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  • Degrassi Interview: Munro Chambers

    Posted on 04/06/2012 by Lisa

    Lisa Beebe and Munro ChambersWhen Munro Chambers (Eli on Degrassi) was in L.A. for the Degrassi Party, I got to hang out with him in a hotel room for a while and talk about Degrassi -- and we talked about tonight's episode, Watch "Need You Now, pt. 2." If you haven't seen it yet, watch it before you read any further. *spoilers below*

    Let's talk about "Need You Now," the two-parter where Eli finally gets together with Imogen, but then thinks she's cheating on him. As I watched the episode, I was kinda like, "Oh, man, he's flipping out, he's flipping out... where is this going?" I really like Eli as a character, and I was worried it was going to a really bad place. So it was such a relief when his psychologist says he doesn't have anything to worry about, and that it's just teenage hormones. (Note: I didn't tell Munro this, but that part made me cry.)
    Munro: Well that's the whole thing with him being bipolar... it's a chemical thing. It's not just a phase he's going through. It's intense, because he doesn't know if he's being bipolar or just jealous. The man has been through a lot! He needs to just relax.

    Can you relate to that in your own life at all? I feel like it's so easy for any normal person who has a really strong crush on someone to be walking the line of what is actually OK behavior.
    Munro ChambersMunro: I feel like it all comes down to just overthinking stuff. I think everybody goes through that. When you start to feel for somebody, you get in that mindset where you just want to be with them. And when things start to go sour, you're like "Why is it going sour? Did I do something wrong? Did I not wear the right shoes? Is my top weird? Does it not show my shoulders the right way? There are just so many elements to it."

    It shows your shoulders just right. Haha.
    Munro: Thank you. (laughs) But yeah, I think it's very easy to feel that. You see it in your daily life and with your friends. Playing a character who gets jealous... everyone gets jealous! Even as an actor, you get jealous, like when you want a role so bad, and you don't get it.

    With Eli, he's like "What could I have done better?" and he starts hating on himself and hurting himself, and he just needs to relax. He's a stubborn person and he's very hard-headed, but he just wants to be liked like everybody else. He just wants to be accepted, in his own little group. And it's hard to feel accepted when you're dealing with a disorder that segregates you.

    Imogen is such a complex character, too. Every episode, she's different. She's got her own stuff going on -- it's like, one minute she's stalking him and she's crazy in love with him, and the next minute, when she has him, she doesn't want him anymore. Maybe it's just like... you want what you can't have...

    I feel like that's realistic, too. She really put him on a pedestal.
    Munro: Yeah, 100%. It's like when you're a kid and you want this toy, and then you get it and you're like "Why did I want this?"

    So, Eli's a senior now. Where would you like to see him go?
    Munro: I want him to keep his path of trying to be healthy. He's biking, he's working out... he's trying to get rid of the darkness. But he's starting to realize that getting rid of the dark clothes isn't getting rid of the "darkness" of being bipolar.

    I want to see him go back to being that conniving, pranking, defending his friends kind of person, because I feel like he's very much the dark knight of Degrassi. Eli is a weird, quirky guy, but he's compassionate. I want to see him get better, I want him to find love, with whoever it may be...

    I love what you said about him being a dark knight of Degrassi, and I love-love-love his friendship with Adam.
    Munro: I kinda want to see the Misfits again! He has Fiona, which is such a great friendship, but I do also love his friendship with Adam.

    Me too! Maybe it's just because I'm a writer, but I'd also like to see Eli do more writing.
    Munro: Oh, I think he will. He's very much an artist in that sense. I love his writing. He did Love Roulette, but I'd like to see him tackle something else, when he's not in such a state. Above all though, I just want to see him be accepted a little bit more. I like that he's an outsider, because it's a lot of fun to play.

    Thanks so much for talking to me!

    Munro Chambers (Eli on Degrassi)

  • Nowhere to Run: Go behind the scenes.

