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  • Degrassi Showdown: Week 5 Wrap-Up

    Posted on 08/19/2012 by Lisa

    I was seriously impressed with this summer's Degrassi Showdown episodes, and this final week didn't let me down. Let's discuss week five! If you missed any of the Showdown episodes, get caught up here.

    I've posted my random thoughts and observations here (with a few too many exclamation points, but hey, it was a big week!) I want to hear yours in the comments.

    The Ice Hounds... and Clare.
    I like dogs, but I don't like Ice Hounds.

    "Sabotage, pt. 1"

    It hurt to see Clare suffering, and still trying so hard to bring Asher to justice. It hurt even more to see her talking to Dallas about it instead of Eli.

    My lack of respect for the hockey guys continues. I seriously can't believe they were drinking in a school storage room at 11 am.

    Dave's audition for the West Drive guest spot was impressive. He sure has come a long way, talent-wise, from his Three Tenners days!

    Katie looks FIERCE!
    You do NOT want to mess with Katie.

    "Sabotage, pt. 2"

    A surprise party for Clare? Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? (Surprise parties are one of my least favorite things in the world... in my experience, they're always disasters. Or at least, they're always very stressful for the party recipient, and that was definitely the case for Clare.)

    When Eli went to see Asher, all I could think was "This never would've happened if Clare had been honest with him from the start."

    I loved that it totally looked like Drew was going to propose, and then he asked Bianca about sharing a bank account. That was really cute, and I was relieved that didn't propose to her in the mall, haha. When he actually did propose, in a more romantic location, I will admit that I teared up. Aww, Drianca making me cry! I never would've imagined that back in the boiler room days!!

    That fight scene was crazy, right?!! Katie's years of martial arts training finally came in handy. I love that the fight just kept going until the confetti cannon went off.

    I wasn't surprised that Dave and Alli ended things. I feel like that's been coming for a while. They seem like they got bored with each other (in a Sav / Holly J kind of way... they were a cute couple until then the excitement wore off).

    Ooh, hands touching!
    Tristan and his potential romantic interest?!!?

    "Scream, pt. 1"

    I have to say, I love-love-loved this two-parter, and not just because we got to see so much of Romeo & Jules!!

    I want Tristan to find a way to lose his "lip virginity," and NO -- I don't think Dave counts anyway, because kisses only matter if they're the romantic kind, right? I love that he went to Fiona and Imogen for advice, and I'm excited that he has a potential crush!

    I also loved that Eli (and I!) thought the play was being shut down for homophobic reasons, and it turned out to be something totally different.

    The fossil scene was so good, wasn't it? That whole thing about how "The stuff you say makes people think it's OK to bully people..." really got to me. I've said this before, but I have infinite respect for Adam for his ability to stay calm while dealing with intolerance.

    Imogen's line about how she's glad she's no longer "caught up in Hurricane Eli" was a reminder of how far he's come since Love Roulette (and how far Imogen has come, too.)

    A standing ovation for Romeo and Jules
    I'm applauding from home. :)

    "Scream, pt. 2"

    Oh, poor Clare. When she decided to manufacture evidence to use against Asher, I wanted to hug her and take her to a psychologist or something. Taking those pictures was such a HUGE step in the wrong direction, and I'm so glad she eventually figured that out. (That said, I'm glad she went back to the Interpreter office, since she ended up connecting with Jennifer, and that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise.)

    When Becky offered to play Juliet if Tristan didn't show up, I thought Eli's head was going to explode. "We don't need a Juliet." EXACTLY.

    The scene where they find Tristan, and tell him they love him was so nice, but again -- I don't think that kiss with Tori counts at all. That kiss didn't matter at all. I want to see Tristan kiss someone he actually LIKES. That would make my heart so happy.

    I loved EVERY BIT of Romeo & Jules that we saw on screen, and the glimpses of backstage drama, too. That Adam/Becky hug sure seemed meaningful, didn't it? I'm dying to see where that goes.

    When the play got a standing ovation, I was so proud of Eli, and so proud of the whole cast, and basically, proud of everyone who's involved in making Degrassi. And I'm proud of all of us for watching it. I'm giving ALL of us a standing ovation. Yay, Romeo & Jules! Yay, Degrassi! I can't wait until October!!!

  • Degrassi: The Fossil Scene

    Posted on 08/16/2012 by Lisa

    What did you think of Adam and Becky's discussion in science class on last night's episode? You can watch that scene again right here, if you want:

    "The stuff you say makes people think it's OK to bully kids who are gay or transgender or different in any way." - Adam

    I feel like that's such a powerful argument against homophobia/transphobia. Do you think it's powerful enough to reach Becky, though?

