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  • Degrassi: What's the best bestie episode?

    Posted on 04/17/2013 by Lisa

    We're putting a friendship-themed episode of Degrassi online on Friday -- VOTE for the one you wanna see! A few of the contenders are below:

    On Degrassi, friends are the people who keep your secrets (like when Holly J caught Jane cheating on Spinner with Declan).
    Jane and Holly J

    Friends don't care what gender you were born... they care what you're like as a person:
    Dave and Adam

    Your closest friend can become your worst enemy (especially if you're both running for president, and she wants to fight dirty).
    Katie and Marisol

    And of course, friends are always willing to do embarrassing things with you in public.
    Tori and Tristan

    Degrassi has so many good friendships!! Check out the Facebook Poll to see more options. We'll check the winner on Friday afternoon and put that episode online for Fan Favorite Friday.

  • Degrassi: Sneak Pics from Zombie

    Posted on 03/28/2013 by Lisa

    The next new Degrassi episode, "Zombie, pt. 1" airs Friday at 9pm et -- but you can peek at a few pics now:

    Degrassi: Zombie
    Maya looks a little messed up. (Maybe she just needs to brush her hair.)

    Degrassi: Zombie
    Dave and Eli look like they're posing for a dramatic selfie.

    Degrassi: Zombie
    Maya and this guy are lyin' around wearin' leis. (I like to do that too, sometimes.)

    Degrassi: Zombie
    It looks like Clare and Drew are taking life VERY seriously.

    Degrassi: Zombie
    Or... maybe only Clare is?

    See more sneak peek pics from "Zombie" here and tune in Friday at 9pm et to watch "Zombie, pt. 1" on TeenNick!

  • Degrassi Interview: Jahmil French (Dave)

    Posted on 05/04/2012 by Lisa

    Jahmil French (Dave on Degrassi)I sent Jahmil French a bunch of questions about music, relationships, and what it's like playing Dave on Degrassi. Check out his answers:

    Give us a soundtrack. What song should Degrassi fans listen to as they read this interview?
    "The Motto" by Drake.

    I loved the scene where Dave, Adam, and Drew sing along to Bryan Adams on the way to school. What's your favorite song to sing in the car?
    I sing all Drake songs!

    If you could switch roles and play another character on Degrassi, who would you want to be?
    If I could play any other character on Degrassi it would definitely be ......... Jimmy Brooks! But on the show currently it would be Fiona. Maybe that wouldn't work out... but I'm in love with her. Yolo

    Alli gives Dave list a huge list of rules, but Dave only has one rule for her: "Dance with me." What relationship rule(s) are important to you in real life?
    For relationships, I'm no expert, but I think trust, respect and friendship are the key elements. I believe if you can be best friends with your partner it will make for a happier and more enjoyable relationship.

    Jahmil French (Dave on Degrassi)After everything they've been through (especially all the trust stuff), do you think Dave and Alli will make it as a couple? If you could give them one piece of love advice, what would it be?
    The challenges that Dave and Alli have endured the past couple seasons are definitely obvious and at the same time entertaining. I can't tell if they will make it or not, but it would be interesting to see where these two would go apart from each other. The best advice I have is to take it slow!

    Dave has had some intense scenes recently. What's it like for you to shoot that really emotional stuff?
    The emotional stuff is always the most fun to shoot on set. It is the core of what we do as actors.

    I love that Dave and Adam do the "Man Show" together on Degrassi radio. What's your favorite thing about working with Jordy?
    Working with Jordy is soo much fun! She is like my little sister! My favorite part about working with her is when I pretend to be a gangster and she attempts to go along with it horribly! One day we'll get her in a rap video with all the og's!!!! lol!

    What do you want to see happen with Dave in the future?
    I would really like to see how Dave will develop as a person. Aside from the whole love thing with Alli, it would be refreshing to see Dave not so engaged with his emotions and more influenced by his goals and aspirations as a young man. I think he has potential to be an amazing dancer...who knows...

    What's YOUR biggest dream, outside of Degrassi?
    I want to be like Denzel Washington. I WILL do a movie with Mr. Washington and I want to one day perform with Drake. These are my idols and heroes, but as much as I want to follow their footsteps, I will be the FIRST Jahmil French!

    Aside from shooting season 12 of Degrassi, what have you been up to?
    I assist coach at Wexford School for the Arts, and I'm always training and performing with my dance crew The MoonRunners! And I will be on my boy's album Unbelievable. His name is Kaleb Simmonds. I really just try to stay busy, work hard, and enjoy my youth!

    Dave (Jahmil French) and Alli (Melinda Shankar) share a dance.

  • Watch the first scene of "Smash Into You, pt. 1" now!

    Posted on 04/12/2012 by Lisa

    I love this sneak peek, because it features a song from the very first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money! (The song is "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams.)

    Do you see a future for Dave and Alli? Or are they better off moving on and going their separate ways?

