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  • Degrassi: "In the Cold, Cold Night, pt. 2" Recap

    Posted on 05/18/2012 by Lisa

    Did the Frostival live up to your expectations? Let's talk it over from the beginning.

    Warning: SPOILERS BELOW. (If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it here.)

    Eli and Clare

    I understand why Clare was nervous about having lunch with Eli, but I loved when Connor said "I hate when people do things for my own good." I DO TOO, Connor! I'm glad Clare decided to go have lunch with him anyway, even if it didn't work out all that well for Eli's pants. At least we finally go to hear him say the line "Do you think we could ever pick up where we left off?"

    I miss the Marisol from a few episodes back who cared about treating other people with love and respect.


    I know a thirteen year old is too young to audition for an indie band at a bar, but I reeeeeally want Maya to find a way to show off her musical skills. (Oooh, random thought -- do you think she'd ever start a new Degrassi band? I love Degrassi bands, especially when they're full of girls... I still have fond memories of Paige Michalchuck and the Sex Kittens!)

    Poor Simpson. I felt bad for him when Fiona told him all he cared about was "smothering dreams." So much violent stuff has happened on his watch, and he's just trying to keep the kids safe. But still... the Frostival must go on, right?

    I laughed out loud at this exchange:

    Fiona: Do you have any idea how many times I've packed these suitcases?
    Holly J: Once?
    Fiona: Yeah. These are new.

    And then a moment later, Imogen showed up, Fiona told her the truth about everything, and Imogen called her a quitter. Sadness. :(

    Imogen and Fiona

    I get that Fiona doesn't want to leave Degrassi, but now that she's sold most of her clothes and she doesn't have her parents' money, how exactly will that work? Do you think she'll find a way to stay? Will this thing with Imogen work out? I loved their moment on the Ferris Wheel. (Rewatch that scene here!) "It's not the heights I'm scared of." *sigh*

    Clare and Eli

    Eli + Clare + cotton candy = I start to cry. Did anybody else cry at that last scene? I don't even think of myself as an Eclare fan necessarily... I just believe in love and possibilities, and I feel like this episode ended in a way that is absolutely bursting with possibility!

    p.s. I am dying to read that old-timey newspaper. Even Jenna's music review, as rewritten by Eli.

    p.p.s. We'll talk more about the summer promo later, but "Welcome to Degrassi."?!?? Hell yeah! Is it summer yet?

  • Degrassi: "In the Cold, Cold Night, pt. 1" Recap

    Posted on 05/11/2012 by Lisa

    This Frostival thing sure seems to be stirring up lots of drama... but before I go into detail, I want to point out that there are SPOILERS BELOW. (If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it here.)


    Imogen seems beyond-psyched about the idea of "a festival of frost? No... a FROSTIVAL!" and I get the feeling lots of Degrassi fans share her excitement.

    Fiona has been trying so hard to impress Imogen (and make Marisol look bad), but now she has even more to worry about. Mrs. Coyne was in jail, and now she's on house arrest. That's a huge deal, and it sounds like she's serious about moving Fi back to NYC. I love Fiona, so I hope her days at Degrassi aren't coming to an end just yet.


    Meanwhile, poor Maya is so miserable in the ninth grade band. She and Ms. Oh seem like they're driving each other crazy. Sitting through a class where you don't feel challenged at all is the worst. I don't want her to leave Degrassi and go to art school, but I want her to find something that makes her happier. Any ideas what that might be?


    And last but not least, can we talk about Eli for a sec? I loooved the scene where he jokes that Fiona and Imogen should make out, and then he can tell from Fiona's reaction that she has a crush on Imogen. To me, that just proves what good friends Eli and Fiona are. He says he doesn't care if she goes after Imogen, and I really hope he means that. I want Eli and Imogen to stay friends, and Eli and Fiona to stay friends, and Imogen and Fiona to figure out where they're headed without ruining their friendship. (I've said this before, but you guys are SO lucky I don't write for Degrassi... I'd be like "I'm making everyone friends forever! No more of that messy drama!" Haha.)

