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  • 10 Reasons 'Holiday In The Sun' Is Our Favorite Mary-Kate & Ashley Movie

    Posted on 01/15/2016 by TeenNickBlogger

    We love every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, but Holiday in the Sun might just be the best one. Here are 10 reasons why:

    1. It was filmed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, which looks like the most fun place on Earth.

    Holiday in the Sun

    2. I mean, you get to swim with dolphins...

    Holiday in the Sun

    3. ...and hello, jet skis!

    Holiday in the Sun

    4. Plus, there are a few cuties in this movie.

    Holiday in the Sun

    5. Really though...

    Holiday in the Sun

    6. We aren't kidding!

    Holiday in the Sun

    7. And you know a bully just has to get in the way...

    Holiday in the Sun

    Holiday in the Sun

    Oh, Brianna.

    8. And what? A run-in with the police reveals an unsolved mystery?

    Holiday in the Sun

    Holiday in the Sun

    Get ready for a little trouble in paradise...

    9. But like all Mary-kate & Ashley movies, the fashion is so fun.

    Holiday in the Sun

    Holiday in the Sun

    10. And the warm air and tropical smoothies will make you forget about winter.

    Holiday in the Sun

    What more could you ask for? Go grab your SPF and be sure to catch Holiday in the Sun Saturday at 2pm on TeenNick!

  • Movie Mondays: Karate Kid III

    Posted on 08/05/2013 by Rachel1016

    Didn't get enough Karate Kid last week? Mr. Miyagi and Daniel are back for one last fight!

    Tune in tonight at 8 PM ET for The Karate Kid Part III to see if Daniel can defend his championship title without betraying his loyal mentor, Miyagi!

  • Movie Mondays: Karate Kid II

    Posted on 07/29/2013 by baileyb2112

    The Karate Kid is back! We know you missed Mr. Miyagi...

    Tune in to The Karate Kid Part II tonight at 8 PM ET to see the continuing story of Miyagi and Daniel as they take an emergency journey to Okinawa and learn all about Miyagi's mysterious past!

  • Movie Mondays: Rags

    Posted on 07/22/2013 by Rachel1016

    What if the story of Cinderella were flip-flopped? What if the pauper was actually named Prince?

    Tune in tonight at 8pm ET for Rags, the musical journey of Charlie Prince, an orphan who crosses paths with a pop superstar!
  • Movie Mondays: Gremlins

    Posted on 07/15/2013 by Rachel1016

    Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. Especially when it's capable of unleashing disaster.

    Tune in tonight at 8pm ET for Gremlins, the hilarious story of a little creature who causes mayhem and destruction over an entire town!
  • Movie Mondays: Nicky Deuce

    Posted on 06/10/2013 by Lisa

    Tune in to TeenNick at 8pm et / 5pm pt to see Cristine Prosperi (Imogen from Degrassi) star opposite Noah Munck in Nicky Deuce!

    Cristine plays Donna, and in this promo, she offers Nicky a little advice:

    I used to live in Brooklyn, and I agree with the rule about pleated pants. (Are they a good look on anyone? I vote "No.") Here are a few pics of Donna and Nicky from the movie:

    Nicky Deuce

    Nicky Deuce

    And here's a kissy .gif! :)

    Nicky and Donna, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    Nicky Deuce starts at 8pm et / 5pm pt on TeenNick!

  • Movie Mondays: Spectacular!

    Posted on 06/03/2013 by Lisa

    Movie Mondays move to an earlier time tonight. Tune in at 8pm et / 5pm pt for Spectacular!

    Spectacular! stars Tammin Sursok as a show choir singer named Courtney and Nolan Gerard Funk as Nikko, her rock star love interest. You'll also spot a few familiar faces, including Victoria Justice as Tammi, Courtney's show choir nemesis, Avan Jogia (Beck from Victorious) as Tajid, and Andrea Lewis (Hazel from Degrassi) as Robin.
    Avan Jogia in a cow-print cowboy hat

    In the mood to try a few moves of your own? Dance your fingers across your keyboard to compete with Royce in the Spectacular Showdown game!

    Play Spectacular Showdown

    Get your jazz hands ready... Spectacular! starts at 8pm et / 5pm pt.

  • Movie Mondays: Clueless

    Posted on 05/11/2013 by Lisa

    Practice that "rollin' with the homies" dance and get ready to party in the Valley -- Clueless is on TeenNick, Monday night at 9pm et (6pm pt)!

    Want five reasons to tune in? Watch this:

    If you have something else to do on Monday night, this gif's for you:

    As if!

    As if!! Clueless is a classic. Don't miss it!

  • Movie Mondays: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

    Posted on 05/03/2013 by Lisa

    Monday at 9pm et (6pm pt), don't miss this movie about a magical pair of pants.

    The movie isn't just about pants, of course. It's also about four best friends who have to spend the summer apart, and how one pair of jeans helps them stay in touch. This movie always gets me thinking about my favorite people (and my favorite jeans), and how lucky I am to have them in my life. Yay for good friends and good pants.

    p.s. PANTS. PANTS! PANTS!!!!


  • Movie Mondays: Free Willy!

    Posted on 04/29/2013 by Lisa

    Free Willy is on TeenNick tonight at 9pm et / 6pm pt! If you've never seen it, it's an amazing story about a boy who doesn't fit in anywhere until he becomes best friends with a whale.

    Free Willy

    The promos call it a "whale-mance," which makes me giggle, but the movie itself makes me cry. It's a story about how far people will go to protect their friends, even if those friends aren't human. (I would do ANYTHING to keep my dog safe, so I can definitely relate.)

    Free Willy

    If you like friendship and/or whales, free up a little time tonight around 9pm et / 6pm pt, and watch Free Willy on TeenNick!