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  • House of Anubis: Pics from House of Surprise

    Posted on 03/21/2013 by Lisa

    A new House of Anubis, "House of Surprise," premieres tonight at 8:30pm et. Want a peek at some pics?

    House of Anubis
    Ooh, what's Eddie looking at?

    House of Anubis
    Did Alfie and K.T. get caught?

    House of Anubis
    What's Joy up to?

    House of Anubis
    Why does Jerome look so serious?

    House of Anubis
    And what's Victor working on?

    Watch "House of Surprise" tonight! If you need to catch up on the last few episodes, head over to

  • House of Anubis: Pics from House of Enemies

    Posted on 03/20/2013 by Lisa

    Tonight at 8:30pm et, on a new House of Anubis...

    House of Anubis
    Patricia looks delighted.

    House of Anubis
    Fabian looks concerned.

    House of Anubis
    Mara looks skeptical.

    House of Anubis
    Joy looks like she's making a promise.

    House of Anubis
    And Sibuna look like they're up to something (as always)!

    What's really going on in these pictures? Watch "House of Enemies" tonight to find out. New episodes of House of Anubis air Monday-Thursday at 8:30pm et. If you need to catch up, watch episodes on the day after they air on TeenNick!

  • House of Anubis: Something Shocking

    Posted on 03/13/2013 by Lisa

    Here are a few sneak peek pictures from tonight's House of Anubis episode, "House of Possession."

    House of Anubis
    Mara looks shocked -- and kind of scared.

    House of Anubis
    Eddie and Fabian look shocked -- and freaked out.

    House of Anubis
    KT looks shocked -- and terrified.

    House of Anubis
    Alfie and Patricia look shocked -- and worried (?)

    What's so shocking about tonight's House of Anubis? Tune in to TeenNick at 8:30pm et and watch "House of Possession" to find out -- or watch it tomorrow on (House of Anubis episodes are available on the day after they air.)

  • House of Anubis: Pics from Tonight's Episode

    Posted on 03/12/2013 by Lisa

    Is it just me or is House of Anubis getting creepier, darker, and weirder every day? Tonight on "House of Sarcophagi," we'll see:

    House of Anubis
    Fabian creepin' around.

    House of Anubis
    A creepy sarcophagus.

    House of Anubis
    KT lookin' creeped out.

    House of Anubis
    Patricia lookin' creeped out.

    House of Anubis
    Eddie and Patricia creepin' around.

    New episodes of House of Anubis air tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday at 8:30pm et on TeenNick. If you need to catch up, you can watch episodes on the day after they air on TeenNick.

  • Hello, House of Anubis!

    Posted on 02/25/2013 by Lisa

    We're excited to have new House of Anubis episodes premiering on TeenNick, Monday-Thursday at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT.

    The House of Anubis cast
    Welcome to TeenNick, everybody! Make yourself at home.

    New to Anubis? Nick's House of Anubis website has everything you need to get caught up on the show. Meet the characters and watch the latest House of Anubis videos on To stay up to date on all things Anubis, like the official House of Anubis Facebook page.

    If you've been watching House of Anubis on Nick, good news: they'll still be live-blogging the House of Anubis premieres, and everyone is welcome to join in. Here's where it happens.

    New episodes will be posted on the day after they air on TV. Here's the latest episode: House of Tombs.

    Remember: New episodes air Monday-Thursday at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT!

  • House of Anubis: Week 2 Recap

    Posted on 01/23/2012 by The-Gaby

    Have you been keeping up with House of Anubis? If you haven't caught up on the mystery and the drama from last week, you can watch them right here! Otherwise, SPOILERS below!

    What are your thoughts for this week? Can Sibuna keep it together in time before Senkhara unleashes her wrath on Nina?

    Don't forget to catch House of Anubis weeknights at 7p et on Nick.

  • House of Anubis: Week 1 Recap

    Posted on 01/16/2012 by The-Gaby

    Everyone is back at House of Anubis! Secrets are being uncovered and lives are already at stake. Between evil spirits and rocky relationships, Sinuba has a lot to get through this season.

    Check out this recap or watch the first 5 episodes here!

    Don't forget to catch House of Anubis weeknights at 7p et on Nick.

  • House of Anubis: Season 2!

    Posted on 01/10/2012 by Lisa

    If you missed the first season of House of Anubis, this clickable character guide will get you all caught up.

    Click to open

    I kind of want to add myself to the relationship tree... I'd be the pink-haired one about 5500 miles west of Anubis House that thinks Fabian is kinda cute. :)

    New episodes of House of Anubis are airing on Nick this week. If you'd rather watch them all in a row, watch TeenNick on Sunday at 5pm et for an Anubis mini-marathon.

  • House of Anubis: Who's the Snoggable-est?

    Posted on 10/01/2011 by Lisa

    I'm an Anubis newbie (I'm Anubie, haha!). I just started watching the show this week. Now I keep hoping I'll meet a cool old lady on the street and she'll give me a necklace with special powers.

    Today, I'd like to present a few Anubis cuties for your approval:

    Fabian from House of Anubis
    Fabian (played by Brad Kavanagh)

    Alfie from House of Anubis
    Alfie (played by Alex Sawyer)

    Mick from House of Anubis
    Mick (played by Bobby Lockwood)

    Hearing their British accents reminded me of this quiz Mary wrote a while back called What's Your Snogging Style? If you want to know what it'd be like to make out with one of those guys, go take the quiz!

    Whether you've seen the show yet or not, which of these guys do you consider the snoggable-est?