  • Degrassi: What's Dallas' Deal?

    Posted on 08/13/2012 by Lisa

    Did you watch "Sabotage, pt. 1"? What did you think of this scene between Clare and Mike Dallas?

    Dallas is still pretty new at Degrassi, but it seems like he's making enemies everywhere he goes. I almost feel bad for him, because he's in the same situation as Cam -- he's far from home and living with somebody else's family. (And we know how tough Drew and Adam's mom can be!) But in the short time we've known him, Dallas has been a jerk to so many people.

    After how he's acted around Fiona, Imogen, Maya, Katie, and Clare, do you think Dallas will ever be able to talk to a girl without making her angry? Do you think there's ANY girl at Degrassi who'd date him?

  • Degrassi Showdown: Week 4 Wrap-Up

    Posted on 08/11/2012 by Lisa

    It's almost time for the FINAL WEEK of Degrassi Showdown, but first, let's talk about what happened this week. If you missed any of the Showdown episodes, get caught up here.

    Below are what I consider the highlights (and/or random things I want to talk about) from Week 4. Share yours in the comments!

    Cam is having a tough time.
    When Cam cries, it breaks my heart.

    "Rusty Cage, pt. 1"

    I keep forgetting to mention this, but the phrase "puck bunny" bugs me A LOT.

    I love the scene where Tori, Tristan, and Maya try to come up with a new nickname for Cam. It made me feel like he finally has good friends at Degrassi, even if he doesn't seem to feel that way yet. He seems so homesick, though. I just want to reach into Degrassi-world (the alternate universe where Degrassi characters really exist) and give him a giant hug.

    As much as I love Cam, though, I couldn't handle the scene where he threw up in the locker room. I almost threw up, too, out of sympathy. That was the grossest thing I've seen on TV in a while. (The cuteness of the karaoke scene helped me get over it though.)

    BTW, Happy Fiona Coyne Day! I love that every day can be Fiona Coyne day. Or Lisa Beebe day. Or [your full name] day. I approve of this. I really liked the scene where Imogen and Fiona were hanging out at the loft and Fiona tickled Imogen and called her "monkey-related." They are beyond cute together.

    Fiones in cleaning mode?
    Fiona is cute even while cleaning.

    "Rusty Cage, pt. 2"

    Fiona's struggle to adjust to living without maid service made me roll my eyes a little. It's like, "Welcome to the real world, hon!" but I love her, so I'm glad Drew gave her some cleaning lessons. The scene with the clump of hair from the tub drain was soooooooo gross. Between Monday's puke and Tuesday's hair clump, this week's Degrassi was hard to watch -- even before it made me cry all over.

    I'm not a Mike Dallas fan, but I appreciated that he stepped up to field the interviewer questions when Cam froze. After seeing that scene, I wondered: Is junior hockey really that big of a deal? I did some Googling and the answer is YES. Every year, the best Canadian junior hockey players are drafted straight onto NHL teams. If that's what Cam is headed for, that's some seriously intense pressure.

    When Cam's mom sent him that photo of his family in their hockey gear, I felt homesick on his behalf. I totally understand why he wanted to go home. In fact, if Cam wanted to stop playing hockey, and he felt so homesick, why didn't he just go home? Do you think he hurt himself so that he'd get a break to think it over before he decided for sure? If he jumped off that railing so he'd have more time to spend with Maya, that's really messed up. I'm worried about Cam, you guys. I want him to be happy somehow, whether it's on or off the ice.

    We are going to miss you, K.C.!
    I'm gonna miss this guy.

    K.C.'s dad pounding on the door when he was drunk = SCARY. I was shocked when I realized K.C. was leaving Degrassi (the school and the show). K.C. skateboarded into my heart in his very first episode, and he's been through so much over the past few years. I'm sad to see him go. That said, I trust the writers. This summer's episodes have been amazing. If the writers considered all the possibilities and felt like this was the best way to wrap up K.C.'s storyline, I'm sure they made the right choice. But still -- when K.C.'s friends came out to hug him goodbye, and Jenna started to cry, I totally cried too. I wish we all could've been in on that group hug, because we deserve it just as much as his Degrassi friends!!

    Imogen and her mom
    Imogen and her mom (disagreeing about crusts).

