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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Out of My Head'

    Posted on 07/09/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    So. Much. Drama. Did you catch last night's Degrassi? We've got a lot to wrap up, so if you haven't seen "Out of My Head" yet, watch it online here and then read our recap!

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    Tristan was on cloud nine ever since he and Mr. Yates began a passionate, if totally illegal and secret, love affair. And even though Mr. Yates made it very clear that no one could ever know about their relationship (hello, RED FLAG #367!), it didn't take long for Maya to find out what was going on.

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    She reported the situation to Principal Simpson, which prompted a pretty intense questioning, where, despite Tristan's denial of everything, it was clear the allegations were true. Before long, Mr. Yates was suspended and faced with an investigation for having inappropriate relations with a student, and Tristan was devastated.

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    Tristan, sure that their love could conquer anything, insisted that they could figure it out together. Yates disdainfully replied, "How could you be so na�ve?"

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    Convinced that Maya was out to sabotage the only love Tristan's ever known, he blew up at her for ruining his life. In his eyes, how could she possibly know what it feels like to lose a love when guys are fawning over her all the time?

    But, we ask you Degrassians, were they really in love? Or was Mr. Yates a master-manipulator taking advantage of a student genuinely hoping and searching for love? We've seen this play out on Degrassi before (does anyone remember when this happened to Paige with Mr. O?), and at the end of the day, Tristan's a kid and Mr. Yates is an adult.

    Our hearts break for Tristan, but it's not too difficult to see the true colors of this doomed and inappropriate relationship. And as for Tristan's friendship with Maya, do you think he'll be able to understand why she did what she did?

    THE REAL REASONDegrassi: Out Of My Head

    Frankie was concerned that her mom paid Becky to allow her to walk in the fashion show. Worried that she didn't land her spot based on merit, but rather based on her reputation as the rich girl, Frankie confronted Becky.

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    Much to Frankie's surprise, Becky revealed that the only reason she wasn't originally chosen was because Winston, apparently, couldn't be around Frankie�because he liked her so much.

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    So Chewy has feelings for his best friend's sister, after all! Frankie feels the same and, well, Miles will just have to survive!

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    When Imogen thought her new love interest Jack didn't like her designs for the Degrassi fashion show, she decided to completely transform them from Hollywood Glamour to verrry avant garde haute couture. And even though Imogen was sure her new boundary-pushing designs would impress Jack, Becky was really upset that she ruined the original dresses and compromised the theme of the fashion show.

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    Imogen realized that she had made a huge mistake and put her own needs in front of her friend's (and those of the whole fashion show). When it came time to fill in for Tristan as the emcee, she took the stage to publicly apologize to Becky.

    Degrassi: Out Of My Head

    And since Imogen realized her mistakes, she didn't entirely have to face her karmic comeuppance: Not only did Becky accept her apology, but Jack totally liked her designs all along (and was still into her)! See, Immy? Just being you is good enough!

    If you're still thinking about last night's episode, we feel you! Put some of those thoughts in the comments!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Hypnotize'

    Posted on 07/02/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Whoa. Is anyone still recovering from all of the drama that went down on last night's episode? Sure, Degrassi is no stranger to stirring to plot (especially when it comes to matters of the heart) but this week took it to the next level! From teacher-student relationships to budding romances, there is much to discuss about this episode. If you haven't seen "Hypnotize" yet, watch it online and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Tristan landed the role of emcee for the Degrassi Fashion Show much to the congratulatory praise of Mr. Yates. In fact, since Mr. Yates was so supportive, Tristan decided to ask his good looking teacher for help writing banter for the show � which meant going over to his apartment after school, alone.

    After a little bit of writing, and a perhaps a little too much drinking, Tristan kissed Mr. Yates. But right when he pulled away to apologize, Mr. Yates surprised him and took it a step further. Tristan quickly became uncomfortable and left.

