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  • Witch, Please!

    Posted on 12/30/2013 by Dixie Laite

    Witch, Please!

    We've got 99 problems, but a witch ain't one! Well, not so fast..

    On New Year's Day there'll be three, count'em, three witches working their magic on TeenNick!

    Perhaps you've heard there are some new witches in town. Meet Emma and Maddie, two girls trying to get the hang of their powers, and the jump on each other. One's a good witch, one's a bad one, and you have to be pretty crafty—witchcrafty—to make it through high school unscathed. You'll just have to watch Nickelodeon's new nightly series, Every Witch Way, to see how, and if, they do it.

    To welcome Emma, Maddie and company to the Nick family, TeenNick's got a more experienced witch to show the girls the ropes. Join everyone's favorite Teenage Witch, Sabrina, as she ushers in 2014 with her special brand of mischievous magic with a New Year's Day Witch, Please! Marathon. In addition to Sabrina's "hex in the city," there'll be lots of sneak peeks of Every Witch Way and excloooosive behind-the-scenes footage and on set interviews with the cast!

    All this hocus, and a lot of the pocus, lead up to the Every Witch Way premiere at 7:30pm ET on Nickelodeon.