  • Degrassi Sneak Pic: Drew and Dave

    Posted on 12/21/2011 by Lisa

    I have no idea what Drew and Dave are talking about in this sneak peek picture from the 2012 Degrassi episodes, but it looks serious.

    Drew and Dave

    I like Dave's stripey purple tie a lot.

    See all the Degrassi holiday pics.

  • Lying, Cheating, and Stealing

    Posted on 08/22/2011 by Lisa

    SPOILERS BELOW, PEOPLE. Keep reading if you've seen "Drop It Like It's Hot, pt. 1." If you haven't seen it yet, go retake the "How 'Now or Never' Are You?" quiz or something. :)

    Yes, Liam. Hannah is awesome. But she's taken.
    She likes you, Wesley. Don't stress.

    Oh... the things we do for love.

    Wesley -- sweet, honest Wesley! -- is lying to impress Hannah. Dude, she LIKES you. Stop feeling threatened, before you screw it up.

    Alli worked her butt off to earn her parents' respect. So WHY is she cheating at poker to make extra money? To impress Dave. Sigh, sigh, sigh. (And don't get me started on the fact that Dave almost has sex before he's ready. I'm still shaking my head about that one.)

    Bianca is so afraid of Vince that she's willing to deal drugs for him, and when she can't find a buyer, she steals money from Imogen. It's killing me to see her trying so hard to protect Drew, especially since he had no idea it's happening.

    There were some major Now or Never decisions tonight, but were ANY of them good? Which lying-cheaty-stealy mistake do you think is destined to have the worst repercussions?

    p.s. I'm not sure I'm prepared for the rest of "Degrassi: Now or Never." Tonight's ep seemed to be stirring up all sorts of new trouble.


  • Kidneys and Cash

    Posted on 08/16/2011 by Mary

    THARS SPOILERS DOWN BELOW. Avert your eyes until you've seen "Mr. Brightside, pt. 2".

    Well! GIANT relief on the Holly J front! Not that kidney transplant surgery is a walk in the park, but it sure is nice that there's a kidney to transplant!

    Holly J and her birth mom Dawn, changing the subject to something besides kidneys.

    I know after last night's ep, some people were feeling pretty anti-Dawn:

    "Holly J's mom has entered my "degrassi enemies" list. COME ON LADY GIVE YOUR DAUGHTER THE FLIPPIN KIDNEY! Way to be there for your kid. Good job." - ALLABOUTELI<3

    But after tonight's episode... did anyone change their feelings toward HJ's birth mom after seeing how hard she was struggling with guilt? I have to say, it was weirdly kind of a relief for me to see her feeling terrible. Like she's at least human.

    I also maybe feel a teensy bit weird that Fiona kind of bought Holly J's way out of this? The ethics of paying living donors for their organs are really slippery -- the problem is that, taken to one extreme, it would mean only rich people could have their lives saved by organ donation and poor people would be out of luck. And you definitely don't want a situation where, say, people can pay as much as they want for a kidney (above and beyond reimbursing expenses) because then it would create situations where financially desperate people would be selling their organs to wealthy recipients.

    But, doing a little research today, I'm seeing that there's some talk out there about loosening the laws about reimbursing living donors for lost income, since financial hardship is a common reason for people to not donate. In fact, Canada (British Columbia, anyway) is one of the places where it's somewhat allowed (though the lost wages reimbursements are still not much). Anyway, it's... a pretty thorny topic, to be sure. What? A thorny topic on Degrassi? Whodathunk!

    But enough kidney talk:
    What do you guys think of Drew and Katie? Datie? Krew? Dratie? Isn't it interesting that Drew is such a magnet for over-achiever girls (Alli, now Katie)? I guess they want to overachieve on the hotness of their boyfriend, too?

    Also interesting that Adam just kind of let that one go. I guess since he has a definitive answer about her not being into him, he had a minute to get over her. Plus there was that time Fiona chose Adam over Drew, so.

    And UP TOP ALLI BANDHARI! Finally broke the Bandhari sibling dating curse! Anyone out there want to hire her to talk to your parents?

  • Did Dave Do That Right?

    Posted on 08/04/2011 by Mary


    Time for a fun game of... "LET'S BOSS DAVE AROUND!" If you were the boss of Dave, how would you have told him to handle his Sadie/Allie conundrum?

    Dave and Alli on Degrassi
    Dave and Alli, thinkin' 'bout it.

    Obviously it's easy for us to play Armchair Love Quarterback now that we know how things turned out, but let's put ourselves at the crucial decision moment and take it from there:

    - Dave had been harshly rejected by Alli more than once, but thought this time... maybe there was a vibe. Was it possible he was crazy and wishfully misinterpreting "signals"? Yes.
    - Dave liked Sadie a lot. Sadie's a great girl and a great girlfriend. But he had a bigger heart-spark for Alli.

    So: dump a good, solid thing for an enticing question mark?

    One way to look at it is: if he doesn't feel 100% about Sadie, maybe he shouldn't be with her anyway.

