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  • Dance Academy Pics: Grace and Abigail

    Posted on 12/19/2012 by Lisa

    I love these pictures of Grace (Issi Durant) and Abigail (Dena Kaplan) from Dance Academy dancing against a black background:

    Grace (Issi Durant) from Dance Academy

    Abigail (Dena Kaplan) from Dance Academy

    Need to catch up on Dance Academy? Watch the latest episodes online.

  • Dance Academy: Behind the Scenes of an Awkward Kiss

    Posted on 12/18/2012 by Lisa

    When Isabel Durant (Grace) kissed Tim Pocock (Ethan) during the episode "A Choreographed Life," it was her first on-screen kiss. In this clip, she shares the embarrassing details.

    I can't imagine kissing anyone for the first time -- on screen or off -- with an audience of a hundred little kids! I'm impressed that they got through it.

  • Dance Academy: Dance Your Way Through Life

    Posted on 12/11/2012 by Lisa

    Have you been watching season two of Dance Academy? If not, catch up here. I love this clip of Sammy from "Legends."

    It makes TOTAL sense to me that Sammy's experience as a dancer would make him better at anything that requires coordination -- even waiting tables. If I ever get a job as a waitress, I'm totally going to take dance lessons so I can serve food Sammy-style.

  • Dance Academy: Learn hip-hop from Christian!

    Posted on 12/06/2012 by Lisa

    Like Christian's hip-hop moves on Dance Academy? Learn his routine from "Dreamlife" in this video:

    Christian is one of my favorite characters on the show, but if I wanted to learn that dance, I'd need a LOT of practice. (I'm not exactly Dance Academy material.)

  • Tonight: Four More Dance Academy Episodes!

    Posted on 12/05/2012 by Lisa

    Watch four new episodes of Dance Academy: Season 2, starting at 9pm et. Here are some sneak-peek pics.

    I haven't seen the episodes yet, so I'm just going to guess what's happening in each photo. Maybe the National Academy of Dance closes down and everyone dances on public transportation instead?
    Dance Academy

    Or maybe the entire school floods and everyone takes classes in their bathing suits? It looks like fun to me. I'd let somebody lift me like that as long as I could land in the water.
    Dance Academy

    Maybe Tara puts her hair in braids and it looks VERY CUTE? (I guess that's not a "maybe." It definitely happens.)
    Dance Academy

    Maybe Christian quits dancing to sail the seas? He makes an attractive pirate.
    Dance Academy

    If you want to know what really happens in tonight's episodes, tune in at 9pm. And if you missed the four episodes that kicked off season two last week, don't stress. You can watch them online.

  • Dance Academy: Ballet Boot Camp

    Posted on 11/28/2012 by Lisa

    The Dance Academy cast trained full time for five weeks to prepare for season two. Watch this behind the scenes video to get a sense of what they go through to play dancers on TV:

    "We were doing like five dance classes a day, plus personal training, plus going to the gym, acting training... it was unbelievable." - Dena Kaplan (Abigail)

    Season two of Dance Academy starts tonight at 9pm et! I can't wait to "meet" the new characters.

  • This Week on Dance Academy

    Posted on 06/28/2012 by Lisa

    This week on Dance Academy, we saw secret kisses, football players, ballet fever, and a major injury. (If you missed any episodes, catch up here.) Spoilers below.

    On episode 18, Betty Bunheads, Abigail and Sammy are secretly making out, but Abigail is doing her best to make sure it stays a secret. She gets annoyed at him for using the word "us." (That seems like a sign that she's afraid of commitment, doesn't it?)

    Petra is Miss Raine's new favorite, but when an opportunity arises to dance back in Germany, she's tempted to leave the academy... despite her crush on Sammy. Meanwhile, Kat tries her best to help her little ballerina friend, Scout, impress Miss Raine at auditions.

    On episode 19, Fairest & Best, some athletes arrive at the National Academy of Dance to work on their agility and balance, but they clash with the male dancers over which sport is more challenging. I was really hoping this would involve some kind of dance battle, but no. The football players had to perform a dance all the way through, and the ballet guys had to try to score a goal on the field.

    I wasn't that into the guys' competition storyline, but I like the way the relationship between Abigail and Sammy is developing. Abigail tried to tell him that kisses don't mean anything, because "It's just lips on other lips," but ultimately she seemed to realize that Sammy's lips are special. Aww.

    Episode 20, Ballet Fever, showed Tara obsessing over dance to the point that Sammy and Kat felt it was time to stage an intervention. At their urging, she took an afternoon off, and bonded with Christian, which included lots of kissing. I love these two together, though I secretly wish he'd give her a new nickname and stop calling her "training bra."

    Meanwhile, Kat struggled to convince the board to keep hip-hop in the curriculum, and realized that maybe her mom isn't ALWAYS the enemy.

    In episode 21, FOMO: Fear of Missing Out, Tara copes with an injury by organizing a formal dance for the school, and realizes that being injured is a nice, relaxing break compared to working her butt off in dance classes every day. Abigail and Sammy grow even closer while working on a dance together and try to figure out if they're ready to have sex.

