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  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: The Time of My Life

    Posted on 06/21/2013 by Lisa

    Have you seen the Degrassi prom and graduation special? If not, watch it here before you read any further. *Spoilers Below*

    Degrassi: The Time of My Life
    A full hour of Degrassi means a double serving of drama, and "The Time of My Life" felt like a big Degrassi-flavored dessert covered in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with nuts. I thought it was soooo good, and it filled me completely full of feelings. Let's talk about it!

    Degrassi: The Time of My Life
    First up: Fiona and Imogen. Wasn't it nice to see Mrs. Coyne in person again, instead of on video chat? I'm glad that we don't have to worry about Fiona's financial situation anymore. (How fast do you think she quit her job at Juwanna Juice after getting the news?) When Fiona's mom told her about the possible dream job in Italy, it seemed like Fiona's life was about as perfect as it could get.

    What was Imogen thinking when she answered Fiona's phone and decided to impersonate her? Well, I guess we all know what she was thinking -- that she'd do anything to avoid losing Fiona. Failing senior year must've been really hard on Imogen, but trying to sabotage Fiona's dreams is NOT the answer. That's one of the most selfish actions I've ever seen on Degrassi. Fimogen are one of my all-time favorite Degrassi couples, so I cried the most at their scenes tonight. When Imogen went to the airport to talk to Federico, and he had to turn away for a moment because he was tearing up, I was like, "I know, Federico!! I know!" I also cried a bunch when Imogen went to apologize to Fiona at the loft, when Fiona gave her speech at graduation, and during that last "farewell" scene. It's hard for me to accept that they're parting ways. How are you handling it?

    Degrassi: The Time of My Life
    Meanwhile... Eli and Clare are back together! The promos hinted that they'd reunite, but it was nice to see it all fall into place. When Eli and Clare were dancing together in their crowns, I realized that if Degrassi were a fairytale, Clare might be the princess. I think I subconsciously wanted her to have a princess-worthy prom night, so I loved seeing Eli treat her like royalty and sweep her away to a candlelit room. I know I'm glossing over a few things (In a fairytale world, they would've won prom king and queen fair and square -- Eli wouldn't have had to rig the vote), but prom night worked out pretty well for Eli and Clare. When Eli took Clare home the next morning in the horse-drawn carriage, I wanted to hug them both.

    If you've read my Degrassi posts in the past, you know I'm very good at worrying about people. Right now I'm worried about the lump on Clare's back. When Alli tried to convince Clare that she doesn't have cancer, I was like "Try harder, Alli! I'm still worried!" The random nosebleed freaked me out. I want Clare to finish high school and graduate and move to New York and share a studio apartment with Eli. I want that happy ending. (I cried typing that, so I guess I'm pretty worried about Clare's lump. Go away, lump.)

    Degrassi: The Time of My Life
    Let's talk about Jake and Mo, and their bromance (or as I like to say, "Momance"). I love-love-love the moment when Jake shows up at prom. When Mo realized that Marisol had paid Jake to be there, I was just as shocked and disappointed as Mo was. I understand why he ended up hanging out with other people, drinking too much, and throwing up all over. When someone tries as hard as Marisol tried to make prom night perfect, I think they're destined to be disappointed. Even if her expectations were way too high, though, nobody deserves to be puked on. (Poor girl.) I'm glad Mo won her over with the song at graduation, but I was even happier when Mo and Jake finally talked about wanting to stay in touch.

    Other moments that will stick with me:

    *The down-to-earth sex advice Alli and Jenna gave Clare.

    *When Principal Simpson started calling the names at graduation, it felt SO real. I think they're all going to miss each other on the show and in reality -- and they know we're going to miss them, too. We've been through so much together.

    *This line from Fiona's speech:
    "Don't be afraid of change, no matter how scary it seems. If I can make it through, so can you."

    I'm gonna miss this cast, but in Fiona's honor, I promise not to be afraid of change. If you're feeling the same way, sneak a peek at some of the new characters in this video!

    What did you think of "The Time of My Life"? Leave a comment below!

  • Degrassi: "The Time of My Life" Sneak Peek

    Posted on 06/20/2013 by Lisa

    Watch the first scene of Degrassi's prom and graduation special "The Time of My Life" right now, and see the whole thing TOMORROW NIGHT at 9pm et / 6pm pt! It's SOOOO CLOSE!!

