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  • Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    Posted on 07/30/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    If there's one thing we know about Degrassians, it's that they have strong feels for their favorite couples. We asked you to show some love on Twitter for your Degrassi OTP using #MyDegrassiShip and now here they are... all cute and #RelationshipGoals. These are your Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships!

    10) Alli & Dallas (Tie)

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    10) Manny & Jay (Tie)

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    9) Maya & Zig

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    8) Bianca & Drew

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    7) Holly J & Declan

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    6) Maya & Cam

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    5) Riley & Zane

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    4) JT & Liberty

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    3) Fiona & Imogen

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    2) Sean & Emma

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    1) Clare & Eli

    Degrassi: Ultimate Degrassi 'Ships

    Love is Degrassi, and Degrassi is love. Did you see your fave 'ship on the list? If not, shout it out in the comments! And don't forget to finish the Degrassi two-week finale event with us! It all leads up to It Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments on July 31st, where we'll count down the most iconic Degrassi moments with your favorite cast members from all fourteen seasons!

  • Top 10 Degrassi Secrets and Lies

    Posted on 07/22/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Everyone's got a secret at Degrassi. But if one thing's for sure, they don't stay secrets for long.

    1. "Rumors and Reputations"
    Emma spreads a rumor that Liberty is having an affair with Mr. Armstrong.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Emma inadvertently spread a huge rumor about Liberty, when in reality all she saw was Mr. Armstrong encouraging Liberty to work through her learning disability, dyscalculia.

    2. "Accidents Will Happen" - Part Two
    Manny gets pregnant with Craig's child.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Manny tried to keep her pregnancy news under wraps, but when a vengeful Ashley announced it to the entire caf, it all became too much for her.

    3. "Bark At The Moon"
    Paige begins to have a relationship with Mr. Olliander... a teacher.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Tired of avoiding each other, Paige and Mr. O made their secret relationship official. *Spoiler alert* Things did not end well. But they never do when you DATE YOUR TEACHER! (Plz, don't do it.)

    4. "Secret"
    Emma hooks up with Jay at the infamous Ravine.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Emma shocked us all! There are no words, really.

    5. "Heart Like Mine"
    KC's Basketball coach crosses the line.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    K.C. need to blow off some steam. But we're not sure hiring a prostitute was the best solution for him. Totally inappropriate basketball coach alert!

    6. "All Falls Down"
    Alli almost hooking up with Owen for fifty bucks.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    At Casino night Alli cries because Drew cheated on her, so Owen offers her money if she hooks up with him. Sav walks in on Owen pressuring Alli in the boiler room.

    7. "Should've Said No"
    Clare and Jake are secretly hooking up, but then they get a surprise of their own.

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Clare's mom and Jake's dad sit them both down and tell them they are dating. Hmm... do they know that Clare and Jake are also in a relationship?

    8. "Unbelievable"

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Becky finds out that Zoe was raped by her brother, and now has to choose between her family and what is right. Will she tell the police�or not?

    9. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
    Who is Clare's baby daddy?

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    In the bathroom Alli confronts Clare about being pregnant, but Clare doesn't reveal who the father is. Does she actually know?

    10. "I'll Be Missing You"
    Who is sending Zoe threats about Degrassi Nudes?

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    At the Cheerleader's bake sale Zoe gets delivered a creepy doll that has a note, indicating that an outsider knows that the cheerleaders started Degrassi Nudes. Let the paranoia begin.

    Do you remember a Degrassi secret that was just too scandalous to forget? Let us know in the comments! And keep joining us for the Degrassi two-week finale event! Plus catchIt Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments on July 31st, where we'll count down the most iconic Degrassi moments ... with your favorite cast members from all fourteen seasons!

  • Top 10 Degrassi Kisses

    Posted on 07/20/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Sure, we could write a long message about how EPIC these kisses are, but isn't it just better to watch and squeal?

    1) Fiona and Declan's "Twincest"

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    2) Marco and Dylan's Sweet First Kiss

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    3) Sav and Anya's Hot and Heavy Limo Ride

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    4) Sean and Emma's Innocent Wedding Kiss

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    5) Craig's Two-Timing Kiss with Manny

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    6) Imogen and Adam's Van Kiss

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    7) Alli's First Kiss with Johnny

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    8) Eli and Clare's Romeo and Juliet Kiss

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    9) Ellie and Craig's Epic Hollywood Kiss

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    10) Tristan and Miles' Thunderkiss

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Degrassi: Top 10 Kisses

    Do you have any favorite Degrassi kisses? Shout 'em out in the comments! And don't forget to watch the Degrassi two-week finale event! Plus catch It Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments on July 31st, where we'll count down the most iconic Degrassi moments ... with your favorite cast members from all fourteen seasons!

