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  • Degrassi Recap: 'This Is How We Do It'

    Posted on 10/04/2013 by Rachel1016

    Degrassians, school is back in session and SO much has already happened! We are bracing ourselves for a wild ride this season, but, really, we wouldn't have it any other way. The Fall Chapter premiere "This Is How We Do It" was chock-full of everything that makes Degrassi great: hi-jinks and capital D-Drama! Check out our recap below, but if you haven't seen the episode, make sure you watch it online first!

    The Fall Chapter opened with an energetic school assembly, in which the student body gathered to watch El Presidente Drew Torres introduce his dream-team Student Council. Degrassi's fearless and charismatic leader took the mic to kick off, in his own words, "Degrassi's best year yet!"

    But right in the middle of his pump-up speech, Drew collapsed on stage. Throwing his loyal constituents into panic mode, the entire school ran to his side to help him regain consciousness. (And by "entire school" we're mostly referring to the fawning freshman girls who offered to carry his books.)

    Dallas, worried about his best lad, asked Drew if his collapsing had anything to do with the fatigue he'd been suffering lately. We learned that since Adam's death, Drew's had tremendous trouble sleeping, and after mentioning that he was prescribed sleeping pills that he had yet to take, we immediately knew this was the beginning of something fishy.

    Over in science class, Alli revealed that she had a secret date planned for after school. Coming off of an intense break-up with Leo, both Jenna and Clare were convinced (and pretty stoked) that she was finally giving Dallas a chance. Alli refused to reveal the mystery man, though, saying that she wanted to make sure  "it's for real." Hmm... seemed pretty clear that there was another reason she hid his identity. All we have to say is: "Secrets secrets are no fun." And honestly, when it comes to Alli, they NEVER END WELL.

    After Principal Simpson welcomed diva-star Zoe to Degrassi, it became pretty clear that she was not happy to be there. Then, in the biggest reveal of the episode, we learned that Zoe actually got kicked off of West Drive. Ya'll, Zoe has some secrets that are bound to come out, and if anything, it looks like we can expect to learn a lot about her character.

    Drew recovered from his fainting episode in time for the first Student Council meeting of the year, in which Clare proposed a texting and driving awareness campaign in Adam's memory. While most of the council seemed to support the idea, Drew made it clear he would rather have a beach bash dance as their first event.

    Drew's insistence, however, was more than just wanting to hula down and tiki-party his pants off. He didn't overtly say it, but we can safely guess that anything having to with Adam is still very difficult for Drew to stomach. Of course, it seems like Clare's idea is well-intentioned and noble, but shouldn't we also be sensitive to the fact that Drew is still clearly still fragile?

    Over in love quadrangle land, Miles entered his first class at Degrassi brazenly asking Maya if she had any "girlfriend recommendations" for him. I'm sorry, girlfriend recommendations? Come on, who says that? Even if it was a joke, Miles, you're lucky you're cute. Maya went along with it though, having responded quite flirtatiously. It was actually getting a liiiitle steamy. Dare we say it appears our predictions are playing out as we expected?

    Then, much to Miles' and Maya's surprise, Zoe entered the classroom. Unaware that his ex-girlfriend would be attending Degrassi, Miles had an awkward exchange with Zoe while Maya and Tristan looked on. I don't know about you guys, but it weirdly almost felt like they were ganging up on her.

    Zoe tried to go back to her locker and escape the uncomfortable situation when the teacher calmly asked her to take her seat. In a PAINFULLY typical move, Zoe retorted by intentionally spilling her iced coffee all. over. him. Goodness gracious, as we if had any doubt that the after-effects of the Paris drama would follow us home...

    In one of the biggest "OMG" moments of the entire episode, Leo traveled from Paris to Toronto to be with Alli. The last time we saw them together was at the end of last season when a severe altercation left Alli bruised and in tears. Suffice to to say say, we're skeptical and worried that by welcoming Leo to stay in Toronto, Alli is giving him a second chance he doesn't deserve... even if the scene in which they reunited was undeniably cute. Ugh.

    After Alli finally revealed that her mystery man was in fact Leo, Clare and Jenna were visibly disappointed. Worried that history would repeat itself, they cautioned Alli that his abusive behavior might come back to hurt her even worse than before (unfortunate pun not intended). Alli was visibly upset as she thought their concern was merely an attempt to ruin her happiness, but we're going to have to take Jenna and Clare's side on this one.

    When Principal Simpson threatened to expel Zoe for the iced coffee assault, her mother vehemently claimed that Zoe's behavior was the result of a learning disability. It's unclear whether or not this information is true or was merely a lie to keep Zoe from being expelled, but her mother's intensity gives us some insight into where Zoe might get her attitude. I mean, she was intense and pretty unforgiving! What do you all think? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Or too early to tell?

    Meanwhile, after speaking again with Dallas about his trouble sleeping, Drew decided to take the sleeping pills. We quickly found out, however, that the pills have major side effects.

    Drew fell into sleeping-pill stupor and unknowingly ordered supplies for the proposed beach bash before it was officially approved by Student Council. When Drew denied ordering anything, Clare sassily retorted with my personal favorite line of the entire episode: "This invoice says otherwise!" So dramatic. So Clare. But more importantly, these sleeping pills were clearly messing with Drew, and wasn't looking good.

    And then this happened. Drew chivalrously caught Zoe in his arms after she tripped walking backwards. And boy, it was a moment. But before you get Bianca on the phone, it wasn't quite the romantic gesture it appeared to be. The only thing Drew could do to damage control his careless purchase was get the Student Council vote to swing in his favor. His move was used to charm Zoe into attending the Student Council meeting for no other reason than to help him win the majority vote for the beach bash.

    And win he did. To Clare's disappointment, the beach bash won out over Clare's proposed texting and driving campaign.

    Drew's swoon tactics had repercussions, however. Due to the side effects of sleeping pills, Drew called Zoe that night and flirted up a storm with her. Actually, it was more than flirting. He basically professed his love for Zoe and whispered sweet nothings into the phone, like calling her a "cutie" and telling her she's the "prettiest girl."

    Oh no no no, don't phunk with her heart.

    What did you all think of the premiere? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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