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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Barely Breathing'

    Posted on 11/08/2013 by Rachel1016

    The drama of last week's Degrassi pretty much pummeled us with the force of a freight train. Drew was on the outs with Dallas over his wayward behavior, Maya felt the wrath of the internet when her controversial music video went viral, and Alli found out that Leo's violent behavior returned. This week's episode picked up the pieces, but it conjured up an entire spectrum of feels: good, bad, and confused. Check out our recap below, but if you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it online first!

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    When Leo physically struck Alli last week, she said she never wanted to see him again. When Jenna and Clare commented on the cake job that, obviously, was an attempt to cover up her bruises, Alli deflected and said she had been up all night studying. Even though she did tell them that she and Leo got into a fight, she withheld, um, a few crucial details. Leo made several phone calls and delivered a half dozen apology balloons, but at this point, Alli actually seemed to be holding her ground. After all, she had to focus on her SATs.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    But when she came upon a question during her exam that asked, "Do people change?" she thought twice about her decision to write Leo off forever. In that moment, she found some part of her that did believe Leo was capable of changing. And ultimately, she forgave him under the condition that he would get therapy.

    Now, we'd be surprised (and perhaps a little concerned) if this decision didn't faze you. Though every case of relationship abuse is different, domestic violence tends to follow a generally prescribed path: if it happens once, it will happen again. And again. You've even seen it played out in the Degrassi of yore (remember Rick and Terri? Or Fiona and Bobby?). Even though Alli is convinced that she and Leo have something "special," something that's worth fighting for, we'd be remiss not to assume that their issues are far from resolved. And we hope you all watch and absorb Alli's plot line with caution, too. It remains to be seen exactly what will happen, but my goodness, how many times has this story been told? And how many times has it ended in tragedy?

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Last week, Dallas started to act with questionable judgement by skipping school, drinking, and hooking up with girls. His behavior came somewhat out of the blue, and Drew's concern for him caused a rift in their relationship. Like all of us, Drew was confused about what inspired Dallas' delinquent behavior, and after their confrontation last week, he didn't have the chance to reconcile.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Dallas packed up his room and essentially went MIA for a while before Drew sought answers from Dallas' hockey teammates. (BTW, what's up, Luke Baker? So nice of you to show your face! You're lookin' great!) Turns out, Dallas was let go from the team to make way for new talent.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    After a slew of missed phone calls left Drew more worried than ever, Dallas finally showed up to class. And he made about half way through his presentation before tossing his drunken cookies. Blech, at least he made it to the trash can?

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Drew and Dallas were finally able to real-talk, and it became clear that Dallas was struggling to accept the fact that his dreams of making it to the NHL had been all but crushed. When Dallas revealed that he was considering leaving Degrassi, Drew said something that really hit home: "I already lost one brother this year. I can't lose another." In the end, Dallas moved back in and promised to quit the drinking. (However, he maintained that he couldn't do anything about the ladies loving him. Because, obviously.)

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing
    Things turned from bad to worse in the Maya FaceRange scandal when a random dude tried to grope her in the music room. Fortunately, Miles entered swiftly (if somewhat gangly) and punched the guy before he could lay another finger on her. Miles then apologized for joining the forces of shame, for calling her slut, and even admitted that his own behavior more deserved a humiliating FaceRange page. Aw, Miles. Good job. HOWEVER, Maya very astutely pointed out an undeniable truth: The difference in the way promiscuity is perceived between guys and girls is that, "They'd probably build you a statue." Uh huh.

    Maya had had enough and she was on the hunt for whomever started the infamous page. With Miles' help and a little recon in the rubber room hallway (which, BTW, I guess that's just like the punk rock hallway?), Maya found out who the culprit was. Dun dun dun... ZOE RIVAS, Y'ALL.

    And cue the breaking loose of all H-E double hockey sticks.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    When Maya confronted Zoe about starting the page, the altercation turned into a full-on brawl wherein clumps of hair were yanked and clothes were mercilessly ripped. The girls landed in Principal Simpson's office and were given a week of detention, but Maya thought Zoe deserved to have criminal charges pressed against her.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Zoe, of course, put her acting skills to work and feigned remorse, which naturally left Maya even more upset. So much so, that she decided to write and perform a kiss-off tune dedicated to Zoe in which she, erm, basically threatened Zoe's life. And then Maya was suspended.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    But by the end of the episode, it appeared that suspension was actually treating her pretty well. Miles came to her window that night, told her how awesome and talented and beautiful she was, and they finally kissed.