    Posted on 11/17/2011 by Lisa

    Warning: Cuteness! Here's Melinda Shankar (Alli), Luke Bilyk (Drew), Munro Chambers (Eli), Aislinn Paul (Clare), and Justin Kelly (Jake), hanging out on the set of Degrassi: Nowhere to Run.

    I love when they play tortured, emotional characters on Degrassi, but in real life, they all seem so nice.

    Random question: Would you rather hang out with the Degrassi cast -- or their characters? (In a cabin in the woods, of course.)

  • That one time Jake fed Eli a pear.

    Posted on 09/01/2011 by Mary

    So, in this video, Munro Chambers tells us all about his real-life Now or Never moment -- a moment that decided whether or not we would ever see him on Degrassi! -- and then Justin Kelly feeds him a pear.

    You should probably definitely watch it.

    And don't forget! After tonight's Degrassi: Now or Never finale, you only have a few days to catch up on all of the full episodes in HD right here. Because after Labor Day (which, by the way, will also be a 9a to midnight et Degrassi: Now or Never marathon), the full archive comes down.

    So do your eye stretches, get settled, and hit play.

  • New Interview: Munro Chambers (Eli)!

    Posted on 07/18/2011 by Mary

    Munro Chambers aka Eli Goldsworthy from Degrassi: Now or Never How has it been working with Justin Kelly (who will play Jake) again?
    Outstanding. He's a very very good friend of mine -- we worked together on a previous show -- and it's great. He's a talented actor, and to work with him again is a pleasure. Coming to work here every day is already the peak, acting-wise, for fun and enjoyment. But the fact that he's on makes it that much better, because it's family.

    This must be a very different season for you, because last season most of your days were spent with Aislinn and now they're kind of... not.
    Yeah, it's different. But I still... I still see her a lot. You'll see that in the season, we're still around each other, for better or worse.

    What's your take on the new character Imogen? We're all so curious about her.
    She's awesome. Really deep. I feel like there's so much to her that we don't know yet, she's a really complex character, played beautifully by Christine Prosperi. It's a very awkward character but at the same time very confident. It's really right in the middle. And Christine is so unlike Imogen. She's doing a fantastic job.

    How do you feel about where Eli's going this season?
    Eli... since the finale when he crashed his car, obviously something "upstairs" is not tightened properly. It's a very difficult time for him right now. I feel like Clare's trying to get over it, he's trying to get over it, they're both denying some stuff, and you're gonna see him go into kind of a dark place. But at the same time, good comes out of it. You're going to see a side of Eli that has been brewing inside of him, that a lot of people aren't ready for. What we saw in the finale was a glimpse.

    Do you miss Morty?
    I really do! I remember there was a scene where I'm driving in my dad's car, which is a very beautiful car, but I was like "I miss driving that hungry monster of a car!" So good. I miss him. I want him back.

    Where is Morty now?
    I think he's back in Newfoundland. He's a '63 Cadillac I think? But yeah, he's from Newfoundland; I met the guy who owns him, and he's a pretty sick dude. He's like 28, 29, he's not like this elderly guy who just drives around this old hearse. Apparently he drove it to prom and stuff! I wish Eli had gotten to do that.

  • More Gorgeous Degrassi: Now or Never Teaser Pictures!

    Posted on 05/30/2011 by Mary

    No comment.

    Well, wait, one very important comment... these pictures were taken by our new friend Olivia Bee, who is 17, and who kicks copious amounts of ass, and ok, no more comments.

    Oh wait one more: I interviewed Olivia about her experience at the shoot and life in general; I'll post it here soon.

    OK shutting up now. Here.

    Ray Ablack aka Sav at the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot
    Ray Ablack aka Sav at the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot. Olivia has a funny story about this moment. Coming soon.

    New character Imogen and Eli at the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot
    New character Imogen and Eli at the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot

    Drew, new character Katie, Marisol, and the back of Holly J at the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot.
    Drew, new character Katie, Marisol, and the back of Holly J at the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot.

    Why not... another gorgeous picture of Clare from the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot.
    Why not... another gorgeous picture of Clare from the Degrassi: Now or Never teaser shoot.

