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  • TeenNick Top 10: Vote For Your Favorite Videos + Luke Bilyk, Melinda Shankar & Kendall Schmidt Visit!

    Posted on 04/17/2014 by baileyb2112

    TeenNick Top 10

    Last week on TeenNick Top 10, we celebrated a much-deserved spring break, counting down Nick Cannon's perfect spring break-themed playlist. Whether your break has come and gone or you're still enjoying those days in the sun, feel free to jam out to these awesomely break-worthy tunes:

    1. American Authors, "Best Day of My Life"
    2. Karmin, "I Want It All"
    3. Austin Mahone ft. Pitbull, "Mmm Yeah"
    4. Paramore, "Ain't it Fun"
    5. Bastille, "Pompeii"
    6. Little Mix, "Move"
    7. Martin Garrix, "Animals"
    8. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J, "Dark Horse"
    9. Jason DeRulo ft. 2 Chainz, "Talk Dirty"
    10. Demi Lovato, "Neon Lights"

    This week, IT'S VOTING TIME! Friday's episode will once again feature a countdown of the most popular videos of the week, as chosen by you! Vote right here to make sure your favorite artists and videos earn a coveted spot on the countdown.

    Tune in for an episode chock full of celeb guests! Degrassi superstars and TeenNick veterans Luke Bilyk and Melinda Shankar will grace us with their presence, PLUS we'll get an appearance from one of our favorite Rushers--Kendall Schmidt! Kendall will stop by TeenNick HQ to talk about his exciting new project Heffron Drive! You don't want to miss this one.

    TeenNick Top 10



    Until then, satisfy your need for all things TNT10 with our Spotify playlist, featuring all of the awesome songs on this week's countdown.

    Who will you vote onto this week's countdown? And what insanely cute outfit will Melinda wear? Find out this Friday at 10pm ET on TeenNick!

  • Melinda's Beauty Blog: Personal Style for Every Occasion!

    Posted on 04/17/2014 by Melinda Shankar

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Personal Style

    FAN QUESTION: What's your sense of style? Do you mix things up or stay the same? Do you change your look depending solely on your mood or do you like to keep consistent with a signature style?

    My fashion sense ranges with my mood, the season, the occasion, and what city I'm in. To generalize my style, I'd say it's a mix of glamour and femininity. I love dresses, skirts, crop tops, heels, etc. But that's not to say I don't enjoy trends of other fashion genre's like rock, or boho.

    My trick to keeping up with what's "in" while staying true to my personal sense of style is to pick one thing about another genre that I like and mix it into my own. For example, leather jackets with studs seem to be a staple wardrobe item that almost everyone has. While that might not seem like something I'd typically go for, knee high leather boots are. Paired together, you already have a cool edge to the look. You can keep it as is and pair it with pants and a cool undershirt. Or, depending on the occasion, I'd "Mindy-fy" the ensemble by adding a dress under to jacket to soften the look, or opt for a crop top with a high-waisted skirt.

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Personal Style

    Accessories and/or makeup can be a simple solution for setting the outfit tone. One ensemble can be mixed up three different ways: hoop earrings, bold red lips and cat eyeliner vs. a drop flower necklace and pink gloss with matching blush vs. stacked, studded bangles and rings with a smokey eye and nude lip. One outfit, three styles.

    In terms of everyday attire in Toronto, my style fluctuates depending upon the occasion, but I always keep it glamorous and girly. If I'm in NYC, my looks are usually high fashion with full event-ready hair & makeup, but if in LA, my look is au contraire with simple/neutral makeup looks and more casual outfits like jean skirts and a cute shirt with over-sized glasses and dainty jewels. However, no matter what city, mood or time of day, I guarantee that you'll always find me rocking some sort of heel shoe!

    Take a look through my Instagram (@mindyshankar), as I usually post my at home and trip #OOTDs.

