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  • Hollywood Heights: James Franco as "Oz"

    Posted on 12/03/2012 by Lisa

    What do you think of James Franco as Osborne Silver on Hollywood Heights? If you haven't seen him in action yet, here's a clip from tonight's episode and a pic:

    I bet he had a lot of fun playing Oz, the sketchy movie producer. (Oh, I just realized: James Franco has played an "Oz" before -- he was Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man movies.) I love James Franco, but I don't love him quite as much with facial hair:

    James Franco as Osborne Silver on Hollywood Heights

    Did you know James Franco also played Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks? Check out these Freaks and Geeks videos to see little James. :)

  • 10 Reasons to Watch Hollywood Heights!

    Posted on 10/19/2012 by Lisa

    Right now we have the first ten episodes of Hollywood Heights online! My coworker, Heather, and I teamed up to make this top-ten list for you. Think of it as inspiration to throw yourself a Hollywood Heights marathon this weekend. The 11th episode airs on Monday, and that way, you'll be all caught up.

    Hollywood Heights!
    10 Reasons to Watch Hollywood Heights:

    1. There's sooooo much drama. Some people call Hollywood Heights a "family drama," but that makes it sound like it's about one family that doesn't get along. There are lots of families on Hollywood Heights, and they've all got drama, but each individual family member also has other drama that doesn't involve the family at all. Basically, Hollywood Heights is bursting at the seams with drama.

    2. There are EIGHTY episodes, and they're each an hour long. That means if you watch one episode a day, you'll be entertained until sometime in 2013!!

    3. Eddie Duran. He's hot, he's sensitive, he sings... what more do you want from a TV crush? Pretty much everyone who sees Hollywood Heights gets a crush on Eddie. Note from Lisa: I'm more into dorky boys, so Adam is my favorite guy on the show.

    4. Tyler: The bruised soul. He's constantly being rejected by the girl he loves, who was also his first love. So duh, of course he wants revenge on the one guy who seems to keep getting in the way. Tyler is lawful evil, and we all have a little bit of lawful evil in us. (That's right; we just referenced D&D.) Note from Heather: Tyler is way hotter than Eddie.

    5. Loren and Eddie's love is the purest of all love. The more Hollywood Heights you watch, the more you'll be convinced that these two are beyond perfect together.

    6. James Franco plays the delinquent producer, Osborne Silver. Yeah, that's right. JAMES FRANCO is on Hollywood Heights.

    7. Nora, Loren's mom. She's the kind of mom you can talk to about your crushes without it ever getting awkward. She's cool and young, and... basically, we have a mom-crush on Nora.

    8. The music. It's dance-around-the-room-in-your-underwear music. Turn it up as loud as you want. We won't judge.

    9. Melissa and Loren are straight-up inspiring. They're always doing brave things, from tweeting personal lyrics to a celebrity, to standing up to bullies like Adriana. Loren and Melissa make great examples of regular girls who take chances, express themselves, and become the people they want to be.

    10. The first ten episodes are only online for a limited time! Throw yourself a ten-episode marathon -- but don't wait! Next weekend, you'll have a new batch to watch.

    They're totally watching Hollywood Heights.
    If you're already a Hollywood Heights fan, what are your favorite things about the show? Post them in the comments!

  • Random Hotness: Cody Longo

    Posted on 09/12/2012 by Lisa

    Cody Longo, the actor who plays Eddie Duran on Hollywood Heights, is a cutie, right? Here's a video of him performing the song "One Day at a Time" on the show.

    I think if a guy can play an instrument, it automatically makes him hotter. I sort of wished Eddie had dressed up a bit for that performance, though. (I think he'd look better playing that grand piano in a tux... or at least a shirt, haha.)

    And now I'll post a few nice big pictures of Eddie, just because I can. :)

    Cody Longo (Eddie Duran on Hollywood Heights)
    Cody Longo (Eddie Duran on Hollywood Heights)
    Cody Longo (Eddie Duran on Hollywood Heights)

    Do you think Eddie's the most attractive guy on Hollywood Heights? If not, who gets your vote? (Maybe he'll be the next Random Hotness!)

  • Hollywood Heights: The Mystery Texter

    Posted on 09/10/2012 by Lisa

    How bad would you freak if you caught your mom going through your phone? Check out Loren's reaction in this Hollywood Heights sneak peek:

    New episodes of Hollywood Heights air Monday to Friday at 8pm et. If you've missed any recent episodes, catch up here.

  • Hollywood Heights: Who's Who?

    Posted on 09/04/2012 by Lisa

    Catching up on Hollywood Heights? There's a VERY helpful feature on the Hollywood Heights show page that you don't want to miss:

    This character chart! Click on it to open an interactive version, and then click on individual people to read their bios and see how they're connected to everybody else.
    Hollywood Heights Character Chart

    Neat, right? Of course, you can always watch the latest episodes of Hollywood Heights on the show page, too -- just go here and click on "full episodes."

  • Hollywood Heights premieres Monday!

    Posted on 06/16/2012 by Lisa

    Need more drama in your life while you wait for new Degrassi? Check out the new Nick@Nite show, Hollywood Heights.

    On, Hollywood Heights "they put the DRAMA in family drama." The show premieres Monday, June 18th at 9/8c on Nick@Nite, and focuses on Loren, a high school student and aspiring songwriter.

    Think of it as a drama snack to hold you over until Degrassi starts up again. :)