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  • Degrassi Interview: Jordy Todosey (Adam)

    Posted on 04/20/2012 by Lisa

    Jordy TodoseyI met up with Jordy Todosey while she was in L.A. for the Degrassi Party, and we talked about playing Adam on Degrassi, Tumblr, and secret admirers. Check it out:

    I love Adam as a character, and I know some of the episodes you've worked on have won a bunch of awards, which is amazing. What does it feel like to play Adam?
    Jordy: It's such an honor, especially when I hear people talking about how much Adam has helped them. I've really fallen in love with Adam.

    I feel like the fans have too. I know I have. It's hard to be anybody in high school, but being transgender in high school sounds even harder. (At this point, I checked my laptop to be sure our talk was recording.)
    Jordy: Is that Tumblr? Oh, it's not. I just thought if you had Tumblr up, I want to see it.

    Haha, I have a Tumblr, but it's not up. I'm fascinated by how active the Degrassi cast is online. Do you feel a lot of support from the fans?
    Jordy: I love the people I talk to on Tumblr. Most of them are such sweet people and so inspiring, and if one person says something mean to a cast member, all the other people are like "No, no, no. That's not true!"

    Iain from Epitome (he was in the room with us during the interview): One thing you might not know is that at the Emmy Awards, Jordy got to meet Chaz Bono.

    Oh, no way! That's awesome.
    Jordy: It was really cool. I mean, it was short, we just talked for a bit. With anybody, you have eyes on you, but imagine that many eyes on you. No matter what you do, there are going to be people who like it and don't, and when you're in the eyes of the public, everything is judged. I think Chaz is just so brave, and I think a lot of people can look up to him, including myself.

    Jordy TodoseySo, is there anything you're secretly hoping happens with Adam in the future?
    Jordy: Of course, I want him to find love... or some kind of cute relationship...

    You just want Adam to get a Tumblr!
    Jordy: (laughs) Adam becomes a serious blogger! I'd be like "Yaaay!" That'd be fun. Also, my mom and I have been cooking a lot lately, and we thought it would be cool if Adam starting cooking... it's such a feminine thing, but also such a masculine thing, so that'd be kind of fun... And he has the radio show, which is good. I just hope he finds some kind of a relationship, and maybe more good friends... Eli's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

    Munro was telling me that he really wants to see the Misfits again, and I was like "The fans do, too!"
    Jordy: I know, but the Eclare thing messed it all up. Relationships... (laughs)

    Speaking of relationships, do you have any experience with secret admirer stuff? I feel like if someone sent me a note like that... I mean, it's a compliment, but I'd also be a little creeped out, like "I don't know who this person is, I don't know if I want their attention."
    Jordy: I think the whole secret admirer thing is so cute. I'm doing home school now, but when I was in high school, I had a relationship with somebody, and on Valentine's Day, I put notes in his locker. I had him go around the school and find notes, and then it l led to my locker, and I gave him a kiss and a hug.

    Aww! Was he happy that it was you? Do you think he knew it was you?
    Jordy: I think he knew. If it wasn't, it would've been a little weird, since he was supposed to be in a relationship with me at the time! We were already kind of seeing each other.

    Oh, right! So, what else are you're excited about right now, besides Degrassi?
    Jordy: I'm working on some of my music, which is kinda cool. I'm a singer-songwriter.

    I didn't know you did music! That's awesome! My girl-crush on you just got a little bigger.
    Jordy: (laughs) I have a song that I did a while back that was really rough, I just recorded it in my basement... but I finished recording it in a studio, and did it professionally -- it's legit! So I'm really happy about that, and hopefully I'm gonna come out with an EP kind of thing, like a three song album.

    That's so cool. Do you think Adam could ever have a musical career?
    Jordy: Well, it'd be a little hard seeing as I sound like a girl when I sing, but maybe he could take up piano or guitar.

    Well, whatever happens with Adam, I'll be watching. Thanks so much for talking to me and for being awesome in general.
    Jordy: Thank you!

    Jordy Todosey (Adam on Degrassi)