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  • That Hidden Temple Fever Is Spreading

    Posted on 10/03/2011 by Ryanmcl

    So, this week has just gotten crazy with Hidden Temple Fever.

    There are a bunch of full episodes of Legends of The Hidden Temple on the

    In honor of this awesomeness let's check out some of the best parts of The Hidden Temple!


    Don't let the rough exterior fool you, this man may be made of rock, but deep down this "talking-rock" is one of the most knowledgeable pieces of stone I've laid witness to. He's got an extensive knowledge of myths and legends, and he's not afraid to show it off either, chicks love this.

    The Silver Monkey

    This one could go either way depending on where you stand, this bad boy was only three pieces to put together but also the downfall of about %75 of contestants that attempted. They may have just been rushed during the heat of the moment, but usually the head goes on top!

    Temple Guards

    This can go either way too. I just have to shout out my respect to these guys for all of the sleepless nights throughout my childhood. I still carry a Pendant of Life with me, wherever I go. Just in case, I mean, you never know these days.

    Also, an interesting fact about The Legend of Shaka Zulu, this episode holds the record for the fastest time a team got through the Temple Run. The Red Jaguars were able to get through it in 1 minute 46 seconds!

    That's UNHEARD OF!

    See you guys soon!