    I understand that Imogen wants Fiona to have the perfect prom night... but I wish she had told her the truth right away. Let's do a quick poll:

    What are your Degrassi instincts saying?

    "Fimogen Forever!!"
    (They'll get through this somehow.)
    "Farewell, Fimogen..."
    (Things don't look good.)

    Answer in the comments.

  • Fan Favorite Friday: Favorite Degrassi Freakout!

    Posted on 04/12/2013 by Lisa

    Degrassi's on hiatus, but we couldn't let you go Degrassi-less, so we asked our Facebook fans to vote for their "favorite Degrassi freakout." The winner, by a long shot? Eli's on-stage breakdown during opening night of Love Roulette, as seen in "Extraordinary Machine." Watch the full episode online!

    A few pictorial highlights from the episode:

    Fiona is skeptical of Eli's last minute changes to the script.

    Imogen wants Clare out of the picture.

    Eli has the breakdown that was voted "Fan Favorite." :)

    Owen shows off his pool skills.

    Anya takes cocaine and bonds with a toilet.

    Watch this week's Fan Favorite episode Extraordinary Machine online now, and if you haven't already, be sure to like TeenNick and Degrassi on Facebook. We'll post a new "Fan Favorite" poll next week, and we want your votes!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Karma Police, Pt. 2

    Posted on 03/22/2013 by Lisa

    Let's talk about tonight's Degrassi. (If you missed it, watch the full episode online before you read any further.)

    Still traumatized by the break-in, Fiona is desperate to feel safe in her own home. The first scene, where Bianca and Drew tried to teach her some basic self-defense was scary, because Fiona looked like she was frozen in fear. She couldn't fight back, even in a practice situation, so what's gonna happen if the robber comes back?

    I understand why Fiona went to the gun shop -- she's still really freaked out about the break in, and she wants to be prepared if anything like that ever happens again. But as the guy at the gun range said to her, "Buying a gun isn't like buying a new pair of shoes." Buying a gun on a whim when you're scared and stressed out? Not a good idea, Fiona! What if an accident happens or the gun is stolen and ends up in the wrong hands?

    When she decided to find a gun on her own, I wish I could've been there to stop her. In her efforts to feel safe, she ended up putting herself in an even more dangerous situation -- and getting really hurt. Tonight's Degrassi lesson: Don't do business with random guys in dark alleys. It won't end well.

    Rocky and Dallas
    Let's talk about Dallas being a dad. He tells Drew, "Every time I tell a girl that I have a kid, they run off." I get why girls react that way, and why he'd be nervous about talking to Alli about it. Babies are a huge responsibility, even for adults, and taking care of a baby while you're in high school is a huge deal. And of course, a baby with allergies is even more work, because you have to be so careful all the time. At least in Rocky's case, it seems like he has two parents who really care about him. Dallas may not have been around much in the past, but it seems like he's ready to try. I'm curious though... what do you think will happen if he ever has to choose between Rocky and hockey? (That rhyme was totally unintentional, haha.)


    I felt so bad for Zig during the French Club scene, when he sang that song without realizing what it was about. (But hey, now we'll never forget the French word for "kiss" right? Bisou, bisou, bisou!) The fact that the teacher thought Zig was flirting with her is so embarrassing. Zig's friend Damon seems to see himself as a tough guy, so I really appreciated when he gave Zig the "You're a good man" talk. Zig seems like he's getting his head in a better place, though. The time travel assignment he wrote for class seems like a good start.

    When Maya asked Zig and Damon if they'd be background zombies for Eli's film, I bet I'm not the only one that said "I will!" at my TV. I wish we all could be background zombies. :)

    What did you guys think about tonight's episode? Got any comments?

  • Degrassi: "Karma Police, pt. 2" Sneak Peek

    Posted on 03/19/2013 by Lisa

    "Karma Police, pt. 2" airs Friday at 9pm et on TeenNick, but you can watch the first scene right here:

    Fiona seems so vulnerable in this scene. I wish she didn't live alone, you guys. I'm worried about her.

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Karma Police, Pt. 1

    Posted on 03/15/2013 by Lisa

    Anybody wanna talk about Fiona? Or Dallas? Or Zig? If you haven't seen Karma Police, pt. 1 yet, watch it before you read any further. SPOILERS BELOW.