    Back on the subject of Eli: I know a lot of people liked "dark" Eli, but I love this happier version of him. I think he's proving to himself -- and to everyone else -- that taking care of yourself (and taking medication, if you need it) really helps. The old Eli scared me because I was always afraid he was about to do something desperate and drastic to prove his love for Clare, and that's exactly what ended up happening. (Poor Morty. *sigh*)

    Speaking of Clare, she seems to be returning to her overachieving ways. Agreeing to run the newspaper before she has anyone to help her? That's the Clare we know and love! No more running away from home, please.

    I'm proud of Clare for apologizing to Alli, but it was pretty obvious that she waited to do so until she really needed a favor, which made the apology feel less meaningful. The scene where Eli walked in and asked, "Are you still looking for writers?" kind of blew my mind... (Rewatch it here.) I'm dying to see where this all goes next week.

    Next week: FROSTIVAL. I'm tempted to wear a winter hat and scarf next Friday, even though I live in LA.

  • Degrassi: "Hollaback Girl, pt. 2" Recap

    Posted on 05/04/2012 by Lisa

    So... what's your take on the Katie-Drew-Bianca situation? Let's discuss "Hollaback Girl, pt. 2." (Spoilers below. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it here.)

    Bianca and Drew

    First of all, I just want to say that I'm really starting to appreciate Drew and Adam's mom, Audra. In the past, Mrs. Torres seemed harsh, but maybe she's just a really protective mom? I absolutely loved the scene where she and Bianca talked on the stairs. It made me cry, because I'm SO GLAD Bianca found someone who's willing to look out for her.

    It looks like she's going to be spending more time with the Torres family, so it's not exactly convenient that she and Drew are in love, and he's still dating Katie. Is this situation good for anyone? I sort of wish Drew had broken up with Katie before she went into rehab, because I feel like she might end up getting hurt worse in the long run.

    Dave and Alli

    The comedian at the Dot (rewatch that scene here) seemed convinced that Dave and Alli were over. At the time, I thought he might be right, but that confrontation somehow seems to have *helped* their relationship. I feel like Dave just has to accept that he's going to be an emotional mess about the accident for a while... and Alli has to accept it, too.

    I think I'm still kind of a mess about Jacinta's accident, too. I don't want anything like that to happen to anyone I know. If you're walking and texting, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

    Marisol and Mo

    Meanwhile, despite Mo's total inability to understand girls, it seems like Marisol is willing to give him another chance. I felt so bad for Mo when she refused to go on the fancy date, but it makes sense that she was worried about Katie. If they want this relationship to work out, though, they need to take a lesson from Dave and Alli and work on their communication. "None of your business" isn't a phrase that leads to a great relationship.

    I did love the moment where Marisol told Mo, "This is why I like you. You just wanna hold my hand," though. :)

    What did you think of this episode?

  • Degrassi: "Hollaback Girl, pt. 1" Recap

    Posted on 04/27/2012 by Lisa

    Who's ready to talk about tonight's Degrassi? (If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here.)

    *Spoilers below. Don't read any further until you've seen the episode.*

    Bianca and Drew

    So much happened between Bianca, Drew, and Katie tonight that I don't know where to start. Bianca used to stress me out (probably because I would've been afraid of her if she had gone to my high school), but now I really want to see her succeed. I will NOT be happy if she gets in trouble for trying to be Katie's friend. Right now, I can't imagine why anyone would want to be Katie's friend... I feel like the terrible things she said to Bianca in the kitchen (rewatch that scene here) all sounded true. I think she meant all of it. I can't help wondering how much of Katie's usual friendly attitude is fake. Was this a peek at the "real Katie" or is her addiction changing her personality?

    Katie was being so mean to Bianca that I sort of wanted Drew to find out about it and break up with her... but that doesn't mean I'm OK with him cheating on her. I'm not. It's cool that he and Bianca both like each other, but we've seen Drew cheat before, and he'll probably do it again. Maybe this new Bianca is too good for a cheatypants like him? Maybe he and Katie kind of deserve each other? Hmm.

    Mo and Marisol

    During last week's episode, Marisol seemed like she was growing as a person. This week, she seemed just as shallow as ever. Mo really likes her and wants to make her happy, but are they just too different for it to work? Back when Marisol went to The Dot with Drew, she seemed to treat it like a date, but suddenly with Mo, it's just a friend thing? Not cool, Marisol.