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    The next day in class, Tristan tried to apologize to Mr. Yates for what happened the night before. But Mr. Yates, clearly uncomfortable, immediately retreated and dismissed Tristan for being "immature."

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    That night, Tristan went back to his teacher's apartment. When Mr. Yates answered the door, Tristan insisted that he was not only mature, but he was ready to take it to the next level. And so he did.

    Degrassians, it doesn't take much convincing to realize how dangerously suspicious this relationship is. We hope you felt the same discomfort we did as Mr. Yates, an authority figure, pursued his student. There is much left to be revealed and we can only imagine where this story will go next week, but what does your good judgment tell you now?

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Frankie hoped to be selected as a model for the fashion show, but after what she thought was a great audition, she didn't make the cut. With both Zo� and Keisha getting the nod from Becky and her fashion show committee, Frankie started to question what about her looks weren't good enough.

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    She became so insecure, in fact, that she asked her mom if she could get plastic surgery for her birthday. Momma Hollingsworth, thankfully, quickly shot that request down, and encouraged Frankie to talk to Becky. She would convince her that she had the experience and the skills to make a great model. And she did!

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Imogen finally mustered enough courage to ask Jack out on a date. When Jack invited Imogen to come watch her dance class after school, Imogen fell even harder for her talented crush. As Imogen hung out with Jack and her free-spirited dance friends, she smoked some weed — something we guess Imogen doesn't do too often — learned a few dance moves from Jack, and before they knew it, fell on the floor sharing their first kiss!

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Only thing is, because Imogen got high and was up so late with Jack, she didn't finish her sketches for the Degrassi Fashion show on time. She got the girl, but suffered the consequence of getting high and let her co-organizer (and good friend) Becky down. Will Imogen's relationship with Jack get in the way of her responsibilities? And perhaps more importantly, could it compromise her friendships?

    There's a lot to process from this episode, so let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'My Hero'

    Posted on 06/25/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Last night's Degrassi continued to shed light on the complicated relationships of family life and the ripple effect that can occur with friends. If you haven't seen "My Hero" yet, watch it online here and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: My Hero

    When Becky got Grace's help to confirm the identity of Sir Excellence, Becky's virtual boyfriend from Realm of Doom, she found out that Sir Excellence was actually Miles' little brother, Hunter. Who's in Grade 9.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    Realizing how uncomfortable it made her, Becky broke up with Sir Excellence without revealing her true identity. Eventually, however, Hunter figured out who she was and confronted her, saying that dream world was meant to be make believe. He was furious that she brought the Realm of Doom into reality (what a noob, Becky!!?!) and Becky realized that if she really wanted to make things better, she would have to get a life.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    She decided to finally confide in her mom about how she was feeling unloved and alienated in the midst of her brother's trail. Becky's mother comforted her and recognized that, of course, Becky was going through a trying time as well. But when she said they needed to stick together as a family, she meant that Becky had to stand up for Luke at his trial. Knowing deep down that Luke was guilty, Becky was now faced with an even harsher dilemma.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    From his falling-out with Clare to getting fired from Mr. H's campaign for hugging his wife, it seemed like nothing was going right for Drew -- he even pushed Dallas away when he tried to help keep Drew's mind off of his troubles. Not sure who to turn to, Drew sought Imogen's advice. She encouraged Drew to fight for his job on the grounds that losing his position because of what happened between him and Mrs. H was actually wrongful termination.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    But when Drew went to campaign headquarters to confont Mr. H and demand his job back, he made a little too big of a splash. Literally. Drew accidentally pushed an already-peeved Mr. Hollingsworth into the pool. Now he was straight-up livid. But just as a dismayed Drew made his way out of the Hollingshousehold, he crossed paths with a reporter who witnessed the altercation. She sensed something suspicious was going on, and offered to hear what Drew had to say. Feeling like his side of the story was being ignored, Drew was tempted to speak up.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    Later on in the cafeteria, Miles pleaded Drew to not go to the media about his dad. Miles knew about the affair, and suggested that with all of Mr. H's connections, keeping his mouth shut could actually work in Drew's favor. So Drew took Miles' suggestion and asked Mr. Hollingsworth not for his job back, but for a reference and contacts. Now, returning to Dallas with an apology, an order of honey garlic wings, and a few high-society phone numbers, the two amigos were ready to get Double D Party Planning started for real.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    And with his life starting to fall back into place, Drew even mustered enough courage to talk to Clare. It took only an exchange of honest apologies to suggest that maybe, just maybe, their relationship was on the mend.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    Finally, we learned this episode that Zig was kicked out his house for dealing pot from his family's store. Evidently, an armed gang member came to rob Zig a while back and Zig wasn't there, leaving his mother and little brother in serious danger.

