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  • Get Ready For An 'Unfabulous' Marathon With Our Favorite Songs From The Show!

    Posted on 06/12/2014 by Rachel1016


    Middle school can be a weird time, and no one knows that better than Addie Singer. With the help of three sidekicks (best friends Geena, Zack and her guitar, of course) Addie sang her way through all the tough, funny and unforgettable moments of being a teenager on Unfabulous.

    To celebrate the second weekend of TeenNick's #BestSummerEver, we're bringing back this classic Nick sitcom starring Emma Roberts for a marathon that's sure to be anything but unfabulous! Tune in this Saturday at 12pm ET to catch up with Addie and the gang, but first, take a look back at some our favorites songs from our favorite singer. Addie Singer, that is.


    Remember Jake Behari, Addie's saggy-haired crush? In this clip, Addie decides she wants to tell Jake how she feels by writing in his yearbook, so she puts her thoughts in song.


    Addie may have gotten her head dunked in a punch bowl, but she turned it into an anthem for... you know, people who get their heads dunked in a punch bowl!


    When Addie finds out Jake is at wedding with his old girlfriend, she decides she has to crash the party.


    Randy Klein's bar mitzvah is coming up, but Addie's new braces are making her feel insecure about her looks. Her acoustic lament of the metal mouth is just what the doctor ordered.


    When Jake tells Addie he loves her, she's not quite sure how she feels about it. Love is a really strong word, but she realizes it's okay to not have an answer right away.

    What are some of your favorite Unfabulous tunes?