    The newest member of the Juwanna Juice team
    First up: Fiona's roller-coaster life. At the beginning of this episode, Fiona seemed happy -- until Drew broke the news that he was moving out. I get why she doesn't want a roommate (I feel the same way about living with strangers), so that left Fiona one option... getting a job. I doubt Juwanna Juice is her dream job, but I'm glad Dave hooked her up.

    I loved Fiona's #FormerRichGirlProblems hashtag, but anybody with a public Twitter account needs to be more careful about their GPS settings. C'mon, Fiona! The world doesn't need to know the exact location of your home, school, and job!

    Fiona talks to the police
    We don't know for sure that the creep who broke into her apartment is someone who saw on Twitter that she wouldn't be home, but it seems like a definite possibility. (I screamed when the robber grabbed her. That was so scary.) I really hope they catch the guy, because otherwise, I'm sure Fiona is going to have trouble sleeping at night. Maybe she should get a roommate, just to have someone else around? What do you think?

    Can we discuss Dallas and this whole "truth delay" thing?
    I've never been a Dallas fan, but he seems to really like Alli. They would make a cute couple, but doesn't Alli deserve to know that he has a kid? When Drew told Dallas not to tell Alli about that just yet, I made a VERY skeptical face at my TV. I don't believe in Drew's "truth delay" theory. In my opinion, by delaying that conversation, Dallas is basically lying to Alli. When he put all those Christmas lights up to impress her, I feel like he was kind of messing with her head. (Rocky's a cutie, though, right? I hope we see more of him!!)

    Meanwhile, Zig is having a tough time.
    I understand why he feels responsible for Cam's death, but he has to let go of that guilt and move on with his life. I don't understand why he thought throwing trash on the French teacher's car would help anything, but I'm glad he talked to her about what happened with Cam. (This episode gave me some flashbacks to high school, because I was in French Club, and we had a lot of little events like the one Zig and Damon are helping out with. I'm suddenly craving a cream puff!)

    What did you think of this episode? Don't miss "Karma Police, pt. 2," Friday at 9pm et.

  • Degrassi: "Karma Police, pt. 1" Sneak Peek

    Posted on 03/12/2013 by Lisa

    Want to watch the first scene of Friday's new Degrassi early? Here you go:

    Poor Fiona. She does NOT look like she wants to get a job. Do you think she'll find a new roommate?

  • Watch the first scene of Friday's Degrassi!

    Posted on 02/26/2013 by Lisa

    A new Degrassi, "Ray of Light, pt. 1" airs Friday at 9pm et, but you can watch the first scene now -- right here:

    Random question: Is there a place in your school where people can hang out and play video games like that? (If there is, I'm kinda jealous. I never had that in high school!)

  • Interview with Annie Clark (Fiona on Degrassi)

    Posted on 03/16/2012 by Lisa

    I met up with Annie when she was in L.A., and we talked about tonight's episode, what it's like to play Fiona, and her everlasting love for Leonardo DiCaprio. Check it out:

    Ooh, I like your fingernails! (here's a pic)
    Thanks! I just got a manicure a week ago, but I kind of started picking at it.

    Annie Clark (Fiona)So, I loooove Fiona. She's had some pretty crazy storylines, but I feel like you just make them all so believable and so good. One of my favorite Fiona moments was when she was drinking on the fire escape. She's in such bad shape, and she's freeing the cat, and she just has no connection to reality anymore because she's so sad -- I felt like that scene was so believable in such a heartbreaking way.
    She's been through so much. If you think back to the very beginning when Fiona's biggest storyline was that she couldn't sing well for the musical, it's like, my god, what has happened to this girl in just a few years?

    And she has so much more drama coming this season! Even from that party on the first day of school...
    She's still struggling with the whole drinking thing. That's one of my favorite things that the writers did with my storyline, because it wasn't just like "oh, for these four episodes, she's going to have a drinking problem." It's something she's been struggling with for like two seasons. It's consistent.

    The whole thing she goes through with Marisol and Katie is such a reminder of how horrible girls can be to each other.
    Yeah, it was cool being a part of that storyline. I haven't had that many storylines that I actually relate to, because Fiona's life is so crazy, but that one... I totally went through that in middle school and high school.

