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  • How To Make A DIY PAW-some Pup Collar

    Posted on 02/20/2016 by TeenNickBlogger

    Ready to take your pup's fashion through the WOOF? Learn how to make this totally paw-some doggy bowtie collar!

    Pup Collar

    1. Grab your materials.

    Pup Collar

    For this project, you'll need:


    Dress shirt

    Measuring tape


    Needle and thread

    2. Cut the fabric in one 8 x 14 in. rectangle and one 2.5 x 8 in. rectangle.

    Pup Collar

    3. Fold the larger rectangle into the thirds (hot dog style) and then into thirds again the other way (hamburger style).

    Pup Collar

    Pup Collar

    4. Fold the fabric in a zig-zag pattern to make the bowtie shape.

    Pup Collar

    5. Pinch the middle of the bowtie and sew it up!

    Pup Collar

    6. Grab your smaller rectangle of fabric to make the knot that goes around the center of the bowtie. Fold the fabric in thirds (hot dog style) and then in half (hamburger style).

    Pup Collar

    7. Measure 1 inch from the fold and sew it up. Cut off the excess fabric. Then flip the knot inside out to hide the seam and slide onto the bowtie!

    Pup Collar

    Pup Collar

    8. Lastly, to make the dog collar, take your dress shirt and cut along the interlining of the collar. Lose the rest of the shirt!

    Pup Collar

    9. Slide the loop of the bowtie through the collar and button at the top.

    Pup Collar

    And that's it! Check out the full how-to video below.

    And for more of our fun DIY projects, head over to YouTube!


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