    /*/*`\**`*/`\*\`/`*\*\/ <-- Fireworks.

    Alright, it's your turn, Degrassi fans! What did you think of this episode? Let us know in the comments! And watch the video below to see what's happening next week!

  • Degrassi Sneak Peek: 'Barely Breathing'

    Posted on 11/05/2013 by Rachel1016

    Degrassi Sneak Peek: barely Breathing

    All press is good press, right?

    Everyone's been giving Maya a hard time since her racy music video went viral last week. But wait, who's this guy who might actually stand out in the sea of bullies? Oh, nevermind, he's only after an easy hookup.

    Good thing a certain someone busts in to give the gross perp a fistful! (Literally.)

    Check out the first look of "Barely Breathing" below! Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget an all-new Degrassi premieres this Thursday at 9PM ET!

  • Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi: Jeans And A T-Shirt Girl

    Posted on 11/04/2013 by Cristine Prosperi

    Jeans And A T-Shirt

    Photo Credit: Cristine Prosperi's Instagram / @crisprosperi.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: As much as we love dressing to the nines from time to time, most days we swear by the saying, "comfort is king." If you're the kind of gal whose wardrobe consists of a few quality, casual-chic staples, this week's Q&A with Cristine Prosperi goes out to you!

    QUESTION: If I mostly wear jeans and tees, how can I spice up my wardrobe but still be comfortable?

    I'm all about being comfortable and stylish! I often wear jeans and tees. The key is how you accessorize an outfit. For a jeans and t-shirt look, I always throw in some chunky jewelry and a fun bag to tie it all together. Even a scarf can do wonders to an outfit! Turn the look from day to night by throwing a blazer overtop and cute little booties.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Who Do You Think You Are'

    Posted on 11/01/2013 by Rachel1016

    Nevermind the fact that you're still recovering from last night's Halloween sugar high, we're still trying to get over what happened on Degrassi! It was an eventful episode to say the least, and we're sure you've got lots to say. Check out our recap of ''Who Do You Think You Are'' below, but if you haven't seen the episode, watch it online first!

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    Maya performed a new song in class and everyone really seemed to like it, especiallllly Miles. He finally made the move to ask her out after class, but Zoe wasn't exactly as cool with it all as she might have insisted. I mean, we were never convinced that Zoe was over the Miles drama anyway, but this episode it became increasingly clear that she was out for revenge.

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    Zoe offered to shoot a music video for Maya's song, but had one condition: she would get to direct the video. The song was all about finding someone who can look beneath surface, see the real Maya, but Zoe chose to take the video concept in a decidedly more literal direction. Yep, she got Maya to strip herself bare in front of the camera.

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    Not only was Miles upset when he saw the video (he flat-out called it porn), but someone started a pretty nasty FaceRange page with racy Photoshopped images of Maya. She started getting attention for her video, but the kind that had nothing to do with music. In fact, other students at Degrassi began to ostracize her, calling her a 'slut' and 'whore' to the point where she was shamed in front of her entire class.

    Despite Maya's questionable decision to give Zoe creative control, the concept of publicly making a person (usually a girl) feel guilty or inferior for appearing promiscuous is a very real thing. And it's exactly what Maya's classmates did by making her out to be, well, a disgraceful tramp. The issue itself certainly isn't black or white, but it's really important to understand what's at play here. Like Maya's mom said, it was bullying.

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    Apparently, Dallas has been skipping school. Like, royally skipping school to drink and hook up with girls. Drew was worried about Dallas' behavior and decided to try and scare him by paying one of Dallas' lady friends to pretend she was pregnant. Only problem was, Dallas and said lady friend never had sex. Oops!

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    Drew's attempted "intervention" of sorts escalated into a full-on confrontation between the two best friends. in which Dallas told Drew he couldn't tell him "how to live his life" and that he wasn't exactly an exemplar of moral behavior. Ouch. The only thing is... wasn't it just last week that Dallas was Mr. Upright And Principled about those darn (although fake) steroid pills!? Can we take a moment to acknowledge that? Shakin' my head.