    Alli and Dave

    Help me out... is anyone from Degrassi in a happy relationship right now? Not Alli and Dave, that's for sure. It makes sense that he's a total mess after what happened with Jacinta. Do you think Alli's pushing him too hard to talk about it? (It bugged me a little that she invited him over to watch a movie instead of talking, and then as soon as the movie was over, she was like "Let's talk!") I feel like Dave is trying to figure out how to cope, and Alli may unintentionally push him away.

    Will ANY of these relationships survive? Do you want them to? Share your Degrassi love predictions in the comments.

    p.s. I just realized that despite all the complicated relationships happening elsewhere at Degrassi, Tori and Zig seem relatively happy together. Yay for young love.

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Smash Into You, pt. 2"

    Posted on 04/20/2012 by Ryanmcl

    Here's info from Degrassi's music team about how they chose the songs used in this episode.

    SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the new episode yet, go watch it before you read this post!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "Something I Need" by Carosel
    Adam and Tristan at the Dot. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "Carosel is an Irish band who make their home in Paris, France. We had placed Carosel's music before in another TV show and they've come a long way since, refining and perfecting their cute, attractive pop style with solid musicianship, vocals and lyrics."

  • Degrassi: "Smash Into You, Pt. 1" Recap

    Posted on 04/13/2012 by Lisa

    Did you watch "Smash Into You, Pt. 1" tonight? (If not, watch it here.) Let's talk it over.

    *Spoilers below. Don't read any further until you've seen the episode.*

    Alli and Dave

    OK, so. First up, as a bunch of people commented on this post, Dave's texting and driving in the first scene is just plain stupid. If you learn one lesson from tonight's Degrassi, let it be: DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE OR YOU WILL HIT SOMEONE YOU LOVE WITH YOUR CAR.

    While the texting and driving was the stupidest thing (in my opinion) that Dave did in this episode, I loved that awkward moment when he ran into the Model UN planning meeting, knocked everything over, and said "Did I do that?" He's like our own little Urkel!

    I'm glad that Alli decided to give Dave another chance, but can anyone live up to her standards of a good boyfriend? I feel like they're both going to have to relax a bit for the relationship to work. (Btw, when did Little Miss Steaks get so romantic? Rewatch that scene.)

    One question though... Am I the only one who feels bad for Jacinta? I feel like she really likes Dave, and he's treating her like crap. Love is so complicated. :(

    Tori and Adam

    Meanwhile, I loved the thing Adam wrote about how surviving the shooting makes him feel like he can do anything. I am SO glad he came through all of that ok, and I'm excited to see more of the secret admirer storyline next week.

    I thought it was funny when Tori asked Adam personal questions and claimed it was for an assignment. It reminded me of when Anya and Riley interviewed Chris about his relationship status. Has anyone out there ever done this in real life to get info? Or does this only happen on TV?

    And while I'm asking questions... If you were participating in Degrassi's Model UN, would you rather work with Mo or Marisol? (Neither of them seems like an ideal partner, but if you HAD to work with one of them, would it be Mar or Mo?)

    Do you think Katie and Drew are right that Mo likes her? Or are they just messing with Marisol's head?

    Any other comments on the episode? Post them below.

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Smash Into You, pt. 1"

    Posted on 04/13/2012 by Ryanmcl

    Here's info from Degrassi's music team about how they chose the songs used in this episode.

    SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the new episode yet, go watch it before you read this post!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "Wanna Ride" by Dirty Radio
    Dave and Alli make out in his car. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "This Vancouver based group was perfect for Dave. We didn't want to simply put Dave into the hip hop genre. Instead, this is an electropop hip hop group with many influences. There are a few versions of this song but this is the original � perfect for Dave's comeback with Alli."

    "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams
    Adam and Drew sing along to Dave's radio in his car.
    "Our script called for some recognizable piece of music that the boys could enthusiastically belt out in Dave's car. With the help of our friends at Universal Music Publishing Canada, we dove into a huge list of possibilities, but we chose Bryan Adams for the simple reason that he and this song are iconic Canadian symbols that we wanted to showcase to a younger generation of Canadians."

  • Degrassi: Let's talk about Eli, Tori, and K.C.