    Hailing from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Melinda Shankar joined the cast of�Degrassi�in its eighth season as Sav Bhandari's little sister, Alli. Prior to this, she did runway and print modeling. Melinda's passion for beauty has led her to a new position as CEO of Miss Conception image consulting.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Sparks Will Fly' Part One

    Posted on 04/15/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Giddy up, Degrassians, because the Wild Wild West Night is approaching, and you know someone's bound to kick up a row! On last night's episode, Clare lost her patience for Eli, Maya found herself embroiled in a love triangle, and Zo� fought her way back to the top of the acting game. If you haven't seen "Sparks Will Fly" Part One yet, watch it online then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    It's no secret that there's something (okay, a LOT of things) going on between Clare and Drew. When Prez. Drew finally revealed his true feelings for his VP last week, Clare began to reconsider the fate of her relationship with Eli. But despite the mega-flirtation that seems nearly inevitable when the two are together, Clare was ready to patch things up with Eli. He was coming back to Degrassi for Wild Wild West Night, and they'd get to spend some much-needed QT together.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    ...Until he wasn't anymore? Eli called Clare and confessed that he couldn't leave school to travel back to Degrassi for Wild Wild West Night. And at this point, Clare was at the end of her rope. She knew long distance was going to be hard, but should it be this hard?

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    It only took one intruding rat and a heroic Drew (who helped usher the grimy creature back the gutter from whence it came) for Clare to realize that maaaaaybe she needed to face the facts: Drew was there. Eli was not.

    And then, Drew laid it out on the line:

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Clare had a decision to make. Was she drifting from Eli because Drew was available? Or had too much changed in the past few months? Could it be that she was just in love with the idea of Eli from before?

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Clare decided to call Eli one more time, but when he didn't pick up, it was the last straw. As she left her message, she told Eli it was over. And maybe it had been for a while.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    After a hiatus from acting on West Drive, Zo� was ready to get back into the game. She was hard-pressed to land a role on a renowned director's new project, but a less-than-stellar audition had her hopes knocked pretty low.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    To make matters worse, her performance at school wasn't ovation-worthy, either: When an F on her history test required Zo� to join the quiz team for extra credit, she not only had to agonize over a botched audition, but she faced (as Tristan suggested) social suicide on the "Nerd Squad."

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Zo� desperately needed to get the part, so Tristan suggested she tap into her personal experience for inspiration. Tristan encouraged Zoe to channel the anger and hurt she felt after she was assaulted. And when she did, she became overwhelmed by the still-painful memories from that night, and whacked her co-star in the face.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1


    Zo� was sure she had ruined her chances of being cast, but after explaining to the director that she could pull through, make it real, and give a good performance...

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    He gave her the part.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Even though Miles' jealousy drove him to frame Zig at the Sweethearts Semiformal, Maya confessed she missed her boyfriend. She worried, however, that if she took Miles back, Zig would fly off the handle, do something reckless, and cause even more drama than was already brewing between the three of them.

    So the perfect solution? Date Miles in secret.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Miles, happy to have Maya back, agreed to be a clandestine couple. But little did he know, Zig decided it was time to make proper moves on Maya.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Zig gave her his bracelet and asked her to give him a chance when the time was right. Maya, not ready to let Zig down, said, "Of course," as Miles bitterly watched around the corner. What a mess.

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    So, let's break it down: Zig is under the impression that Maya is into him, even though she's actually back with Miles. Zig basically marked Maya with his bracelet, and has since subtly been rubbing it in Miles' face. Maya said she made her choice, but is that enough for Miles?

    Degrassi: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1

    Miles finally said that he couldn't be in a secret relationship with Maya anymore. Not only was Zig acting like he'd won, but it seemed suspicious that Maya continued to string him along. And when Maya said that she "just didn't want anyone to get hurt," Miles made it clear that someone (read: HE) already was.

    Man, you guys, so much happening and there's only one episode left in the chapter! Will Clare make a move with Drew now that she's single? Will Maya have to tell Zig the truth in order to save her relationship with Miles?

    Next week is the Winter Chapter Finale, and to celebrate, we're inviting you to a VERY special Degrassi Twitter Party. We'll be taking to @TeenNick and @Degrassinsider to live tweet the entire episode as well as give away some awesome prizes! Check out all the deets and contest rules right here! We can't wait to do this finale right!

  • Melinda's Beauty Blog: Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner?

    Posted on 04/10/2014 by Melinda Shankar

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Lipstick or Lip Gloss

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Lipstick or Lip Gloss

    FAN QUESTION: What type of eyeliner would you recommend? Liquid, gel or pencil? How do you apply them properly?