  • Open Heart's Mena Massoud Has a Crush on One of Hollywood's Favorite Sweethearts

    Posted on 03/20/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Mena Massoud

    via @menamassey Instagram

    Stars, they're just like us! They have crushes on celebs, too!

    Open Heart's Mena Massoud, who plays the (almost) (not really) (maybe one day) lovable volunteer coordinator Jared, sat down with TWIST Magazine to talk about his role on the show and, oh, so much more.

    He revealed exclusively that he has a crush on the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. When speaking about the Oscar-winning actress, he said, "[My celebrity crush is] Jennifer Lawrence for sure, probably. That's common one, but I love her work and I love the way she carries herself in the media. There's lots of beautiful girls who are celebrities."

    You speak the truth, Mena. We love J-Law just as much as you do.

    So, who's your celeb crush? We wanna know in the comments! And make sure to catch Mena and the rest of the cast of Open Heart on Tuesdays at 9pm!

  • Open Heart OTP of the Week: Dylan & Wes

    Posted on 03/04/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    It's no mystery (*ba dum tsh*) that Dylan's love life on Open Heart has taken a backseat to her investigation. And TBH, it's been a long road for #Wylan. Remember when Wes almost got fired for letting his jealousy get the best of him? Or that time Dylan had a pseudo-crush on Dr. Hud, subsequently causing aforementioned almost-firing? Yeahhhh, this 'ship is no stranger to rough seas.

    OTP: Wes & Dylan><br />
<br />But this week, all you #Wylan hopefuls get what you most rightfully deserve. Our girl Dylan truly, officially, properly reciprocated feelings for a guy who's kind of amazing. And we're so happy she did. <br />
<br /><center><img src=
    *Screeching brake noise* But you didn't think it was going to be easy, did you?!

    Wylan's first attempt at locking lips was interrupted by a video chat call from Teddy, in which he bragged about a solo-mish break-in at the metal factory lofts. Ah, and the past rears its ugly head.

    With their puckers put on hold, Dylan and Wes rushed to loft, where Dylan told Teddy to take a hike -- literally, she called the cops on him -- and made her biggest discovery yet. Finding her father's medication was a huge breakthrough, a validation that his disappearance was more than a stupid affair, and you bet Wes was right by her side. <3<3<3

    (BTW, we totally count this as part of the date.)

    OTP: Wes & Dylan

    When they got back to Dylan's apartment, she thanked Wes for his help and sealed it with a kiss. A KISS! And this wasn't a mere "It's the least I can do" kiss -- it was, without a doubt, the moment Wes and Dylan became our One True Pairing.

    But we ask you, shippers... Is Wylan made to last? Or is their complicated past an indication of their future? The floor is yours.

  • Ten Reasons You Know You Have A School Crush

    Posted on 09/11/2014 by TeenNickBlogger


    It's the can't eat, can't sleep, can't focus in Algebra kinda stuff.

    1. SCENIC ROUTE: On your way to English, you take a detour through the Physics hallway just in case your crush is at his locker, which you know is in the Physics hallway. A successful drive-by could be a huge development in your relationship.

    2. DAY DREAMIN': While Mrs. Allen is going on and on about Punnett Squares, you helplessly imagine yourself boogieing down with your crush at Homecoming. After, of course, he asks you to go with him in the cutest way possible.

    3. PICKING PETALS: "He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not" is played in your head constantly. And every time you lose, you grant yourself countless do-overs.


    4. BUZZZ: You freak out whenever your phone vibrates, because it might be your crush. And when you realize it's just a push notification from your weather app, you legitimately feel like your phone has wronged you.

    5. WAIT, HE USED HOW MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS?: Butttt if your crush does text you, you over analyze any and all punctuation they use. Because we all know "Hey" and "Hey!!" mean entirely different things.

    6. QUICK, LOOK AWAY: You've mastered the art of casually, but hastily, looking away when your crush catches you staring.


    7. CIA (CRUSH INTELLIGENCE AGENCY): You've sufficiently stalked your crush's social media pages to find out everything there is to know about them without, you know, talking to them.

