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  • Welcome Back, Degrassi, and Hello, Dance Academy!

    Posted on 02/20/2012 by Lisa

    Degrassi is back!! And it made a friend! Did you watch both shows tonight? Want to discuss them?

    SPOILERS BELOW. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, go here for Degrassi or here for Dance Academy.

    Some of you got to watch "Underneath It All, pt. 1" at the Degrassi parties last week. So much fun. I wish we could do that all the time.

    Imogen arrives at Fiona's partyOh, so... new friends. What does Fiona have against Imogen? When she said, "I would love to sit with you, but I promised that girl," I felt so sad. Yes, Imogen is a little weird, but don't weird people deserve friends, too? I'm also not happy that they left Imogen behind at the end of the episode. Also: I thought Imogen looked so cute and Imogen-y in the outfit she wore to Fiona's party. She looked nice in the black dress, too, but the tutu seemed so much more her.

    As TeenNick's quiz writer I have lots of thoughts about the fact that Clare tried to use a personality quiz to figure out if she and Jake are ready to have sex. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! I love quizzes, but there is a time and place for them -- and losing your virginity is NOT one of those times. Watching that scene (see it again here), I wished that Clare and Alli were still friends, because I feel like Alli would've talked things through with her and helped Clare figure out what she wanted.

    Other random thoughts as I watched the ep:

    *Connor is back!!
    *I wish I had a sushi guy on call.
    *Zig & Maya = cutie patooties. I want this to happen! I hope Zaya happens!
    *The plaid mini-dress Marisol wore to Fiona's party was super-cute.
    *That is a LOT of tin foil. Either they bought every roll of foil in a twenty mile radius around Degrassi, or the Degrassi caf is very well stocked.

    And let's talk DANCE ACADEMY!

    Tara and KatYou've probably never seen Xenia Goodwin (who plays Tara) on TV before, because she's primarily a ballet dancer. I love that they cast actual dancers in this show, because that makes it feel so much more real.

    When Georgia tells Tara, "Abigail always stands at the front of the bar," it gave me such a sense of what Abigail is like as a person. I would not want her as a roommate.

    Who's your favorite guy on the show so far? Christian, Sammy, or Ethan?

    Other random Dance Academy thoughts:

    *I'd like to visit a sheep farm in Australia.
    *This show inspired our new What Style of Dance Are You? quiz!
    *The second episode of Dance Academy, "Week Zero," will air Friday at 9:30 pm on TeenNick, but you can watch it online right now!

  • Dance Academy is coming to TeenNick!

    Posted on 01/18/2012 by Lisa

    Dance Academy follows Tara Webster, an aspiring ballerina, at the ultra-competitive National Academy of Dance. Dance + drama = good TV. Check out the promo:

    p.s. That shot of her running down the hall in a purple tutu makes me want a tutu A LOT. Hey, I just remembered that Imogen wears a tutu in this Degrassi promo. TeenNick is ALL ABOUT THE TUTUS in 2012!!!

    Dance Academy premieres Monday, 2/20 at 9:30pm, after a new Degrassi.