    Now that Zig has started to turn his life around, however, his gang mediator set up a meeting for him to try to reconcile with his mom. But when it came time to finally speak to his mom face-to-face, he couldn't bear the thought of her never forgiving him, and he backed out.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    But the unfinished business with his mom started to affect Zig at his new job in the restaurant. The head chef noticed his preoccupation and sympathetically, but firmly, implored Zig to deal with his issues outside of the kitchen.

    Degrassi: My Hero

    And a little tough love from his boss was just what Zig needed. He whipped up a nice a dinner and followed through on finally talking with his mom.

    What are your feels, Degrassians? With the trial coming up, what do you think Becky will do? Are Drew and Clare back on track, or will it take some time? Share your thoughts in the comments!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'How Bizarre'

    Posted on 06/17/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Last night on Degrassi, there was a little bit of family drama. Drew got caught up in Hollingsworth baggage and Becky had to bear the cold shoulder from her own parents in the midst of her brother's trial. If you haven't seen "How Bizarre" yet, watch it here and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    While working on Mr. Hollingsworth's's campaign, Drew walked in on Mrs. H. crying in the pool house. Upset over her strained relationship with her husband, she confided in Drew as he comforted her.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    It seemed he may have been a little too comforting, however, because later on Drew received a half-nude photo from the boss man's wife! And to make matters worse, he received it right when he was trying to prove to Alli and Jenna that he wasn't using Clare for a meaningless hookup.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    It turns out, Mrs. H. sent that photo in an embarrassing moment of weakness and apologized. She vented to Drew about her husband was sleeping with his campaign manager (of which Drew was previously unaware) and wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Despite being relieved that the Mrs. didn't have the hots for him, Drew felt obligated to let Mr. H. know about the picture.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    Unfortunately for Drew, who was now armed with knowledge of the affair, Mr. H. decided it would best to put out this fire... by firing Drew.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    Ever since Becky turned in Luke for Zoe's assault, things have gotten tense at home. Her parents and Luke have become distant, and although they never blamed her for reporting Luke, she felt their fingers pointing at her. To escape, Becky began playing a computer game called "Realm of Doom" in which she met a particularly dapper, but completely simulated, medieval knight.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    And with little more than a kiss and some alone time in the alternate universe, things got pretty serious between the two warriors. Hm... wonder where this could be going? Mysterious? Or Magical?


    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    After deciding to leave the gang, Zig started to show a new-found interest in cooking and got a job at a trendy new restaurant through his mediator Jose. But when the executive chef at the restaurant halted Zig's dreams of becoming a culinary artist by insisting he start with basics (which meant watching another cook chop onions), Zig felt like he was being treated as nothing more than a delinquent charity case.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    Back in the Rubber Room, Grace suggested that if he wanted respect, he'd have to demand it. But Zig's chef made it clear that respect had to be earned. And back to chopping onions he went.