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    While Alli stressed about the upcoming SATs, she worried even more about her future with Leo. Leo was less than pleased to hear that Alli's dream was to attend MIT ("I thought I was your dream!") after he made the leap across the pond to Canada for her. Alli would do her darnedest to have the best of both worlds, but things didn't quite turn out as she hoped.

    Degrassi: Who Do You Think You Are

    Unfortunately, Leo's temper returned. They got in a heated argument about their uncertain future and, in one of the most shocking and alarming moments so far this season, Leo hit Alli. Again. She ran away and exclaimed "I never want to see you again," but we can only hope to goodness Alli keeps her word. What were your reactions to this moment? Do you think Alli is finally going to walk away from Leo's continued abuse?

    We've given our two cents, now it's your turn. There's much to discuss about this episode, so sound off in the comments!

  • Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi: Fall In Love With Fall Fashion!

    Posted on 10/28/2013 by Cristine Prosperi

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Come one come all, Degrassi fashion fans! Cristine Prosperi might be the resident quirky and artistic Imogen Moreno on set, but off set she is a bonafide style maven. Armed and ready to share her fashion knowledge with all of you, we are so excited to announce Cristine as our newest guest fashion blogger! Over the next few weeks, Cristine will pop in periodically to chat all things sartorial and answer your hard-pressed style questions. That's right, how did we get so lucky?

    Fall is one of my favorite seasons! However, not all people love the cold... so here's an easy and stylish solutio: LAYERING. Throwing on layers is the best way to be prepared for any weather condition! The key to nailing fall fashion is to experiment with different pieces in your closet. Layering different items not only keeps you warm but makes your outfit look chic and put together.

    The layers I went with:
    Denim button up
    Classic knit sweater
    Varsity jacket

    My go-to fall look:

    Fall In Love With Fall Fashion

  • Recap: 'Everything You've Done'

    Posted on 10/25/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last week's Degrassi left questions unanswered and fates undecided. Tristan supplied Miles with what looked like steroid pills, Imogen grappled with the guilt she felt over her last moments with Adam, and Clare began to worry that her forgetfulness was a symptom of her cancer returning. Let's talk about what happened this week and, as always, watch the episode online first if you haven't seen it!

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    When Tristan handed Miles a bag of pills last episode, we were almost certain the story line would follow a clear trajectory: Miles would start to grow questionable facial hair and become an addict, Tristan would become the resident Degrassi drug dealer and turn into a hardened criminal... You know how it goes. But fool us twice Degrassi, those pills were FAKE!

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    So the good news was that Tristan was in the clear legally (and in life as a human), but the bad news was that he still lied to Miles and a few of the other guys on the team. And it was a situation he was none too keen to face considering his full-on campaign for Miles' best-friendship. Despite the fact that Miles actually made starter on his own merit, he was upset that Tristan not only duped him into thinking that he was taking the real thing, but that he had mislead a handful of guys on the team, as well.

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    So, to get back in Miles' good (albeit troubled) graces, Tristan had to come up with a plan: He gave the other teammates a "flush capsule" in order to pass their next drug test, making the fact that they would actually pass anyway not suspicious. You know, because they never actually took any drugs.

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    Remember when Clare sort of panicked about her future and made up an entire story about Zoe to get published by a national magazine? And then found out her cancer might have returned? Well, we fairly quickly we found out that Clare's cancer did not return and did not spread to her brain, but the reason for her unusual forgetfulness was a post-cancer condition called "chemo brain." And it was that very forgetfulness that led Clare to fabricate the story about Zoe. This episode, Clare grappled with her own guilt over those lies had to figure out how to get herself out of the mess.

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    When Clare's editor Meredith told her she loved her article, she decided the truth would have to wait. And even though Meredith ensured Clare she would be fact-checking every detail with Zoe herself (RUH ROH), she continued to dig herself deeper. Zoe was unsurprisingly none too pleased about the lies that Clare wrote, and when Clare sought a little mercy, Zoe said, "Cancer didn't make you lie, Clare. You did that all by yourself." Who knew Zoe had some words of wisdom in her? But also, didn't Zoe just lie to Clare about everything in the first place? Ugh.