    I'm specific when it comes to my makeup looks, especially when a makeup artist I'm unfamiliar with creates a look for my face. My rule is: you have to be happy with how you look, at the end of the day -- it's your face!!

    Eyeliner on the top lid is a must for me, as I feel I need it to complete the look. My eyelids are rather large so just mascara and eye shadow can make me look younger.!

    On an everyday basis, a pencil liner is ideal, as it has the same effect while being subtle for a casual look. In order to keep a steady line, a good trick is to keep your pinky or a finger placed on your face. Remember to always keep the pencil sharp for a precise line.

    Gel liner is the happy medium if you want a more noticeable look. If anyone has problems with drawing a steady line or has difficulties with colour consistency (density or thickness) this can be a good option, as you can build to perfection by going over the line repeatedly without it flaking off!

    Liquid liner is my personal favourite. Once you've mastered the art of drawing a steady line, the thought of a bold black line on your eyes won't scare you away. There are many ways to apply eyeliner. As long as you achieve your desired look, there's no right or wrong way to go about it. If at first stroke you start thin at the corner of your eye and sweep the brush outward to where you want the line to be, you can always go back in and colour the rest in to perfection!

    Tip: Dare to be bold and attempt my favourite eyeliner look, a winged out cat liner.

    Hailing from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Melinda Shankar joined the cast of�Degrassi�in its eighth season as Sav Bhandari's little sister, Alli. Prior to this, she did runway and print modeling. Melinda's passion for beauty has led her to a new position as CEO of Miss Conception image consulting.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Everything is Everything'

    Posted on 04/09/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Tuesdays are all about Degrassi, and last night we brought you a fresh batch of delicious Degassi drama! This week's episode tackled (SURPRISE!) the ever-changing relationship feels. From Dallas and Alli, to Drew and Clare, to Tristan...and his teacher (?) you're gonna want to watch "Everything is Everything" online and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Last week, Dallas and Connor were pulled over on their way to the science fair under the suspicion of a stolen car. After spending the night at the police station, the officers determined that the car wasn't in fact stolen, and the boys were free to go. But Dallas was still upset at the likelihood that he and Connor were pulled over because of their race.

    When they finally reached the science fair, Dallas was approached by one of the judges. As he fixed a few items on Alli's display, the judge asked him to "step away" from the table. When Dallas explained that he was Alli's partner, the judge did not understand, and rather insisted that he come with him to sort the situation out. Dallas, suspecting similar racism, became defensive and aggressively refused.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Later, when the judge returned to evaluate their project, Dallas had another heated altercation. Dallas thought the judge was surprised at his articulate explanation of their findings, and Dallas called him out for having low expectations from a black man. The judge was taken aback, and Alli was not only confused, but furious that Dallas would jeopardize her chances of impressing the judges in such a reckless way.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    As Dallas tried to figure out a way to fix his mistake, Alli's dad approached him and told him story of when he was similarly profiled at an airport. But when Dallas maintained that he wouldn't sit back and let the persecution just happen, Alli's father gave him some wise advice:

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Dallas apologized to the judge, explained the reasoning behind his impulsiveness, and encouraged him to give Alli another chance. The judge agreed, and before we knew it, Alli took home the gold.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    But it looks like Dallas did, too. :)

    Dallas told Alli he was going to file a proper complaint with the police department about the way he and Connor were treated, proving that he could win the girl, win the fair, and win the cause.

    And that's how to fight.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Ever since Mr. Yates told Tristan that he was his favorite student, Tristan assumed that his relationship with, ehem, Grant was going to be a special one. However, Mr. Yates gave Tristan a hard time at the next meeting of the play-writing collective. Apparently, he deemed Tristan's writing both "boring" and "lacking depth." Ouch.

    Why was Mr. Yates being so hot and cold?

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    When Tristan approached him, Yates admitted that he didn't want to show Tristan any favoritism. But, I mean, anyone that knows anything about body language could tell that he was hiding something. Why was Mr. Yates being so volatile and sending Tristan signals about actually being friends?

    Well, things got even more suspicious when Mr. Yates then asked Tristan if he had ever heard of the love story of Heloise and Abelard.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Tristan quickly learned that the story tells the tragic tale of a teacher who falls in love with a student.

