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  • Degrassi Showdown: Week 1 Wrap-Up

    Posted on 07/19/2012 by Lisa

    A LOT happened this week, since we had FOUR new episodes of Degrassi. In no particular order, the things and people that made a big impression on me include:

    Mike Dallas. By getting Drew drunk and insulting Maya, he didn't make the best first impression on me. I am not a Dallas fan at this point.

    The invisible ball. I really liked that "the ball's in your court" scene between Clare and Eli outside of the Torres party. So cute.

    Imogen's musical talent. I love that she plays the glasses. I know someone who does that in real life, and it's AMAZING to see live.

    The "chicken cutlet." I love Maya. I love her just the way she is, and I'm so glad she made the band, despite that extremely embarrassing moment.

    The Krew breakup. It's sad that Drew had to try a few times before Katie really got the point, but I was horrified that Drew basically said, "I'm dumping you, but I need a favor," because he didn't want Katie to tell Bianca they'd had sex. It's seriously uncool to dump someone and ask them for a favor in the same conversation.

    Katie & Jake? Bursting into tears during a first kiss seems like a bad sign, but if they actually tried dating, these two might balance each other out in an interesting way. (First, though, Katie needs some time to get over Drew.)

    Tristan using Maya's FaceRange page. This was a terrible idea from the start. I can't believe Maya went along with it. Has ANY good relationship EVER started with a lie? Nobody likes lies, people. Don't lie!!

    Becky Baker. I respect her for standing up to Eli, but I don't like her vision for Degrassi's drama department.

    Eli's experimental casting. I'd probably never go see a high school production of Romeo & Juliet: The Musical, but under Eli's direction, I'm really interested in how the play will turn out.

    Cam. He's such a cutie, isn't he? I think Declan's famous eyebrows might finally have some competition. I really like Cam, so I hope he forgives Tristan and Maya for messing with his head.

    Drew's brain. Something's wrong in there. Maybe really wrong. I want him to be OK.

    What about you? What were your favorite moments from the first four episodes of Degrassi Showdown?

  • Katie sure has changed.

    Posted on 07/18/2012 by Lisa

    Did Katie's behavior in "Walking on Broken Glass, pt. 1" shock you? (If you missed tonight's episode, watch it now, because it'll only be online until tomorrow.)

    I believe trying to get revenge after a bad breakup is always a bad idea, but at the same time, I understand the impulse. When people are that hurt and that messed up in the head, they can't help wanting to take it out on someone.

    Do you think Bianca deserved what Katie did to her tonight? What about Drew?

    Oh, and I have one more question: What was Jake thinking?!?

  • Watch the first scene of "Come as You Are, pt. 2" now!

    Posted on 07/17/2012 by Lisa

    Sneak a peek at tonight's new Degrassi below. (If you missed part one, watch it online NOW -- each ep is only online for 24 hours!)

    Mike Dallas seems like trouble, doesn't he? I'm sort of amazed that Mrs. Torres agreed to house one of the hockey players. Aren't two boys in the house enough?!!

  • Degrassi's Back!

    Posted on 07/16/2012 by Lisa

    Season 12 of Degrassi premieres tonight at 10pm et, and new episodes will also air tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday!

    If you're watching live, follow @TeenNick and tweet along with us using the #degrassi hashtag. Are you #TeamKatie or #TeamBianca?

    Each new episode will be available online until the next episode goes live. So if you miss tonight's episode, be sure to watch it in the next 24 hours.