    Zig made a big decision to leave the gang and start anew, but will he be able to keep his head up? Will Drew be able to get his job back? Will Becky fall farther into the "Realm of Doom"? Tell us what you thought of this episode in the comments, Degrassians!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Enjoy the Silence'

    Posted on 06/11/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Leave it to Degrassi to turn a school event into a big old batch of capital 'D' Drama! Last night, the students put on the Degrassi Panorama arts night, and between one illicit kiss, two gang interventions and a healthy dose of bitterness, there was MUCH to be oohed and aahhed. If you haven't seen "Enjoy the Silence" watch it here first and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Maya helped Zig fake sick in order to avoid the guys from the gang. If memory serves us, the only way Maya got Zig to comply was with a nearly-hypnotizing kiss. And so it seems Maya took advantage of Zig's feelings once again, even if for a seemingly noble cause.

    But their plan didn't turn out to be quite so slick when Tiny found out where Zig was. Not only did he come to Maya's house to confront him, but he told Zig that the other gang members were losing their patience, and that he better keep in touch with them or else they'd threaten Maya's family.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Zig, worried about putting Maya's family in danger, decided that the only way to get out of the mess was to skip town. And when Maya realized that Zig had left for the bus depot, she felt like she was running out of options to help him. But then, out of nowhere, Miles (of all people!) said he might have a way to help.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Maya and Miles showed up at the bus depot with Mr. Hollingsworth. Turns out, Mr. H has connections to gang intervention programs, in which former gang members themselves help kids like Zig get out of dangerous situations. With the help of a professional mediator, both Zig and Tiny were given the opportunity to get out of trouble.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Miles found out that his little sister Frankie kissed a high school guy and was on a mission to teach him lesson. What Miles didn't know was that the make-out bandit was none other than his best friend, Winston. But when both Frankie and Winston came down with bronchitis, it was pretty clear who was swapping saliva.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    When Miles was about to accuse someone else, he realized that it was Winston who locked lips with his younger sis. Surprisingly, Miles wasn't as furious as Winston (and we all) expected him to be. In fact, he thought it was "hilarious" because he assumed there was no way they'd actually ~date~. But did anyone else notice how Winston looked dejected as Miles humorously imagined all of the goofy ship names that would come out of their never-to-be relationship? Winston may want Frankston to become a reality, after all.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Clare was still livid with Drew for dumping her (before they technically even started dating), so she decided to use the arts night as a platform for revenge. Using a polygraph (also known as a lie detector), Clare exposed Drew for toying with her emotions... in front of an audience of people. The stunt turned into a full-on public altercation between the two, and Drew stormed out.

    When Alli asked Clare what was going on, she confessed to what happened between her and Drew at the Wild Wild West Night. Clare told Alli about how she felt rejected, and how Drew couldn't seem to own up to his hurtful behavior.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Yep, there was only one thing that could make Clare feel better. It was time to throw an axe to Drew's face. Literally.

    What do you think, Degrassians? Was this episode as much of a spectacle as Grace's silent dance party?

  • Degrassi Recap: 'You Are Not Alone'

    Posted on 06/03/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Degrassi is BACK, you guys! School might be out for the summer, but things are just heating up at Degrassi Community. Everyone's trying new things, joining new clubs, and, of course, breaking new rules. If haven't seen "You Are Not Alone," watch in online then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    With the start of the new spring semester, Maya had an idea to create an arts night at Degrassi organized by the Rubber Room kids. The concept was to turn Degrassi into a space for freedom of expression and creativity... and also to shed the reputation of the Rubber Room kids as no-good-very-bad delinquents.

    But Maya soon found out that Zig has been mixed up in some gang-related activity with Tiny. Zig insisted that gang life was in the past, but Maya was none-too-pleased to find drugs in his backpack—yep, Zig was still caught up in some major trouble. Maya confronted Zig and, to his chagrin, decided to get rid of the drugs. Now Zig would have to face the gang about the missing drugs.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Maya continued to meddle in Zig's problems and tried to pay Tiny for the drugs in exchange for Zig's freedom from the gang. Even though Tiny seemed to comply, it appeared that Maya may have made things worse. Later that night, Zig got an angry text from Tiny demanding that he meet him. Zig was hurriedly on his way out the door, when Maya realized the only way to stop him...