    ...And we quickly learn that things between Tristan and Mr. Yates are about to get complicated.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Clare was surprised to find that Drew's date with Eden went really well. According to Drew, not only was Eden pretty, but she was funny and they had a lot in common.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Plus, Imogen approved.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    But as the idea of Drew and Eden together became more real, Clare started to regret helping Drew find a new girl. (Ya always want what you can't have, HUH, Clare?!) She also still hadn't revealed the true identity of Annabella, the girl in the fake profile that Clare created last episode. But it was time to tell Drew that she was Annabella.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    Turns out Drew knew the entire time, and he confessed that the reason he chose Eden was not because "Annabella" wasn't his type, but because she had a boyfriend.

    And... KABOOOOOM! <-- That's the onomatopoeia for a #truthbomb.

    Degrassi: Everything is Everything

    So, now that the mutual feelings between Drew and Clare were on the table, it was time for Drew to let Eden down easy. He came clean about his feelings for Clare, but, even after breaking it off with Eden, he made it clear that the chances of him and Clare working were slim. Ugh, so now what? The ball's in Annabella's court?

    Oy yoy yoy, we hope you're bracing yourselves, Degrassians. Will Clare and Drew challenge the universe and get together? Will Tristan find himself in a tricky situation with Mr. Yates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Melinda's Beauty Blog: Lipstick Or Lip Gloss?

    Posted on 04/03/2014 by Melinda Shankar

    Melinda's Beauty Blog: Lipstick or Lip Gloss

    FAN QUESTION: Lipstick vs. lip gloss: Which is better, and why?

    If you've ever seen my image sense when I'm not in Alli Bhandari-mode, you'll know that I'm a big fan of makeup. A quick lipstick and mascara combo is one of my favourite go-to looks when I'm in a hurry. To me, lipstick has a more finished and elegant look, whereas lip gloss is often more youthful and fun. Depending on the occasion, a lipstick/lip gloss combo is a perfect best of both worlds!

    When I was filming my sitcom How To Be Indie I played a fourteen-year-old. My makeup artist always used lip gloss when applying character makeup to get that youthful look. I personally wear a coloured lip gloss on a daily basis for things like shopping, daytime events and running errands—It's a simple way to freshen up while on the go!

    Lip stick is a little bit more of a commitment, but definitely worth it. There are a few challenges when wearing lipstick, like keeping the colour from getting on your teeth or chin and staying in your lip lines, but when done right, it's definitely the finishing touch to a high fashion look I usually rock a bold colour as a statement for events, meetings, and for fun nights out with my friends!

    Lipstick and lip gloss are both items I must carry with me at all times. Depending on the situation, sometimes one can work better than the other, but both are great items to spice up your makeup routine!

    Hailing from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Melinda Shankar joined the cast of�Degrassi�in its eighth season as Sav Bhandari's little sister, Alli. Prior to this, she did runway and print modeling. Melinda's passion for beauty has led her to a new position as CEO of Miss Conception image consulting.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Army of Me'

    Posted on 04/02/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Hey, Degrassians! Did you catch last night's new episode? Between an act of domestic terrorism, a tough (but cute) new teacher, and an ongoing game of "He loves me, he loves me not," these kids better see all the drama a-brewin' before things get out of control! If you haven't seen "Army of Me," watch it online and then read our recap below!


    It was finally time for Alli to present her project at the science fair. She was so excited because she and Dallas had been working tirelessly for weeks, and only few loose ends stood between her and total science domination. But when Dallas and Alli went to the mall to pick up her posters, a frightening incident shook things up. Literally.

    Someone set off a homemade dry ice bomb in the middle of the food court and forced everyone to duck and cover under tables. No one was hurt, but when the police cleared out the room, they asked Dallas to stay behind for questioning.

    And before long, he realized that both he and Connor were being profiled as suspects because of their race.

    After waiting for a long time, disgruntled and upset, Dallas and Connor were finally released. Unfortunately, the bus to the fair had already left without them. They had to figure out a way to meet Alli and Jenna at the fair, and thankfully, Principal Simpson let Connor borrow his car so they could make it in time. (It pays having the principal be your legal guardian!) Keys in hand, Dallas and Connor hit the road.