    I feel like I'm talking to you like a fan, like I'm way too excited for a normal interview.
    I'm the best person to talk to like a fan, because I am the biggest Degrassi fan ever! I have all the older seasons. I watched it SO MUCH before I even got on the show.

    So in tonight's episode, she's working on the project with Imogen, and she's trying not to have a crush on her. Do you have any experience with fighting crushy feelings, like trying to convince your heart not to feel something?
    I tend to have crushes really easily, on so many people at one time, so I don't think I've ever really done that.

    You just go with it? I think that's healthier!
    I just couldn't imagine... Fiona likes her so much, and she wants to hook up Eli and Imogen to cover it up? I could never do that. If I liked someone that much, I would NEVER want someone else to be with them.

    I guess she just wanted to avoid going down the same road she went down with Holly J.

    Annie Clark (Fiona)People do such crazy things for love! Has anybody done anything crazy to impress you?
    I was in a relationship for three years and two of the years were long distance. My boyfriend at the time came from two hours away and surprised me. He had told me repeatedly that he wasn't coming home yet, and we were talking on the phone, and he was telling me about his day as if he was in his dorm room, and I started to hear his voice through my other ear, because he was right there coming up my stairs!

    Oh, that's great! Are you good with surprises?
    I love surprises! It was the best.

    So you get crushes on everyone? Do you ever get crushes on your friends... guys that you're friends with? Would you tell them?
    It depends. I don't know. I had a high school sweetheart like, the whole time I was in school, but I still get celebrity crushes all the time.

    Ooh, who are your celebrity crushes?
    Everyone who has ever known me knows how obsessed I am with Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel like he doesn't even really exist, like if I ever saw him actually in person, I don't even know what I would do.

    I love that he's an environmentalist! It's like how you guys go and help build schools... I love when people use their celebrity to draw the world's attention to something great.
    It seems like a waste of a platform if you don't support anything.

    So... Who else do you like?
    Shia LeBeouf, Ryan Gosling... but Leo's my be-all and end-all. He's my favorite actor. He's the only person who takes my breath away. He's like the reason I want to be famous (*laughs*), so I can be at some party with him someday... And then Kate Winslet is my favorite actress, because Titanic is my favorite movie. I feel like I talk about Leo in every interview.

    So, what's your favorite thing about playing Fiona?
    Probably just how crazy and unlike myself she is. I mean there are aspects that are similar, like I'm really into fashion, too, but not in the same way. It's interesting exploring the character, there's always something new.

    I don't think my parents would ever just buy me my own loft. I love the loft, because everyone likes to go hang out in there when we're on set, and that's totally how I would decorate my place. My room at home is freakishly similar to Fiona's bedroom.

    And I'm just excited to see what's going to happen in season 12. I know that seems like a long way away, but I can't even believe I've been on the show this long!

    Munro told me he was so glad that you didn't graduate, and I was like "me too!"
    Yes! That's the only circumstance where you tell people you're failing and they're like "Congratulations!" We also joke that like, if you get a problem on the show, it's like "Congratulations, you're going to have so many storylines!" Like, you want to get an STI or something.

    Haha. So what else is going on with you? What are you excited about outside of Degrassi?
    I'm excited to be getting my driver's license! I got my learner's permit when I was like 16, and I just put driving school and everything off for so long... I'm 19 now and all my friends have their license, and they make fun of me constantly. But I live right downtown, I've always lived on the subway line so I never really needed it, but now I want it, so I'm in driving school. So that's the big thing for me just now, I'm hoping to get it by the spring.

    The straw that broke the camel's back of me getting my license, after putting it off for three years, was that Jordy got her license. She's so cute and little and young, and she's offering me rides!

    Well, good luck!! Thank you so much for talking to me!
    Thank you!

    Annie Clark (Fiona on Degrassi)

  • We gift-wrapped some Degrassi drama for you.

    Posted on 12/13/2011 by Lisa

    Here's another sneak peek pic from the new season!

    Drew, Katie, Owen & Fiona
    Drew's shirt matches the ribbon -- it's almost like he knew we'd turn this photo into a holiday gift for you.

    What do you think is going on in the picture?

    p.s. Don't forget... we're showing the 'Tis the Season to Degrassi marathon every night this week, starting at 9pm et!