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    ...was to kiss him.

    Wasn't Maya just saying that she was still hung up on Miles? Is this a desperate ploy to keep Zig out of trouble? Or does she really like him?

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Winston was determined to spark a love interest in the Comic Book Club. He wasn't having much luck until Miles' little sister came out of nowhere and took Chuey by surprise. Apparently, not only did she like comic books, but she also likes Winston.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    After she literally knocked him off his feet (and sent him plunging into the pool), Frankie and Winston kissed!

    But then they quikcly said to each other in unison, "Miles can never know about this." Something tells us such stealthiness is going to be difficult.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    In the aftermath of the Drew-kissing drama, Clare decided that she needed to keep herself busy by training for a triathlon. She tried to enlist Alli to train with her, but when she opted for Salsa Club with Dallas instead, Clare ventured out on her own.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    Turns out, new girl Jack coaches the Triathlon Club. And after their first grueling practice, she invited Clare to hang out with her friends at their backyard axe-throwing league. Catapulting axes into a bull's-eye with Drew's face imagined on it was just the emotional and physical release that Clare needed.

    Degrassi: You Are Not Alone

    But did she come on too strong with Jack and her friends? When Alli suggested that Clare might have some new "suitors" (since Jack is a lesbian and all), Clare worried that she may have given Jack the wrong idea. It didn't take long for her to realize, though, that just because Jack was friendly toward her, didn't mean she was into her. Come on, Clare! We coulda told you that!

    It's so Degrassi to start off with a bang, right? What did you all think of this episode? Will Frankie and Winston become� Frankston? Or, Winkie?! Does Maya really like Zig, or is she hastily playing with his emotions again? Sound off in the comments!

  • This One Goes Out to Our Favorite TeenNick Moms!

    Posted on 05/06/2014 by Rachel1016

    Psssst. Hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Do you know what's coming up this Sunday? HINT: It typically involves a combination of breakfast, flowers, an overdue "Thank you" (or fifty) and one verrrry special lady! That's right, mark your calendars if you haven't already because this Sunday, May 11th is Mother's Day!

    One day a year, we take the time to celebrate the women in our lives who do SO much for us every single day. And to honor all of the hard-working, loving, and even sometimes wacky female caregivers out there, we rounded up a few of our favorite motherly TeenNick moments (or should we say, MOM-ents?). Check em out below and, hey, don't forget to do something special for your ma this Mother's Day!

    Hey Arnold: Miriam Interrupts Helga

    Nothing kills the mood quite like a reminder from your mom that, erm, you got a full house when you want a flush. Poor Helgs, Miriam's just looking out for you!

    Rugrats: Angelica Gets In Trouble

    Ah, for a fleeting moment, sweet victory! Angelica gets a stern talking-to from her mom and, although she may have shed some tears, we all know her remorse is only temporary.

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch: First Magic Lesson

    Sure, they may have been Sabrina's aunts, but Hilda and Zelda taught Sabrina how to alter reality with supernatural powers. I mean, that's pretty cool.

    Big Time Rush: Don't Forget Sunscreen

    We've all resisted the SPF at some point in our lives, but Kendall's mom will stop at nothing to make sure the BTR boys wear sunscreen!

    Degrassi: Better Man

    Audra gives Drew a much-needed piece of her mind. This interaction between mom and son is just one of those Degrassi moments worthy of a standing ovation. So much truth, so much wisdom.

    iCarly: Eat Your Vegetables

    Freddie's mom: Fighting scurvy and making great television all at once!

    Drake & Josh: Gary Grill

    Only a truly supportive mother will take one for the team and help her sons in their latest entrepreneurial venture. Too bad it turned out to be, like all Drake & Josh schemes, a total scam.