    But while they were on their way, the boys got pulled over by two cops. And since Dallas was positive he wasn't speeding, he asked the officer why he was stopped. The officer scornfully replied, "Your exhaust is very loud." Dallas knew this wasn't a legitimate violation, and when the officers questioned the boys' permission to use the car, he was sure they were being persecuted. Because of their race.

    Do you think will Dallas' anger inspire him to make a stand in a constructive way? Or will it lead to even more trouble?


    There's a new teacher at Degrassi, and his name is Mr. Grant Yeats. He stands on desks, prefers that students and teachers "teach each other," and has this super-secret-invite-only play-writing collective (because multi-hyphenates = prestigious, obviously).

    Tristan really wanted to get into Mr. Yeats' play-writing collective to keep his mind off of how things weren't going so great at home. But when Zoe got her invitation to the collective, Tristan was confused about how and why his invitation was, er, lost in the mail?

    Well, turns out, Mr. Yeats didn't think Tristan's work was deserving of admittance into the collective.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Determined to get a spot in the super-secret society, Tristan followed the group to their meeting place… in the middle of the woods. But as he spied on them behind a tree, Mr. Yeats noticed him. (Let's be real, when you swat a fly like a kung fu warrior, you're bound to get noticed.)

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    At first Mr. Yeats was a little confused, and suggested that Tristan's boldness might not have been in the best taste. But after the meeting was dismissed, he told Tristan individually that he admired his determination. And even said that he could foresee Tristan being his favorite student.

    Degrassi: Close To Me



    After Becky called Clare and Drew "work spouses" (y'know, because they finish each other's sentences, know the intimate details of each other's candy intolerance, and basically are in LURVE), Clare became worried that everyone at school thought she and Drew were dating. And since they kissed that one time (oh, riggghhtttt), Clare decided that it would probably be better to have no suspicions floating around. So, she set out on a mission to find Drew a girlfriend.

    She created an online dating profile for Drew, and it didn't take much time for her inbox to be flooded with responses. Clare thought she was being sneaky, but Imogen sensed her ulterior motives for playing matchmaker: "You're trying to avoid your feelings for Drew," she said.


    But when Clare asked Imogen to keep her "stupid crush" on the down low (HEY, ELI), Imogen tried to ease her fears by saying that Drew wouldn't actually date her, anyway. She wasn't his type.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Wait, what?

    To see if Imogen's hunch was true, Clare made a fake profile for a made-up girl named Annabella. And this girl was basically Clare—she had all the same interests and attributes, just without the picture.

    However, when she gave Drew his options, he chose another girl named Eden based on her looks. Was Clare a little bummed? We think so.

    Will Clare finally face her feelings and tell Drew the real identity of Annabella? Will Tristan and Mr. Yeats form a bond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • 2014 Kids' Choice Awards: Degrassi Stars, Austin Mahone + More!

    Posted on 03/31/2014 by Rachel1016

    They came, they saw, they slimed.

    This year, TeenNick stars turned up at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards in a BIG way! Degrassi's Melinda Shankar, Luke Bilyk and Demetrius Joyette hit up the Orange Carpet, TeenNick Top 10 heartthrobs Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson dueled it out in MAJOR slime showdown, and Aloe Blacc and American Authors tore up the KCA stage with unreal performances!

    If you missed all the jam-packed fun on Saturday, here are some of our favorite moments (and a few you haven't seen before) from the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards!


    KCA Recap

    Before the show, Demetrius, Melinda and Luke hit up the KCA Orange Carpet for a little step-and-repeat. They clean up nice, don't they?

    KCA Recap

    But you better believe they showed their silly side, too!

    And signing some autographs for adoring fans? No big deal.

    KCA Recap

    Then there was that time Luke had a moment with a talking zebra. It was real, and it was beautiful.

    KCA Recap

    But before the gang made their way to their seats, they hammed it up in the Live GIF Booth.

    KCA Recap

    Meanwhile, over on the Orange Carpet stage, Austin Mahone kicked off the pre-show with a performance of his hit "MMM Yeah." The hair! The moves! I was just everything. Check out his performance here!


    KCA Recap

    Then the main show began, and Ariana Grande won the KCA for Favorite TV Actress. Ah, emotions!

    KCA Recap

    But it wasn't long before Aloe Blacc kicked things up a notch. His mash-up of "Wake Me Up" and "The Man" had everyone bopping their heads and singing along.