    Another way to look at it is: being single when you had a decent thing and blew it... not as fun as the other kinds of being single.

    What would you have bossed Dave into doing?

    And on the Cake front: Well, well! Looks like Clare's not actually getting taken for a ride by Jake! I think he really likes her... I think he finds her refreshing. Plus, let's not discount the fact that they knew each other when they were little. The whole "throwing frogs" at her thing -- is there any surer sign of a youngster crush? What do you guys think of their long-term potential?

    And: I'm really glad Adam and Drew aren't leaving Degrassi. That would have been the biggest bum out ever.

  • One Way to Change a Mind

    Posted on 07/26/2011 by Mary

    So, here's what put these two shows on my list of Favorite Degrassi Eps Ever.

    I love when Degrassi shows us not just a candy-coated version of high school foibles, but the ugliness that happens when people make mistakes because they just don't know any better yet.

    "if there's one thing we can't count on Degrassi for it's showing us the good AND the bad." - GOODOLDDAYS

    Totally, GoodOldDays.

    So, the backlash against Dave -- the LGBT club petition, the disciplinary actions, Zane's lecture, the discomfort of his closest friends, and the angry glares he got from a trans-tolerant student body at Degrassi -- it's all understandable. When people say cruel, insensitive, harmful, and intolerant things, it pisses us off. And we say things like "I wanted to punch him" and "I hope Sadie and his friends completely dump him."

    Adam gets through to Dave in Degrassi detention.
    Adam gets through to Dave in Degrassi detention.

    But did anyone else think it was interesting that the thing that actually made Dave think was a frank explanation from Adam of what was at stake (civil rights) and what it's like to be him (frickin' not easy). In that conversation, Adam took Dave seriously, and tried his best to connect with him on a human level -- he didn't just write him off. And that's what made Dave step out of his defensiveness for a minute so he could really consider his actions... the scorn of his community didn't have quite the same effect -- it made him feel cornered and persecuted. Is it fair that Adam had to be preternaturally mature and able to handle this so calmly in order to get through to Dave? No. But it was so much better for the outcome that he was. And would all of the Daves of this world sit there and listen to Adam's sensitivity training? No. But that's why I give Dave credit for being a decent and open-minded human being (if slow on the open-mindedness uptake).

    Remember: Dave doesn't watch Degrassi like the rest of us. He didn't know anything about what being transgender means (just like a lot of us didn't before we met Adam.) And if Sadie and his friends completely dumped him... there's a good chance some other students at Degrassi would have been more than happy to give Dave the pats on the back he wanted, and they would have formed an insular and potentially dangerous little crew of haters. (I don't know where Owen's at with his various phobias these days but... he's certainly a candidate.) And since the basis of their friendship would have been hate, it would have festered and festered... this is how you end up with, say, white power crews. You know?

    Anyway. Big fat kudos to Adam for being the bigger man, and to Dave for catching up eventually. Big fat kudos to anyone out there who tries to educate those around them. And major sympathy to Adam for having to figure this stuff out on his own:

    "Honestly...adam has NO help in all this as to how he should approach anything. he's lost. ... i think adam needs to hear some advice from someone who knows about transgender difficulties...and dave needs to grow up!" - BETHANY65

    Seriously... I wish Adam could talk to TeenNick user RILEY:
    "When I was watching Adam go into the bathroom I was cringing so hard! As an ftm myself I saw two things he did wrong going in there and I knew it wasn't going to end well. One he was making small talk which isn't the worst thing but then looking at Dave while he was doing his business was breaking the code of the mens room. I was sitting in bed waving my hands at the computer screen when Adam did this "like what are you thinking???" Although I see where Dave's coming from, he had no right to publicly humiliate Adam on the damn radio. That's probably the last thing Adam needs is to be openly singled out for being transgender and for making a mistake."

  • Not cool, Dave.

    Posted on 07/25/2011 by Mary

    Here's what the most surprising thing about tonight's Degrassi was, to me anyway.

    It's that at Degrassi, in 2011 (or whatever year it is in Degrassiland), you could hear the figurative record skip when someone said something offensive about his trans classmate.

    I know we'll see tomorrow how that record-skip vibe affects Dave -- spoiler alert, it doesn't change his mind. But for all of the hurt that his words caused Adam in that moment, the fact that a bunch of high school students -- of the "oh, kids can be so cruel, teenagers are heartless" variety -- that their immediate reaction was "that's not cool," makes me lickle heart sing. I know it wouldn't be like that in every school... but I know it's like that in a lot of schools. (Maybe even because of Degrassi. I get chills!)

    I guess the question is: will Dave experience his classmates compassion for Adam as a lack of compassion for him?

    There's a lot more to say but... we'll talk tomorrow after we've seen how this all plays out.

    In the meantime: did you sympathize with Dave's discomfort? Are you angry at him? Giving him mental high fives? Cringing? How would you react to Dave's words if YOU went to Degrassi?