    What are some of your favorite TeenNick MOM-ents? Sound off in the comments, and don't forget to wish your Mom a happy Mother's Day!

  • Melinda's Beauty Blog: How To Make A Dramatic Eye

    Posted on 04/24/2014 by Melinda Shankar

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Dramatic Eye

    FAN QUESTION: What is the best way to make a dramatic eye? Every time I try I end up using way too much shadow and liner. Help!

    When creating a dramatic eye look, the best advice I can give is to start light and gradually (and most importantly, evenly) work your way darker. The most common error I see with a smokey eye is dark pigment not evenly distributed. This error shapes your eyes two different ways, and we all know that look isn't cute! Until you get the hang of it, I'd suggest replicating each stroke to both eyes as you go to avoid forgetting a step or forgetting which colour you used.

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Dramatic Eye

    For a beginner smokey eye, I'd always suggest using browns or blues, as black is a very harsh colour and is usually minimally used in an average dramatic look. For example: Try a light gold all over the lid as a base. Once that step is complete, use a crease brush to blend a darker colour (I usually use brown) into your eye lid crease. Repeat step two until the desired amount of colour is applied. Blend the darker colour into the outer part of the eyelid (closest to your ears), then complete the look with a top liner and mascara. Tip: Once you've mastered this simple smokey eye guide, try switching it up or adding colours for variety!

    I've had such an amazing time blogging for TeenNick and I cannot thank you all enough for sending in your beauty questions! You've all inspired me to start my own lifestyle/fashion/beauty blog called 'Eye Spy Melinda'! Check it out and let me know what you think! Tweet your blog topic suggestions to @MelindaShankar

    Hailing from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Melinda Shankar joined the cast of�Degrassi�in its eighth season as Sav Bhandari's little sister, Alli. Prior to this, she did runway and print modeling. Melinda's passion for beauty has led her to a new position as CEO of Miss Conception image consulting.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Sparks Will Fly' Part Two

    Posted on 04/23/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Well Degrassians, we've come to the end of Season 13's drama-filled first half. On the Winter Finale, the students attended Wild Wild West Night and, let's just say, all is not quiet on the Degrassi front. If you haven't seen 'Sparks Will Fly' Part Two, watch it online here and then check out our recap!


    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    After last week's heartrending Eclare breakup, it seemed as though Clare was ready to pursue things with Drew. They ended up alone in the prop closet and, after one thing lead to another, Clare and Drew officially got together.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    But right as they decided to give this "thing" a shot, Eli walked in. Turns out, after Clare broke up with him over voice mail, he traveled back to Degrassi to try to work it out. He was, unsurprisingly, pretttty upset to find Clare already moved on (with Drew, no less).

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    But Clare's mind was made up. Their relationship had already strayed so far from what it used to be, and Eli showing up this one time just wasn't enough. It was really over between them.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    And Drew, starting to feel caught between a bigger, more intense drama, worried that he was to Clare what Zo� was to him.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    Zo� was a little rattled to find out that the character she was set to play in a new film project was, after being abducted and tormented, kills herself in the end. She decided to propose a rewrite, but when the director refused, Zo� realized she had a tough decision to make: After all she had been through with the sexual assault incident, did she want to portray a character whose fate would suggest she wasn't capable of fighting back?

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    Zo� decided to quit the movie, and even though she was proud of herself for making such a tough decision, Mama Rivas wasn't as pleased. In fact, Zo�'s mom came to Wild Wild West Night to demand her daughter hightail it back to set.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    But Zoe, who was fed up with taking her mom's every order, stood by her decision to quit the movie. Despite her mom insisting that she knew what was best for her career, it was her choice. And ultimately, her choice alone.