    KCA Recap

    A bunch of classic Nick stars including Kel Mitchell, Drake Bell, Josh Peck and the casts of shows like Victorious, iCarly and Sam & Cat gathered to honor Dan Schneider, one of the greatest TV shows creators of all time! It was so cool to see '90s stars and current stars sharing the same stage!

    Then, in one of the most epic moments of the night, Cody and Austin dueled it out in a slime showdown. You voted for who you wanted to see get slimed, and, well…

    KCA Recap

    KCA Recap

    KCA Recap

    You get the picture.

    KCA Recap

    And finally, American Authors closed out the show with a performance of "Best Day of My Life." Watch their full performance here!

  • Melinda's Journey To KCA: One Day to Go!

    Posted on 03/28/2014 by Melinda Shankar

    Melinda's Journey to KCA

    A sneak peek of Melinda's KCA Orange Carpet look!

    The Kids' Choice Awards are only a day away and I'm so excited! If you've ever wondered what it's like to get ready for a big event, I'm giving you an inside look into the routine that I'll be following for the big day! But you don't need an Orange Carpet to use these tips in your own life. Follow some of my tried and true tricks for your next big event (hello, prom and graduation!).

    Before a big event I make sure that:

    • I get my nails done. I usually attempt to coordinate my outfits and my nails, a nude colour is always a safe go-to. For this year's KCA, I got some amazing nail art done! It took three hours (and no wonder, because they are all bejeweled), but it was totally worth it! I've never seen such intricate nail design.

    • Melinda's Journey to KCA

    • I have my eyebrows waxed a couple of days before the event just in case there is any redness or swelling. It's also important to not wear makeup right after waxing because your pores are open and they can get clogged by the makeup!

    • I avoid makeup for the day prior, if possible, to let my skin breathe. Since I have to wear makeup everyday on the Degrassi set, it's great to give my skin a break. On a day like the Kids' Choice Awards, where there are constant stage makeup and touch-ups for the photo-ops and Orange Carpet, it's good to prepare myself!

    • I moisturize my skin as much as possible. I have dry skin and being in a studio all day filming doesn't help. Depending on what kind of skin you have, it's important to compensate with lots of moisture treatments!

    • I drink A LOT of water! Did you know that only three percent of the water you drink goes to the maintenance of your skin? The rest is for your body. Extra hydration is key to looking fresh on the carpet. It truly is nature's best remedy.

    • And finally, I get a good night's sleep! Nothing kills a fun event more than exhaustion! The days are long and you want to be on your game, so having a well-rested and sharp mind is so important!

    But above all, I try to remember that with events like these, the anticipation is everything and then it's over before you know it! Don't forget to enjoy it—these big moments in your life are special for a reason and you have to savor every second. Sure, the dress, the hair and the makeup are all part of the fun, but it's the memories you make that stay with you forever!

  • Hailing from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Melinda Shankar joined the cast of�Degrassi�in its eighth season as Sav Bhandari's little sister, Alli. Prior to this, she did runway and print modeling. Melinda's passion for beauty has led her to a new position as CEO of Miss Conception image consulting.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Close to Me'

    Posted on 03/26/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Valentine's Day may have been a month ago, but this week at Degrassi was all about sweethearts and love triangles! And chalk it up to pre-dance jitters, but a few things went down last night. If you haven't seen "Close to Me" yet, make sure to watch it online before reading our recap because, you know, spoilers.


    The incarnation of Connor 2.0 made quite the impression at Degrassi and the lovable-nerd-turned-total-hunk started to get a lot of attention: Grade Nine girls were suddenly in dire need of biology tutoring, and Jenna, sensing some ulterior motives, didn't feel too great about how in-demand her boyfriend had become. With the semi-formal coming up, she felt like she had to pull out all the stops, "wow" Connor with a stunner dress, and bury those creeping jealous feelings!

    But when it came time to get ready for the dance, Jenna found herself not loving any of her outfit choices (been there!) and she started to get frustrated. She knew that if she wanted to show up the younger girls, her dress had to be perfect.

    A few dozen outfit changes later, Jenna arrived at the gymnasium in her chosen frock that, well, turned a few heads. And despite the fact that Alli thought her dress selection was a bit bold, Connor, being the adoring boyfriend that he is, said she looked great. He gave her the reaction she was looking for, and she was happy.

