show? Watch these videos to hear personal stories from Xenia Goodwin (Tara), Tom Green (Sammy), Alicia Banit (Kat), Jordan Rodrigues (Christian), Tim Pocock (Ethan), and Dena Kaplan (Abigail) about their experiences auditioning and going through the casting process.

    Here's how to find the videos:
    *Click Academy.
    *Click on "Backstage"
    *Click on the "Meet the Cast" link.


  • Dance Academy: Watch the Audition Videos!

    Posted on 03/08/2012 by Lisa

    Have you played around on the Dance Academy website? Did you know you can watch each character's audition interview for the National Academy of Dance?

    Here's how to find them:
    *Click this link.
    *Click on "Dance Studio"
    *Move your mouse to the right until you see the video camera.
    *Click on the "Auditions & Tutorials" link.

    Sammy's audition interview video

    I love these clips. They're like Dance Academy minis!