    "Never Ever, pt. 1"

    I loooved finally getting to know more about Imogen's family life, but it's heartbreaking that she's having such a tough time. Her mom seems like a nice person, so it sucks that Imogen feels like Natalie abandoned the family. On top of that, I can't even imagine how horrible it would be for a dog-lover like Imogen to go through what happened with Volta.

    When Katie decided to hang out with Mike Dallas because she doesn't know what's going on with Jake, I was just like, "Kaaatieeeee, nooooo!" I feel like it's so easy to make bad decisions about romantic stuff and relationships... and sometimes we don't realize how stupid we're being until much later.

    I was impressed with how Adam confronted Becky, because I feel like he did it in such a calm, intelligent way. I hope they end up becoming friends. I wonder if that's possible, considering how close-minded Becky seems to be at times.

    Fiona, Imogen, and Eli.
    "Nothing can go wrong." - Eli

    "Never Ever, pt. 2"

    When Marisol took that picture of Imogen's dad, didn't you just know she was going to do something obnoxious with it? I want to believe that if Marisol had known what Imogen was going through, she would've been more sensitive... but this is Marisol we're talking about, so who knows.

    When Imogen told her mom, "He thought I was you today," and they hugged, I cried so hard.

    I get how hurt Dallas was when he saw Katie and Jake kissing on the kiss cam, but destroying the garden was obnoxious. That didn't just hurt Jake and Katie -- it hurt everyone from Degrassi who liked being able to hang out there. Argh. Jealousy makes people do crazy, messed up things.

    I really want to like Becky, but she's got a little changin' to do before I'm going to feel that way about her. If she's mean to Adam, I just can't.

    When Eli says. "Nothing can go wrong," at the end of the episode, I had the worst feeling. At Degrassi, there's ALWAYS time for things to go wrong... especially when there are FOUR MORE SHOWDOWN EPISODES coming next week!!

    What did you think of this week's episodes? Comment below.

  • Cam + Maya + Karaoke = Cayaraoke!

    Posted on 08/06/2012 by Lisa

    Cayaraoke! Haha! That might be my new favorite word, because I love Cam and Maya's karaoke duet. (If you missed tonight's episode, watch the whole thing here.)

    Watch the Cayaraoke clip here:

    BTW, if you're wondering: The song they're singing is "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness.

  • Degrassi Showdown: Week 3 Wrap-Up

    Posted on 08/02/2012 by Lisa

    How's everybody holding up? Tonight's Degrassi was pretty intense, right? (If you missed any of this week's episodes, watch them here before you read any further!)

    I want to know what you thought of everything that happened this week on Degrassi. This post is half recap, half personal reactions to the storyline, and I really want to hear your reactions, too. Anyway, here are my random thoughts on this week's episodes:

    Jenna, her dangerous guitar, and Becky
    Jenna looks like she's about to hit someone with her guitar... again.

    Closer to Free, pt. 1

    As I've said before, I love the song Jenna sings with lyrics about her life. It's been stuck in my head all week -- especially the tomato line. I thought it was a little sketchy that Becky didn't tell Jenna she was inviting her to a church youth group (she made it sound more like a jam session), but I understand that Becky probably just really wanted a friend at Degrassi.

    I also understand Jenna's attraction to Luke, because the way he talked about religion must've felt very reassuring. Not to mention that he's, you know, kinda hot.

    Clare was being a bit annoying with all the Asher-superfan stuff, but do you think she deserved to have everything she's ever said show up as a hashtag joke on Twitter? I feel bad for her, but I secretly love that people started using the #stuffclaresays hashtag in real life.

    Clare, Adam, and Connor
    I like to pretend that they're reading the TeenNick blog.

    Closer to Free, pt. 2

    I don't like that Asher calls Clare "Newsie." It makes me cringe every time.

    I know Jenna got baptized for the wrong reasons, but as sudden as it all was, the ceremony seemed meaningful to her. That said, I'm glad Becky found out Jenna's real reasons for becoming Christian. Otherwise, I'd feel like their whole friendship is based on a lie.

    Drew and Fiona as roommates? I think it'll work. I think roommate situations work best when the roommates aren't good friends beforehand. I feel like whenever good friends move in together, they think everything's going to be perfect -- and they end up hating each other. If Drew and Fiona go into this realizing that they're very different people, it might actually work well. Drew is used to living with Audra (his super-strict mom), and he'll probably be a lot happier with more freedom.

    I'm fascinated by the moment at the end when Becky tells Jenna, "Stay away from my brother." Jenna seems to realize that Luke is a jerk, so what is Becky so worried about? Do you think she has any reason to worry? I'm curious about Luke's past and exactly how much of a player he was before he came to Degrassi.

