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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Enjoy the Silence'

    Posted on 06/11/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Leave it to Degrassi to turn a school event into a big old batch of capital 'D' Drama! Last night, the students put on the Degrassi Panorama arts night, and between one illicit kiss, two gang interventions and a healthy dose of bitterness, there was MUCH to be oohed and aahhed. If you haven't seen "Enjoy the Silence" watch it here first and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Maya helped Zig fake sick in order to avoid the guys from the gang. If memory serves us, the only way Maya got Zig to comply was with a nearly-hypnotizing kiss. And so it seems Maya took advantage of Zig's feelings once again, even if for a seemingly noble cause.

    But their plan didn't turn out to be quite so slick when Tiny found out where Zig was. Not only did he come to Maya's house to confront him, but he told Zig that the other gang members were losing their patience, and that he better keep in touch with them or else they'd threaten Maya's family.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Zig, worried about putting Maya's family in danger, decided that the only way to get out of the mess was to skip town. And when Maya realized that Zig had left for the bus depot, she felt like she was running out of options to help him. But then, out of nowhere, Miles (of all people!) said he might have a way to help.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Maya and Miles showed up at the bus depot with Mr. Hollingsworth. Turns out, Mr. H has connections to gang intervention programs, in which former gang members themselves help kids like Zig get out of dangerous situations. With the help of a professional mediator, both Zig and Tiny were given the opportunity to get out of trouble.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Miles found out that his little sister Frankie kissed a high school guy and was on a mission to teach him lesson. What Miles didn't know was that the make-out bandit was none other than his best friend, Winston. But when both Frankie and Winston came down with bronchitis, it was pretty clear who was swapping saliva.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    When Miles was about to accuse someone else, he realized that it was Winston who locked lips with his younger sis. Surprisingly, Miles wasn't as furious as Winston (and we all) expected him to be. In fact, he thought it was "hilarious" because he assumed there was no way they'd actually ~date~. But did anyone else notice how Winston looked dejected as Miles humorously imagined all of the goofy ship names that would come out of their never-to-be relationship? Winston may want Frankston to become a reality, after all.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Clare was still livid with Drew for dumping her (before they technically even started dating), so she decided to use the arts night as a platform for revenge. Using a polygraph (also known as a lie detector), Clare exposed Drew for toying with her emotions... in front of an audience of people. The stunt turned into a full-on public altercation between the two, and Drew stormed out.

    When Alli asked Clare what was going on, she confessed to what happened between her and Drew at the Wild Wild West Night. Clare told Alli about how she felt rejected, and how Drew couldn't seem to own up to his hurtful behavior.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Yep, there was only one thing that could make Clare feel better. It was time to throw an axe to Drew's face. Literally.

    What do you think, Degrassians? Was this episode as much of a spectacle as Grace's silent dance party?