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  • Degrassi: The Zombie Apocalypse

    Posted on 04/10/2013 by saidbyjohn

    Remember when Degrassi experienced a zombie apocalypse? The title of the latest Degrassi episode, "Zombie," got us thinking about it, so WE BROUGHT IT BACK!

    Quick, before the zombies invade your town, watch these throwback webisodes of Degrassi of the Dead. There's nothing better than having a virtual stroll down the Degrassi memory lane, and this stroll includes Aubrey Graham, better known today as Drake, getting down to a Degrassi version of Thriller:

    The more recent cast isn't on it, which I'm grateful for because no one wants to watch Eli get his brains eaten out or his hair messed up! What you will get to see is some of Degrassi's all-stars fight their way out of the school and onto a school bus. (And, yes, there's no question about it - every high school student should know how to drive a school bus.)

    Watch Degrassi of the Dead here.