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  • Jackie does Kelso's eye makeup!

    Posted on 06/15/2010 by Lisa

    Hold still, Kelso...I love the episode of That '70s Show where Jackie decides to give Kelso a glam, David-Bowie-inspired makeover.

    How do you feel about makeup...
    -on Kelso?
    -on yourself?
    -on your friends?
    -on the people you're attracted to?

  • Are you TOO honest with your bf/gf? Is Kelso?

    Posted on 05/04/2010 by Mary

    Remember that time on That '70s Show when the guys went to a "nudie flick" and Kelso felt guilty and told Jackie about it and she was psyched that he was honest with her, so he told her all about how that time she asked if he'd washed his hands before they made out and he said yes, actually he hadn't and he' d been petting dogs right before? That was awesome.

    And then Jackie says something about "selective honesty" so I was wondering... which of these items would you "select" to be honest with your bf/gf about?

    1) Your bf/gf directly asks you whether you think a guy/girl you know in real life is cute.

    2) Your bf/gf directly asks you whether you think a celebrity guy/girl is cute.

    3) A friend of yours is talking about a guy/girl who was just flirting with them. You think that the girl/guy is attractive and you're psyched for your friend. Do you volunteer, "Nice, that guy/girl is cute!" to your friend in the presence of your bf/gf?

    4) Someone who doesn't realize you 're in a relationship asks you out.

    5) Someone who knows you have a bf /gf (and knows who it is) has been sending you flirty texts.

    6) Your bf/gf bakes you cookies and they're weirdly super-salty.

    7) Your bf/gf got a bad new haircut, in your opinion.

    8) Your bf/gf kind of needs to floss.

    9) Your bf/gf is morally against violent video games and would think it was lame if you played them, but you played one at a friend's house.

    10) Your bf/gf is like mortal enemies with someone from his/her old school, and you end up going to a party at their house and think they're kind of nice, actually.

  • 10 Questions about Parties

    Posted on 04/21/2010 by Lisa

    What makes a great party? It depends who you ask.

    If you asked Jackie from That '70s Show, she'd probably describe a small, classy dinner party, like the one she tries to throw in ""Burning Down the House."" If you asked Kelso, he'd probably talk about an out-of-control house party that's packed with people.

    Now I'm asking you.

    1. When you're hosting a party, what's your ideal number of guests?
    2. What's your all-time favorite party song?
    3. What's on your snack table (or dinner table, if that's your style)?
    4. What's the perfect party location?
    5. Best night of the week for a party?
    6. How do you want your guests to dress?
    7. Would you decorate? (If yes, how?)
    8. Dancing: Yay or nay?
    9. Video games: Party fun or party foul?
    10. While you're thinking about your ultimate party, what would you call it? Give it a name.

  • I ♥ Roller Disco

    Posted on 01/14/2010 by Lisa

    I love the "Roller Disco" episode of That '70s Show. The outfits Jackie and Fez wear make me want to roller skate my way through life.

    That '70s Show

    I haven't been roller skating in years, but I just did a search for the nearest roller rinks. I wonder how many lessons I'd have to take to be as good as Jackie...

  • Dating Exercise: 3 Questions for Your Future Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    Posted on 12/16/2009 by Mary

    There's an ep of That '70s Show where Jackie gives Kelso a quiz to figure out if she should get back together with him (what kind of career he's planning, whether he would still love her if she were bald, etc...).

    So! How 'bout a completely random dating exercise:

    If you were facing a roomful of attractive people and had to pick one of them to be your next bf/gf, but you could only ask everyone the same three questions to figure out who you wanted, what three questions would you ask?

    Post your Qs in the comments!

  • How do you want yr "You've been cheated on?"

    Posted on 12/05/2009 by Mary

    The eps of That '70s Show where Kelso is an idiot and loses Jackie made me wonder,

    What is the "best" way to find out your bf/gf is cheating:
    a) Catching them -- so there's no confusion about what the truth is.
    b) Hearing about it from a friend -- so that cheating scum doesn't get to see you cry.
    c) A confession from your bf/gf -- so you don't have that image burned on your eyeballs, and they're kind of showing remorse? A little? And maybe you could forgive them?
    d) Other... please describe.