    Later on, Dallas and Alli announced that Connor and Jenna won King and Queen—everything was going as planned! They took the stage to retrieve their crown, and Jenna was all, "You can call me Queen Bee." But just as she addressed her adoring subjects, Connor took her hand, raised it in a triumphant "BOO YAH!" and caused her dress strap to snap right off.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Mortified, Jenna quickly ran off stage.

    As much as we wish Jenna could just rewind a few hours, let's face it, we've all been there before. Sometimes a fashion risk turns out to be a mistake, and you suffer through the embarrassment.

    But as Connor walked into the bathroom to comfort Jenna, he made it clear he didn't care about those Niners, anyway: "They only like me now that I'm conventionally dressed," he said. "You liked me before then." Jenna was so caught up in creating the right image that she forgot why her relationship with Connor was so strong in the first place!

    Plus, he didn't love any of those other girls.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    And that's the way the #Jonnor cookie crumbles, my friends.


    Last week, Becky accidentally asked Imogen to the Sweetheart Semi-Formal, as her date. And even though she did want to go to the dance with Imogen all along, she wasn't really sure whether or not she like liked her.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Jack, on the other hand, totally had a thing for Imogen. And when she told Becky that she wanted to ask Imogen to the semi-formal, Becky wasn't about to let the new girl threaten her friendship.

    …But was she getting in too deep?

    At the dance, Becky and Imogen danced their tushes off, and seemed to be having a great time. But when the slow dance music forced everyone to couple off, they had to figure out what in the world was going on between them. After about a millisecond, she realized:

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Becky admitted that she wasn't actually gay. She told Imogen that she just didn't want to lose her first best friend. And Imogen was so relieved, too, because Becky was her first best friend who wasn't her girlfriend.

    After they officially solidified their BFF (not GF) status, Becky realized that she needed to make things right with Jack. She told Jack about the mix-up and encouraged her to ask Imogen to dance. Now the question is, could there be another budding romance in the works?


    Since Zig moved in with Maya, things got a little tense between Maya and her boyfriend, Miles. Miles didn't totally trust Zig's motives, and sure as heck didn't want Maya in close quarters with him. But Maya, hoping that everyone would just put a little kumbaya in their hearts, had a plan to ease the tension: She thought that if everybody hung out together at the dance, maybe Miles and Zig could get along!

    But Maya soon realized that her friends (Tristan, Zoe, Grace, and Tiny, to be exact) thought it was a useless idea to try to make BFF out of two hotheaded boys who clearly had feelings for her. And even though Maya didn't want to give up, Zig put his foot down and said that it wasn't his responsibility to fix her problems with Miles. He didn't want anything to do with the dance.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Back at Matlin household, Maya confronted Zig right before the dance. She told him she was really upset that he was "such a jerk" about the whole situation, and even though Zig scoffed it off, you could tell that he cared.

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Oh, he cared.

    Zig eventually showed up to the dance, and much to Maya's surprise, chatted with Miles by the punch table. They started talking man-to-man and everything was going fine until Zig, well, said some stuff that didn't exactly sit well with Miles. He talked about living with Maya and provokingly joked, "It's gonna be kinda hard to be just friends when you're sleeping down the hall."

    Yikes, you could practically see the steam coming out of Miles' ears.

    In fact, Miles was so mad, he tried to get Zig out of the picture for good. He went to Mr. Perino and got two cops to accuse Zig of hiding drugs in his locker. They whisked Zig away to investigate, and Maya stood there, dumbfounded and shocked. Miles insisted that he just did it to protect her, but Maya couldn't believe Miles would do such a spiteful thing. Holding back tears, she told him, "I need some time to think."


    Back at home, Maya waited to for Zig to see what happened with Perino. Turns out, there were no drugs in his locker, and Miles had just thrown him under the bus. But when Maya tried to explain that Miles wasn't a bad guy and couldn't understand why he'd so something like this, Zig said he had an idea. And it went back to a promise he made Maya months ago.

    "Remember when I told you I'd wait for you?"

    Degrassi: Close To Me

    Well, what say you, Degrassians? Will Zig test #Matlingsworth's fate? Is Imogen on her way to a new relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!