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  • Weird Dreams about the Wrong Person

    Posted on 09/15/2010 by Mary

    Fez dreams about sexy Nurse Kelso Have you ever had a dream about someone that you did NOT want to have that dream about? Like a make-out dream about someone you HATE, or your ex, or... Kelso? Well, ok, I guess there's a good chunk of the population that would not mind dreaming about Kelso. (But Fez is not in that chunk, according to last night's ep where he dreamed that Kelso was his sexy nurse).

    It actually reminded me of an advice question Ray "Sav" Ablack answered a while ago... over here. He said basically the same thing Kitty on That '70s Show said... scientifically speaking: dreams are weird, and kind of random, and who knows what they mean.

    You could have a make-out dream about your friend because you saw them that day and ate too many egg rolls off the floor (Fez!)... or because you're totally in love with them. But, it's probably easier to tell that you're in love with someone because you're like... in love with them. That's usually the tip-off.

    Ever have a dream like that about someone you weren't into like that?

  • I ♥ Roller Disco

    Posted on 01/14/2010 by Lisa

    I love the "Roller Disco" episode of That '70s Show. The outfits Jackie and Fez wear make me want to roller skate my way through life.

    That '70s Show

    I haven't been roller skating in years, but I just did a search for the nearest roller rinks. I wonder how many lessons I'd have to take to be as good as Jackie...