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  • Degrassi Recap: 'Hypnotize'

    Posted on 07/02/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Whoa. Is anyone still recovering from all of the drama that went down on last night's episode? Sure, Degrassi is no stranger to stirring to plot (especially when it comes to matters of the heart) but this week took it to the next level! From teacher-student relationships to budding romances, there is much to discuss about this episode. If you haven't seen "Hypnotize" yet, watch it online and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Tristan landed the role of emcee for the Degrassi Fashion Show much to the congratulatory praise of Mr. Yates. In fact, since Mr. Yates was so supportive, Tristan decided to ask his good looking teacher for help writing banter for the show � which meant going over to his apartment after school, alone.

    After a little bit of writing, and a perhaps a little too much drinking, Tristan kissed Mr. Yates. But right when he pulled away to apologize, Mr. Yates surprised him and took it a step further. Tristan quickly became uncomfortable and left.

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    The next day in class, Tristan tried to apologize to Mr. Yates for what happened the night before. But Mr. Yates, clearly uncomfortable, immediately retreated and dismissed Tristan for being "immature."

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    That night, Tristan went back to his teacher's apartment. When Mr. Yates answered the door, Tristan insisted that he was not only mature, but he was ready to take it to the next level. And so he did.

    Degrassians, it doesn't take much convincing to realize how dangerously suspicious this relationship is. We hope you felt the same discomfort we did as Mr. Yates, an authority figure, pursued his student. There is much left to be revealed and we can only imagine where this story will go next week, but what does your good judgment tell you now?

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Frankie hoped to be selected as a model for the fashion show, but after what she thought was a great audition, she didn't make the cut. With both Zo� and Keisha getting the nod from Becky and her fashion show committee, Frankie started to question what about her looks weren't good enough.

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    She became so insecure, in fact, that she asked her mom if she could get plastic surgery for her birthday. Momma Hollingsworth, thankfully, quickly shot that request down, and encouraged Frankie to talk to Becky. She would convince her that she had the experience and the skills to make a great model. And she did!

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Imogen finally mustered enough courage to ask Jack out on a date. When Jack invited Imogen to come watch her dance class after school, Imogen fell even harder for her talented crush. As Imogen hung out with Jack and her free-spirited dance friends, she smoked some weed — something we guess Imogen doesn't do too often — learned a few dance moves from Jack, and before they knew it, fell on the floor sharing their first kiss!

    Degrassi: Hypnotize

    Only thing is, because Imogen got high and was up so late with Jack, she didn't finish her sketches for the Degrassi Fashion show on time. She got the girl, but suffered the consequence of getting high and let her co-organizer (and good friend) Becky down. Will Imogen's relationship with Jack get in the way of her responsibilities? And perhaps more importantly, could it compromise her friendships?

    There's a lot to process from this episode, so let us know your thoughts in the comments!