    Up until this episode, Zo� had always been at the mercy of her mom's crazy career expectations, and it was interesting to see this new development in Zo�'s relationship with her mom. Zo� stood up for herself, and she got her mom to listen.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    After leading Zig to believe that he might have a chance with her, Maya finally confessed that she only wanted to be friends with him. Zig was upset that Maya didn't think he was strong enough to take the truth, and their friendship, in his eyes, was over.

    Later that night, however, Maya couldn't find Zig and worried that he had left the school to do something reckless. She confided in Miles about Zig, and he offered to help her find him.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    Even if he didn't like Zig, it was important to Maya. And therefore, it was important to Miles.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    When Miles found Zig, however, he was drinking in the greenhouse. Miles tried to get him to come back inside, but when Zig fired a missive at him about Maya being his "sloppy seconds" (EW, not cool), Miles turned around and tried to punch him the face. He missed, Zig punched back, and fists went flying. Miles ended up on the ground.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    Later on, Chuey found Miles in the parking lot, beaten-up and boiling. Miles decided to take Chuey's fake gun, which was a part of his Wild Wild West Night costume, and use it to scare Zig. He pointed the fake gun in Zig's face just as Maya ran out, scared and furious. Even after Miles said it was fake, Maya said, "I can't be with a guy who scares me."

    But even though her relationship with Miles was over, she was able to reconcile with Zig. They shared a little ice cream, clinked their spoons, and maybe, just maybe were finally good again.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2

    What say you, Degrassians? Are we in for a steamy summer? Will Maya and Zig be able to have a drama-free friendship? Could it turn into something more? Will Clare be able to convince Drew he's not just a rebound? Check out a look at what's coming next chapter on Degrassi, and sound off in the comments!

  • Happy Earth Day! Celebrate With HALO + Throwback Degrassi

    Posted on 04/22/2014 by Rachel1016

    Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day, everybody! The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and Mother Earth is waking from its winter slumber! Every year on April 22, Earth Day comes around to remind us how important it is to protect our precious planet. And now that spring is in full swing, what better way to celebrate the all of the beautiful things this world has to offer than by making a difference? Here are five easy ways to celebrate Earth Day every day!


    1. Check your Earth-saving skills: Are you doing good for the environment or are you leaving a Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint? Take our two quizzes 'How Green Are You?' and 'How Will You Save the Planet?' to find out!

    2. Recycle your old electronics: Did you know that your old cell phone or digital camera can be reused to make important materials? Don't just throw them away, take your old or unused electronics to an e-waste recycling facility. E-waste can be extremely harmful to landfills, so it's important that your unused devices get discarded properly!

    3. Take shorter showers: Don't get us wrong, we like leisurely showers as much as the next person. But does it really take 20 minutes to lather, rinse and repeat? Set a timer for your next shower and see if you can beat the clock! You'll waste less water and your fingers wont get pruny!

    4. Pledge an 'Act of Green': Register with Earth Day Network's 'A Billion Acts of Green' campaign to make a contribution (large or small!) to supporting sustainability efforts. Whether its recycling your crayons or planting a garden, there are a billion ways to take action!

    5. Go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors: Take a moment to appreciate Mother Nature in all its glory. Find a park and take a stroll or have a picnic; go for a bike ride and explore your own neighborhood; literally stop to smell the roses! Whatever you do, just go outside!

    And if you want to really be inspired to make a change, check out the amazing work of two of our former HALO Award winners. Megan Kilroy is a 2009 HALO Award honoree who makes a difference by cleaning up beaches in her hometown. And Denzel Thompson transforms dilapidated lands in his community by planting urban gardens!

    There are so many ways to Help And Lead Others to environmental activism, and maybe you or someone you know already works hard to protect our planet. Nominate them to be recognized by the HALO Effect, and make their impact known!

    Finally, get in the green spirit with these awesome throwback Degrassi clips! Remember when Jake and Katie bonded over planting a garden? Or when Emma tried to get Sean to help her pick up garbage at the ravine? Check 'em out below!




    What are some of your Earth Day resolutions? Let us know in the comments!