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  • Degrassi Interview: Jahmil French (Dave)

    Posted on 05/04/2012 by Lisa

    Jahmil French (Dave on Degrassi)I sent Jahmil French a bunch of questions about music, relationships, and what it's like playing Dave on Degrassi. Check out his answers:

    Give us a soundtrack. What song should Degrassi fans listen to as they read this interview?
    "The Motto" by Drake.

    I loved the scene where Dave, Adam, and Drew sing along to Bryan Adams on the way to school. What's your favorite song to sing in the car?
    I sing all Drake songs!

    If you could switch roles and play another character on Degrassi, who would you want to be?
    If I could play any other character on Degrassi it would definitely be ......... Jimmy Brooks! But on the show currently it would be Fiona. Maybe that wouldn't work out... but I'm in love with her. Yolo

    Alli gives Dave list a huge list of rules, but Dave only has one rule for her: "Dance with me." What relationship rule(s) are important to you in real life?
    For relationships, I'm no expert, but I think trust, respect and friendship are the key elements. I believe if you can be best friends with your partner it will make for a happier and more enjoyable relationship.

    Jahmil French (Dave on Degrassi)After everything they've been through (especially all the trust stuff), do you think Dave and Alli will make it as a couple? If you could give them one piece of love advice, what would it be?
    The challenges that Dave and Alli have endured the past couple seasons are definitely obvious and at the same time entertaining. I can't tell if they will make it or not, but it would be interesting to see where these two would go apart from each other. The best advice I have is to take it slow!

    Dave has had some intense scenes recently. What's it like for you to shoot that really emotional stuff?
    The emotional stuff is always the most fun to shoot on set. It is the core of what we do as actors.

    I love that Dave and Adam do the "Man Show" together on Degrassi radio. What's your favorite thing about working with Jordy?
    Working with Jordy is soo much fun! She is like my little sister! My favorite part about working with her is when I pretend to be a gangster and she attempts to go along with it horribly! One day we'll get her in a rap video with all the og's!!!! lol!

    What do you want to see happen with Dave in the future?
    I would really like to see how Dave will develop as a person. Aside from the whole love thing with Alli, it would be refreshing to see Dave not so engaged with his emotions and more influenced by his goals and aspirations as a young man. I think he has potential to be an amazing dancer...who knows...

    What's YOUR biggest dream, outside of Degrassi?
    I want to be like Denzel Washington. I WILL do a movie with Mr. Washington and I want to one day perform with Drake. These are my idols and heroes, but as much as I want to follow their footsteps, I will be the FIRST Jahmil French!

    Aside from shooting season 12 of Degrassi, what have you been up to?
    I assist coach at Wexford School for the Arts, and I'm always training and performing with my dance crew The MoonRunners! And I will be on my boy's album Unbelievable. His name is Kaleb Simmonds. I really just try to stay busy, work hard, and enjoy my youth!

    Dave (Jahmil French) and Alli (Melinda Shankar) share a dance.

  • Happy 4th. Two More Weeks 'Til Degrassi...

    Posted on 07/04/2011 by Mary

    Happy 4th of July...

    Two more weeks 'til new Degrassi.

    Dave from Degrassi, lighting up the night.