    Clare and her EVIL MENTOR
    Fact: I'm extremely jealous of Clare's pink laptop.

    Waterfalls, pt. 1

    I found this two-parter hard to watch, because I like Clare so much, and it's heartbreaking when people's heroes let them down. Asher is a successful journalist, and one of Clare's heroes -- and he completely takes advantage of her. I felt like he was preying on her insecurities. I feel sick even writing about it.

    Is Katie the worst first-date chaperone in the universe or what? I'm glad Maya and Cam escaped to the photo booth. That was such a nice moment, right up until the non-kiss.

    Is there a couple name for Lisa (K.C.'s mom) and Mr. T (the Bright Sparks coach)? If so, please share it in the comments. Otherwise I'm going to call them Mr. Tisa and that's just silly.

    I am so, so, so disgusted with Asher's line, "I'm happy to teach when the student is as eager as you are." *Blaeearrragggaaaaa* (That's the sound of me fake puking, fyi.) Watching that scene, I was like "RUN, CLARE, RUN!!!"

    Cam and Maya
    These two restore my faith in humanity and my faith in cuteness.

    Waterfalls, pt. 2

    I was really looking forward to Maya and Cam's do-over date, but WOW was that a bad one. I'm extremely awkward around guys I like, so I can relate to Maya in that scene. Poor girl.

    I pick the scenes that we use for OMG videos on the TeenNick website, and I found the Asher/Clare scenes in this episode so upsetting that I never want to watch them again (That's why I used the Cam/Maya OMG instead.) I freaked out when Asher tried to lock Clare in his car. That was TERRIFYING.

    On a sillier note, could you believe how bad Tori, Tristan, and Maya were at hiding their cell phones in French class? They need lessons in the art of subtle texting.

    How cute was the scene where Cam went to Maya's house to talk to her? They're already one of my favorite Degrassi couples, and they've barely started dating!

    I hope Clare finds a way to get Asher in trouble, but I have no idea how she could possibly do it. He made things look so bad for her. I understand her reasons for not telling Eli... but I feel like holding this in is only going to make things worse in the long run. Big secrets are no good for relationships.

    Alli and Clare

    What's going on in your head about Degrassi this week? I want to know, so tell me everything in the comments!

  • Jessica Tyler talks to TeenNick

    Posted on 08/01/2012 by Lisa

    When Jessica Tyler stopped by the TeenNick offices a few weeks back, we asked her what she likes best about playing Jenna. Check out this interview!

    What about you guys? What's your all-time favorite Jenna episode or scene?
    I think my favorite Jenna scene so far might be the opening of "Closer to Free, pt. 1" when she plays guitar and sings about what's happening around her. "Jake doesn't hear me 'cause I'm not a tomato... Alli and Clare, where the heck did they go?" I laughed out loud at that, because I'm always making up songs about my day, my dog, and life in general. - Lisa

  • Degrassi Showdown: Week 2 Wrap-Up

    Posted on 07/26/2012 by Lisa

    Let's talk Degrassi!! We've got a lot to talk about this week -- from Alli's pregnancy test to Zori's anniversary. *Spoilers below.* (If you've missed any of the Degrassi Showdown episodes, go to the Degrassi video page and get caught up.)

    "Got Your Money, pt. 1"

    Fimogen's back!! YAY! I think they're the cutest ever (which is why I tweeted this cute pic from TeenNick's account the other day).

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of WhisperHug. I just love seeing those characters hanging out together, and I love that they make happy-sounding music. I want to WhisperHug them all, and I'm not even sure what that means!

    I was pretty impressed with Eli's advice to Dave on how to play a gay character. It seemed like once Dave let go of the gay aspects of his character, and focused on playing a guy in love, it made such a difference. Based on how the play is going so far, I think Romeo & Jules: The Musical should do a world tour after they perform it at Degrassi. I want to see it in a huge LA theater... or even on Broadway.

    When Becky gave Dave that "Confused?" flyer, I felt like she was doing it more to stir up trouble than out of legitimate concern. Do you think there's any chance she'll regain control of the play from Eli?

    "Got Your Money, pt. 2"

    Zig may think that stealing money and/or a dine-and-dash at Little Miss Steaks is an acceptable way to spend an anniversary, but I disagree. I think Zori are a very cute couple, but it's time for him to realize that it doesn't matter how poor he is -- he gets an endless amount of cute-boy bonus points just for being in a band. (AND he skateboards, which = even more cute-boy bonus points). While I'm on the subject of Zori: I looooved the scene where Tori got all excited to meet Zig's mom. It made me cry.

