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  • The Music of Degrassi: Honey

    Posted on 08/16/2013 by baileyb2112

    There aren't really words to describe this week's episode of Degrassi. All of our fears were realized when tragedy struck and we had to say goodbye to one of our favorite people. But, since word's don't seem to do it justice, here's to hoping that the Adam's death can be better understood through music.

    Here's the full list of songs featured in "Honey:"

    The Grapes of Wrath: "Good To See You"
    Gin Wigmore: "Dirty Love"
    Steve Koven Trio: "Lolaland"
    Death and a Cure: "When It All Goes South"
    Secret Road Music: "Open Your Eyes"

    And as always, listen to these songs and all of your favorites of the season on TeenNick's Spotify playlist.

    Secret Road Music's "Open Your Eyes" served as the mournful soundtrack of the episode's final moments, when Drew was, in fact, forced to open his eyes to a horrible reality.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Honey'

    Posted on 08/16/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last night's episode of Degrassi was one of the most heart-wrenching we've seen in a while. Sometimes words fail to describe the harsh realities we face, but that is why Degrassi is so good at hitting us—even if painfully—right in the feels. If you haven't seen the full episode yet, watch it online, because there are big spoilers below.

    For the better part of this episode, it seemed like Alli and Leo were falling deeper in love. Alli dreaded the fact that she'd soon have to leave Leo, but he surprised her (and all of us) with a decision to move to Toronto. Even though it probably should have already been obvious to Alli, Jenna called her out for moving a little too fast. I'm so glad she spoke up too, because we all know Alli's judgment when it comes to boys could use a little judging of its own.

    Then, as if to confirm our doubts, Leo saw a text from Dallas in Alli's phone (remember, Dallas has been trying to contact Alli the entire trip), and his jealousy turned physical. When he grabbed her arm, it felt out of character for sweet Leo, but perhaps this was a sign that he was too good to be true after all. Alli departed Paris broken-up and brokenhearted, but the question remains...will Leo follow her to Toronto?

    Tristan and Maya, with plans to dress to the nines for their fancy dinner, jokingly attempted a classic Parisian "shopping montage." In between posing with fedoras and berets, Tristan decided to put aside his feelings for Miles and encourage Maya to pursue hers. Major BFF points for Tristan.

    When they arrived at dinner, Maya stunned in a killer green body-con dress and just about lassoed Miles' attention. Really, it was a look so fierce that it prompted a stone-cold death stare from Zoe, and without so much as a second passing by, she "accidentally" spilled red juice on Maya's dress. Man, this girl is something else! After officially confirming to everyone that she is indeed the Ice Queen, Miles broke up with her. But lest we get too excited, he then immediately said, "Watch your back Maya, because Zoe has a crazy idea that I'm into you." What? Is Miles for real? Come onnnn, we're right back where we started.

    Tragedy can feel boundless when it hits us abruptly. It's hard to say if anything could have prepared us for what was to happen to Adam, but his passing has certainly changed Degrassi forever. It was especially difficult because there was a sense of optimism throughout the episode: "Get well" cards from campers, confidence in his doctors, and no major complications with Adam's status as a transgender had us hopeful that he might be healed. But in the final moments of the episode, when Mr. and Mrs. Torres walked into the hospital room with looks of unmistakable devastation, it became clear that we lost him.

    A beloved friend, boyfriend, brother, and son, we have to remember Adam's story as one of courage. Perhaps "shock-mode" is the only way to describe how we are all feeling right now, but celebrate we will the short, beautiful life of Adam Torres.

    How are all of you Degrassi fans dealing with the events of this week's episode? Please let us know in the comments.

  • Degrassi Sneak Peek: "Honey"

    Posted on 08/13/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last week's episode of Degrassi left questions unanswered and fates undecided. Will Thursday's all-new episode answer the ultimate cliff hanger?

    In this first look, Jenna and Alli prepare spend their final days in Paris, and Alli anticipates leaving Leo. Their problems quickly become insignificant, though, when they hear the shocking news about Adam. Check out the sneak peek of "Honey" and be sure to tune in on Thursday at 9PM ET!