    Once again, Miss Raine pressures Tara to make dance her one and only priority in life, crushing my dreams of a long, happy relationship between Tara and Christian. Or did the fact that Tara seems to blame Christian for her injury ruin things? Or did Christian's jealousy of Ethan ruin things? I guess there were a few contributing factors, but still. I'm over here sighing dramatically, and wondering if things could ever work out between Tara and Christian in the future. I hope so.

    (Want to rewatch the latest episodes? Here you go.)

  • Dance Academy is BACK!

    Posted on 06/21/2012 by Lisa

    Have you been watching Dance Academy this week? If you missed any of the new episodes, catch up online. We're also re-airing all four of the newest episodes Friday on TeenNick, starting at 5pm et. (If you haven't seen this week's eps, go watch them before you read any further... spoilers below!)

    I love that they danced parts of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the woods in tonight's episode. It felt like the perfect start to summer.

    Other thoughts on this week, starting with "Turning Points"...
    *Yay! Tara's finally dancing "en pointe"!
    *I appreciate that the show is portraying Abigail's anorexia in such a real way. I'm glad she didn't get better right away, and that it's something she's still going to be struggling with.
    *It really bugs me that Miss Raine keeps telling Tara to stop hanging out with Kat. I think Tara is smart enough to keep her priorities straight, no matter who her friends are, but I guess we'll see.

    "My Life En Pointe"
    *I like the new girl, Petra, and I love that this episode included a cute dog (Yay, dogs!), but her habit of photographing other people's PDA is a little strange, isn't it?
    * I think Kat's "punishment" looks like fun. I would love to volunteer at a community center on Saturday afternoons and dance with little kids.
    * Eeee! Tara and Christian!! But she's dating Ethan! (I like her better with Christian, but that's probably just because he's my Dance Academy crush.)

    "Free Falling"
    *I loved Tara's voiceover at the beginning of this episode:
    "As dancers, we learn to be in control of our bodies, down to the last millimeter, because if even one finger is out of alignment, it all falls apart. So you practice your movements until they're perfect. You learn to control gravity, to control pain, and refuse to let yourself get away with anything. But there's one thing that doesn't follow the rules... that you wish you could control, but can't -- your heart."
    *Tara claims she doesn't have feelings for Christian. Is she lying to him? To herself? I want her to have feelings for him. If I had a Tara doll and a Christian doll, I would totally push them together and make them kiss right now.

    "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    *I'd love to go on a camping trip and take dance lessons in a clearing in the woods. Somebody, hook me up!
    *When everyone had detention together, and they all had to clean the dance studio, I felt like I was watching a dance version of the Breakfast Club. I wish they'd been stuck there even longer.
    *And again, I'm asking myself (and you) -- what is the deal with Tara and Christian? They're so cute as dance partners, I want them to be loooove partners, too.

    What did you think of this week's episodes?

  • This post is for the dog lovers.

    Posted on 06/20/2012 by Lisa

    Have you noticed the cute dogs on TeenNick this week? I figured I'd post some pics just in case.

    Amber, Piper, and Kiki from Alien Surf Girls

    Piper, Amber's dog on Alien Surf Girls, is a police dog. I love dogs who work to make the world a better place! (Watch full episodes of Alien Surf Girls.)

    Petra and Ziggy from Dance Academy

    Petra Hoffman is the new German exchange student on Dance Academy, and Ziggy is her dog. I love dogs that are small enough to pick up. (Watch full episodes of Dance Academy. "My Life En Pointe" features lots of Ziggy.)

  • Dance Academy: The pressure's on.

    Posted on 04/12/2012 by Lisa

    Let's talk about kissing, Australian slang (Have you "pashed" anyone lately?), and the latest episodes of Dance Academy.

    *Spoilers below.* if you haven't seen the Dance Academy episodes "Pressure" and "Family," watch them before you read any further.

    Last night, on "Pressure," I loved the way Tara described her impulsive kiss with Ethan as an "almost pash." (Pashing is Australian slang for frenching / making out.)

    I've never been a huge fan of Ethan's character, but during this episode, I found him much more likable. Maybe Tara will be a good influence on him?

    I totally ship Tara + Sir Joshua. I'll call them "Tashua." They're very cute together, even if Sir Joshua wasn't very good at teaching Tara how to kiss. (Sidenote: When Kat first offered to help Tara with the kissing thing, I thought she was going to give Tara a practice kiss. I was a tiny bit disappointed that she didn't.)

    Speaking of kisses, I love the way the camera spun around Ethan and Tara as they were kissing at the end of the episode. That kind of shot always makes love feel even love-ier, doesn't it?

    On a more serious note, watching Abigail starve herself was so upsetting. I hope she's able to get help, take better care of herself, and continue dancing.

    In tonight's episode, "Family," everyone's family visits before the school holidays, and they all bring drama. Tara's mom pressures her to quit dancing because the family can't afford her tuition; Kat's mom ignores the fact that they made plans to take a trip together; Sammy's dad skips the visit... and meanwhile, Abigail's recovering at home, and her mom won't let anyone talk to her when they call. *sigh*

    Despite all the family stress, I felt like we really saw the main characters pull together and support each other during this episode -- especially when Sammy went to check on Abigail. That made it even harder to imagine Tara leaving them all behind because of her family's money problems.

    I cried when she won the scholarship. Did you?