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    Just before Clare went so far as to suggest that Alli impersonate Zoe and confirm the story, she decided to fess up. At first, Meredith gave her a look so cold it was positively arctic�like, you would not want to be on the receiving end of that reproval� but then Clare explained her situation, and Meredith was actually very understanding. She even got a second chance. Pheeeee-ew.

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    After Imogen reluctantly agreed to give Becky a role on Degrassi TV, Becky brought up questions about the night Adam died, and how she suspected people were "covering up" what happened. Imogen, knowing full well what happened, couldn't bring herself to say that she kissed her dead ex-boyfriend.

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    When Imogen confided in Drew about the situation, he had some interesting words of advice. He asked Imogen, "If you were Becky, what would she want to hear?" She had to decide whether or not coming clean would be merely for her own guilt's sake. So, when Imogen finally opened up to Becky, she decided to focus on nothing more than how much Adam loved her. And even though we would ordinarily say that full honestly is the way to go, it seemed to work. Imogen said exactly what Becky needed to hear without hurting her. Then, they shared a hug that could seriously buoy a sinking heart and it was the BEST.

    We could go on and on, but now it's your turn. Let us know what you thought of "Everything You've Done" in the comments below. Go nuts!

    And, dare we forget, here's the music from last night's episode:
    "Run Run" by The Black Cadillacs
    "Holograms" by Founds

    Listen to all of the songs from Season 13 here!

  • Degrassi's Aislinn Paul and Eric Osborne Share Their Pump-Up Playlists!

    Posted on 10/23/2013 by Rachel1016

    Degrassi Cast Pump Up Playlist><center><br />
<br /><br />
<p align=Even though it's been a few years since the last "mix CD" made its way into the dashboard of a car, receiving a collection of songs curated just for you is undeniably timeless. It's one of the best ways to learn about new artists, but it also gives you an opportunity to dip into someone else's brain, to see what makes them feel all of the feels (a word with which we, as loyal Degrassi fans, are particularly familiar).

    We decided to ask the stars of Degrassi to put together playlists of their musical favorites, and to give us an idea of the kind of music that means something to them. For the next few weeks we're going to be sharing with you the songs that represent, in their own musical taste, highest highs, lowest lows, and everything in between.

    To get you revved for an all-new episode of Degrassi TONIGHT, we're kicking off the series with two playlists of songs that get you pumped up courtesy of Aislinn Paul (a.k.a Clare Edwards) and Eric Osborne (a.k.a Miles Hollingsworth III)! Whether it be prepping for a workout, a big sports game, going out with friends, or just looking for a little pick-me-up, Aislinn and Eric take it away with their stellar choices.

    Check out their individual selections here, and then listen to the songs on our Spotify Degrassi Cast Pump-Up Mix below!

    Aislinn Paul 
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
    Dancing On My Own - Robyn
    Bad - Michael Jackson
    Treasure - Bruno Mars
    Drive My Car - The Beatles
    I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
    Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

    Eric Osborne 

    A Real Hero- College & Electric Youth
    Suburbs- Arcade Fire
    Testarossa Autodrive- Kavinsky
    We Are From Venice- The Bloody Beatroots
    Digital Versicolour- Glass Candy
    Instant Crush- Daft Punk
    Cecilia- Simon and Garfunkel

  • Play Our Halloween Vine Game!

    Posted on 10/22/2013 by Rachel1016

    What Should You Be For Halloween

    All Hallows Eve is fast approaching, and you've got some decisions to make. Chief among them is this: WHICH TeenNick character will inspire your costume?

    When it comes to a TeenNick costume, the options run deep. Whether you want to throw it back with iconic '90s characters from shows like All That, Rugrats, and Kenan & Kel, or keep it current with your favorite Degrassians, we're bound to find the trick to your treat!

    Play our vine below, and click on one of the images to find out who you should be!

  • Our Favorite GIFable Moments From 'You Oughta Know'

    Posted on 10/21/2013 by Rachel1016

    Sometimes, you have to pay very close attention to catch the subtle brilliance and hilarity of Degrassi. 'You Oughta Know' had its fair share of chuckle-worthy bits, and we felt it only appropriate to revisit them in the most interwebby way possible. So, we picked our five favorite moments from last week's episode and immortalized them with GIFs!