    8. BUTTERFINGERS: Except you've accidentally liked an old photo of theirs, revealing just how long you've been stalking them. And when it happens, you freak out, but you also know you were tempting fate all along.

    9. WHAT A WASTE: If you wear a nice outfit to school and your crush is absent, it's all for naught. In fact, you're so bummed, you may consider outfit repeating.

    10. EPIPHANY: After all the craziness is said and done, you realize that having a crush on someone is totallly normal. Even if your crush (for some silly reason) doesn't end up liking you back, just feeling these feelings means you're a human with emotion and not a cold, heartless cyborg. And if that's not a win I don't know what is.

    If you want to catch more crush-related fun, tune in to TeenNick's Date Night this Friday at 9pm ET for a mini-marathon of your favorite lovey-dovey episodes of iCarly! It all leads up to the TeenNick premiere of John Tucker Must Die next week! Don't miss a beat!

  • Degrassi: The Best First Date Episode Winner!

    Posted on 05/03/2013 by Lisa

    The winner of this week's Fan Favorite Friday poll is Sean and Emma's first date, as seen in "Friday Night." (Eclare's first date was a close second.) Watch the full episode of "Friday Night" online:

    Sean and Emma are my all-time favorite Degrassi couple, and I love getting to revisit the episode where they first got together. It's crazy to think that even a soulmate-level relationship like theirs begins with the line, "Maybe we could hang out."

    Next week, we've got another poll coming your way! Like Degrassi on Facebook so you won't miss out.

  • Degrassi: What's Your Favorite First Date Episode?

    Posted on 05/02/2013 by Lisa

    This week's Facebook poll asks you to help us choose the best Degrassi episode about a first date. Vote now, and we'll put the winning episode online Friday!

    Our Twitter followers chose this week's topic and nominated their favorite episodes. Your voting options include these tumultuous first dates:

    Holly J and Declan
    Holly J and Declan

    Eli and Clare
    Eli and Clare

    Cam and Maya
    Cam and Maya

    As I'm writing this, Emma and Sean's first date (from way back in season one) is leading by a few votes. I'm surprised that Manny and Craig's first date isn't getting much support. I loved the way "Take My Breath Away" showed the same date from two different perspectives. Vote for your favorite first date now, and come back on Friday to watch the full episode featuring the winning date!

    Want to help us choose the episodes listed in future polls? Follow @TeenNick and @degrassinsider on Twitter.

  • Degrassi Interview: Aislinn Paul (aka Clare)!

    Posted on 04/13/2011 by Mary

    Between shooting Degrassi and going to school, does Aislinn have any time to... you know... date? TeenNick asked her behind the scenes at her photo shoot:

    I know Aislinn has a packed Degrassi shooting schedule, plus school, plus dance classes, plus active twitter maintenance, plus somehow found time to hand-paint stripes on her bedroom walls... but she seems like she's holding it all together. It probably helps that she loves all of those things.

    Anyone out there feel like you're too overscheduled to have a social life? Unload in the comments...

  • Did you see Degrassi: In Too Deep?

    Posted on 02/11/2011 by Mary

    HOLD ON.
    If you haven't watched the hour long premiere of Degrassi: In Too Deep.... one, what's wrong with you, and two, thank heavens you can watch the whole thing in HD on this site. What would you do without us?

    Here's part 1 and here's part 2.


    Fiona and Adam on Degrassi: In Too Deep, When Love Takes Over


    * FADAM! Orrr... not? What do you think of them as a couple? How angry do you think Fiona is about the whole intervention thing? How much better does he look in Declan's clothes than he did in the baggy stuff?

    * Dr. Chris and Anya. Hrm. He's into LARPing! And Renaissance Faire! Match made in heaven. And also he's finished med school while she's not even out of high school. What do you think the prognosis is for their future? Does it creep you out that he's going to wait for her to be 18, or do you think it shows some dignity and respectability?

    * Dave and Sadie. Aww, Dave! She's adorbs! We're so glad Dave finally met a girl and didn't completely permanently screw it up. What are your thoughts on taller girl/shorter guy couplings? (We here in TeenNick blog land are 100% pro, for what its worth.)

    * "Everyone knows the rule is half your age plus seven." What are your personal limits for how much younger or older of a person you'd consider dating?

    * "She'd kill me for giving this to you, but after all you've done..." Holly J!! You can't just go around handing out pages from people's journals to other people! Why were you even reading Fiona's journal in the first place?! Still... I'm glad Adam got to read that.