    I am glad to see Fiona and Imogen working things out, even if it was kinda gross that Mike Dallas watched them kiss.

    I'm not a fan of the Ice Hounds, you guys. They kinda seem like bullies on skates (except for Cam). Defacing the Romeo & Jules poster was so childish.

    "Say It Ain't So, pt. 1"

    I am SO proud of Alli for getting that scholarship offer to MIT. (BTW, if you think teenagers don't do research at that level, I urge you to read about Brittany Wenger, a 17-year-old girl who just won a big science award from Google for her work to eradicate breast cancer. She's like the real-life Alli!)

    I'm not quite as proud of Jake for considering skipping college. If he's serious about environmentalism and green design, I want to see him go to school for those things and become an expert. I'm a HUGE environmentalist, but I'm also non-violent, so I swear I've never punched anyone for throwing away a recyclable thing. I'd probably just sigh and recycle it myself.

    (I wrote about Alli's pregnancy storyline over in this post, so I won't go into that here.)

    "Say It Ain't So, pt. 2"

    Question for anyone who remembers watching The Best Years on The N: The teacher who gives Alli all those books to read is the same guy who played Noah on The Best Years, right? Randal Edwards? I'm pretty sure it's him, but Google isn't helping. (It's tricky to search, because the results confuse Randal-with-one-l Edwards, the actor, with Randall-with-two-ls Edwards, Clare's Degrassi dad.)

    The scene where Bianca gives Cam advice is one of my favorite scenes in a while. I wish Bianca had been around to give me advice like that in high school. (I didn't have a boyfriend for her to steal, so I have nothing to worry about, haha.)

    Cam and Maya = definite potential. They are so cute together. The fact that they both have lucky four-leaf clover underwear kills me. :)

    The conversation between Alli and her mom about whether or not she should go to MIT made me cry so much. The idea that Mrs. Bhandari was once in a similar situation and gave up science to raise a family kind of broke my heart.

    This little exchange near the end of the episode also made me cry:
    Dave: "I love you, Alli."
    Alli: "I know."

    I wish she had told him she loved him back. They were SO cute and happy for a while there... I hope they can get that back.

    Whew!! I had a lot to say this week! What are your thoughts on this week's episodes?

  • Degrassi: Is Alli pregnant?

    Posted on 07/26/2012 by Lisa

    An unplanned pregnancy is hard for anyone, but it couldn't come at a worse time for Alli -- she was just offered a scholarship to MIT.

    I feel like so many people think teen pregnancies only happen when people don't use birth control, but this Dave/Alli storyline is a reminder that while half of all unplanned pregnancies happen because couples don't use any contraception at all; the other half happen to couples who say they are using some sort of birth control, they're just not using it very well. If you're ready for sex you also have to be ready for all the consequences too. Getting on birth control is the first step, but you have to remember to use it RIGHT. Alli is a seriously smart girl, but she's also really busy... it's not surprising that she'd forget to take a pill or two.

    According to, about 730,000 teen girls in the U.S. get pregnant each year -- and most of them didn't mean to. The only foolproof way to prevent pregnancy is to not have sex at all.

    Birth control only works you use it carefully and correctly, every single time. You can't just "sort of" use protection. The good news is that there is a method out there that's right for everyone. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about birth control from

    In a survey of 12th grade girls, two-thirds (66%) who are sexually active and use contraception say they do so because they don't want to disappoint their parents by getting pregnant. I get that Alli was afraid of disappointing her parents, but I couldn't believe that she told her mom the pregnancy test was Jenna's. That's a pretty terrible thing to do to a friend, especially since Jenna has been there for Alli during all of this. I hope that in tonight's episode, Alli decides to tell her mother the truth. I feel like she owes that to Jenna.

    Do you think Alli and Dave will stay a couple if there's a baby in the picture? Dave seems like he wants to be there for Alli no matter what, but if he stays, he's the exception: 8 out of 10 dads don't marry the teenage mothers of their babies.

    What's next for Alli? Watch the first scene of tonight's episode now, and see the rest at 10pm et.

  • Sneak a peek at "Got Your Money, pt. 2" now!

    Posted on 07/24/2012 by Lisa

    Watch the first scene of tonight's new Degrassi right here. (If you missed part one, don't stress -- watch it online!)

    How bad do you think Tori will freak when she finds out the truth about their romantic anniversary dinner? Any predictions?