    "Cool! I love shenanigans."

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    "Becky... Beckerino... BECKSTER!"

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    "You are killing me. You are literally killing me. Literally."

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Clare: "Do you ask out every girl that talks to you?"
    Winston: "Victory through sheer volume!"

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    "I'm here to ask Mr. Hunky himself if he finds me man-tractive."

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

  • Degrassi Recap: 'You Oughta Know'

    Posted on 10/21/2013 by Rachel1016

    Anybody want to talk about last night's brand new episode of Degrassi? If you haven't seen "You Oughta Know" watch it online first!

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    In order to beef up her college applications, Clare set out to prove her journalism skills to a national newspaper. She pitched the idea of exploring how Zoe's celebrity wasn't helping her social adjustment at Degrassi (an AWESOMELY interesting topic in my opinion), but the story proved more difficult than she anticipated.

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Not only did Clare realize that Zoe lied about people, well� hating her, she also realized that she was becoming unusually forgetful about very ordinary things, like the names of people and places. And when the girl with an otherwise encyclopedic  brain forgets the country Greece, there's cause for concern.

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Then, when Clare tried to confide in Eli about how stressed she was, he seemed a little distracted. (Right, just rip your heart into shreds.) And dare I point out that as Drew and Clare have continued to get closer, he seems to be there for support when Eli isn't. (Yes, I realize that Clew is just about the most unpopular prospect in the history of Degrassi prospects. So, all you you Eclare loyalists out there, please don't torch my house!) Perhaps we'll have to turn a blind, dismayed eye for now and see what happens.

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Toward to end of the episode, however, she started to realize that her forgetfulness was more than just being exhausted and anxious over the news pitch. When she completely forgot to turn in an essay (and used the word "perspire" instead of "inspire"), she started to worry that her absentmindedness was perhaps a symptom of cancer returning. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions right away, but words fail to describe how deeply I hope this isn't the case.

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Meanwhile, Miles explained how he felt undue pressure from his father to make starter on the basketball team. Even though we learned that making starter as a sophomore is unusual and, in the words of Tristan, "a little ambitious," Miles revealed that making the team just wasn't enough for his dad. And upon finding out that he didn't make the starting lineup, he was crushed.

    Miles confided in Tristan about how important it was to get an extra "edge" to make the coach notice him. But *RED ALERT* such a boost to Miles actually meant jucin' it... You know, taking steroids. Argh, just the word makes my skin crawl! Did you EVER listen in health class, Miles? Weren't you scared away by all those pictures of guys with oily skin and excess hair growth?! Oy vey.

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Tristan was aware of how royally STUPID steroids are, but he also made it clear he was desperate to befriend Miles. And in a move that may or may not be just as braindead, Tristan gave Miles a bag of pills said to have been from his brother. Oh, brother. To be continued.

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Imogen, the newly appointed head of Degrassi TV, was on a mission to find the perfect on-air personality for her show. Becky auditioned and pretty much killed it, but Imogen didn't want her to be the face of Degrassi TV. Even though she wouldn't admit it, Imogen was harboring guilt over what happened between her and Adam over the summer (remember, they kissed in the back of a van), and didn't know how to face Becky. But it also seemed like Becky was bummed to have not been chosen. And I don't know about you, but we think that homegirl maybe deserves to have something good happen to her!

    Degrassi: You Oughta Know

    Alas, Imogen ended up choosing Winston for the job even though he was hilariously and unsurprisingly terrible. Becky remained persistent, though, and when she asked if she could be involved with the show in any capacity, Imogen eventually opened up to the idea. I wonder if this will be an opportunity for Imogen come clean? To talk openly about what happened with Adam? We shall see... We shall see.

    Where are your heads, Degrassi fans? Do you think Clare might be getting sick again? Is Miles headed down a dangerous path? Will Imogen be able to open up to Becky? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

    And, as always, here's the music from last night. Check out all of the songs from this season in our Spotify Playlist!
    P.S. Here's the music from last night. Head out over our Spotify playlist to hear all the tunes!

    "Heads Up! Watch Out!" by Dear Rouge
    "Dreaming" by Smallpools
    "The Sun Will Set" by Tick Tick Boom!