    More pics to come! Promise!

    And don't forget, the video will be shown during Bring It On tonight at 9p et. Which of your friends has the biggest TV? Go there and watch.

  • Degrassi Interview: Munro Chambers (Eli)!

    Posted on 04/20/2011 by Mary

    (If you can't see the video above these words, click here to watch.

    Here, write this on your hand before your next first date... priceless dating advice from Munro Chambers:
    Wear deodorant.
    Brush teeth.
    Don't be creep.

    Have you anything to add to the list?

  • I met Munro and Aislinn at the KCAs!

    Posted on 04/03/2011 by Lisa

    Yesterday, I worked on the orange carpet writing updates for during the Kids' Choice Awards, and I got to talk to Munro Chambers (Eli) and Aislinn Paul (Clare) from Degrassi.

    Here's picture of us together:

    Munro Chambers, Lisa Beebe, and Aislinn Paul at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

    I met up with them just before Train played the orange carpet pre-show, so it got really loud, and we only had a few minutes to talk. My first impression was that they both looked exactly like they do on Degrassi, only somehow even cuter, probably because they're both so friendly. Aislinn was excited to see Train live. Munro and I both thought Jimmy from Train was Howie Mandel when we first saw him on the orange carpet. They look so much alike!

    I asked how they handle all the attention from their fans, and they said it was overwhelming at first, but they're starting to get used to it. Munro joked that he uses earplugs to drown out the fans' screams. :)

    The funniest part of talking to Munro and Aislinn on the orange carpet was that Matt Shively (Ryan from True Jackson) saw them and ran over to introduce himself and say how much he loves them. He was just as excited to meet them as I was. From here on out, whenever I watch True Jackson, I'm going to be thinking "That guy's a Degrassi fan in real life!"

    That reminds me, Munro and Aislinn gave me a message for all the Degrassi fans: They're both DYING for you to see the season finale on April 22nd. So whatever you do, DON'T MISS the next few episodes of Degrassi!

    Here's an official picture of them as they walked the orange carpet!

    Munro Chambers and Aislinn Paul at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

    p.s. If you missed the picture I tweeted during the show yesterday, that's right here.

  • Munro and Aislinn will be at the Kids' Choice Awards!

    Posted on 03/28/2011 by Lisa

    Need another reason to watch the Kids' Choice Awards? Two Degrassi cast members will be there -- Munro Chambers (Eli) and Aislinn Paul (Clare)!

    Your best bet for spotting them is to watch the orange carpet pre-show on, starting at 7pm on Saturday. will have all sorts of access you won't see on-air (they can't fit everything on TV), so keep an eye on your computer monitor during the show.

    Here's a rundown of everything that'll be happening on on Saturday.

    Btw, if you see a tall girl on the orange carpet with bright pink hair, that's me! If everything goes as planned, I'll be at the KCAs writing live updates for during the show. I know I'll see all sorts of celebs that day, but since I'm a Degrassi fan, I'm most excited about Munro and Aislinn! I hope we get a photo together. :)

    Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers
    Aislinn and Munro will pose for a pic with me, right?

  • Munro Chambers Interview! Is Eli Goth-ish?

    Posted on 03/09/2011 by Mary

    Check this vintage interview with Munro Chambers behind the scenes at his photo shoot. He tries to describe Eli's style and comes up with: "really dark... Gothic... in a way?"

    It's not easy to label Eli, nor is there really any point to doing so, BUT, I'm bored so: if you had had had to describe Eli Goldsworthy's style, what would you call it?

    I'm going with "Timberlake meets Psychobilly."

    Munro Chambers as Eli on Degrassi -- would you say he's goth?
    Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy on Degrassi

  • Cute Boy Overload: Munro Chambers (aka Eli)

    Posted on 11/19/2010 by Mary
    Four big ol' pics of the boy you (and Clare) love to love. Happy fall finale night -- Degrassi's at 9p et, and there's a full hour of Gigantic starting at 9:30p et!
    Munro Chambers Munro Chambers
    Munro Chambers Munro Chambers