    Posted on 04/06/2012 by Lisa

    Did you watch Degrassi: "Need You Now, pt. 2" tonight? If not, watch it before you read this post. *spoilers inside*

    Eli and Adam

    Munro and I talked about this episode, and as I told him, I found it very stressful to watch. I was SO WORRIED about Eli. I want him to get better, but tonight, it really seemed like he was getting worse. Breaking into Fiona's apartment seemed off-the-charts crazy (rewatch that scene here). He's lucky she didn't all the police.

    When Eli's psychologist said, "I don't really think that you have anything to worry about for the time being," it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. He's just acting weird and jealous because he caught the person he likes lying to him! It makes sense, but I still wish he'd confronted Imogen instead of spying on her.

    By the way, the next time I'm acting crazy over a guy I like, can I please visit Degrassi-world and talk to Adam? For someone without much dating experience, his advice seems right on (though I wish he'd found a way to stop Eli from going to Fiona's).

    Marisol and Tori

    I am so glad Tori finally stood up to Zig about the power squad thing. When she said, "Name one thing you've ever done for me," I felt like cheering for her. I'm also glad that it encouraged him to make an effort. For a few minutes there, I thought tonight might be the end of Zori, but Zig really stepped up.

    A few questions about tonight's episode:
    *Eli and Imogen: I'm glad they're doing the friend thing for now. Do you think they'll be the kind of friends who later become something more? Or is their romantic connection over for good? (They have so much in common... I'm so torn about this.)

    *Zig and Tori: Think it'll last? Or are they so different that they'll end up driving each other crazy? Zig doesn't like football, but for Tori, he committed to going to every game. Hmm.

    *K.C. and the baby: Do you think K.C. is doing the right thing by backing off from the Powells? It seems like he really wants to make the most of his life so that if Doug ever needs him in the future, he can be there... but I wonder how Doug will feel about their when he's older. (Maybe he'll be a character on Degrassi someday, and we'll find out!)

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Need You Now, pt. 2"

    Posted on 04/06/2012 by Ryanmcl

    Here's info from Degrassi's music team about how they chose the songs used in this episode.

    SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the new episode yet, go watch it before you read this post!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "Nerve" by Half Moon Run
    Eli and Adam creep up Fiona's fire escape. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "We are so happy to have found a home for this song on Degrassi. We remember when HMR's demo CD was sent to us, we were instantly amazed, and now they're one of the best up and coming bands Canada has to offer. The sincerity of this song, its simple attitude, mimicked Eli's creepiness as he snuck up Fiona's fire escape."

    "People Is Place" by Little Scream
    Imogen snaps pictures of a sleeping Eli.
    " Little Scream was another perfect sound for Eli and Imogen -- a little eclectic, but very dark and mysterious. Sounds like a breakup song to us."

    " Gem" by The Matthews Brothers
    Eli destroys everything that reminds him of Imogen.
    "The Matthews Brothers, hard working guys from Stirling, Ontario, reminded us of a cross between Mumford & Songs and Great Big Sea -- although this is one of their more gentle songs. This establishes Tori and Zig as vulnerable. Up to this point we thought they were solid, but if we've learned anything on Degrassi, it's that breakups come soon after a breakup song."

    "Kids" by Acres of Lions
    Eli and Imogen stay friends.
    "This was one of the more exciting songs to place this season -- for the simple reason that it wasn't even recorded when we knew we wanted to place it. Back in 2011, Acres of Lions performed this song at a music festival in Toronto, and afterwards we spoke with them about recording it. Low and behold they did, and the placement was completely natural, and fit this scene so well, tying everything together in a clean, neat package."

  • What's going on with Eli?

    Posted on 03/30/2012 by Lisa

    Did you watch Degrassi: "Need You Now, pt. 1" tonight? If not, watch it here before you read any further. *spoilers below*


    Eli's in a tough spot right now. He wants to prove to everyone that he's fine, but they all keep giving him special treatment because he's bi-polar. Imogen's trying so hard to understand him that she made him the focus on her senior art project (rewatch that scene here). Bullfrog is trying to step up and be a better parent, reminding Eli to get more sleep and take his medication. Fiona asks why he "went manic on Imogen." Adam says "Maybe you should take a pill."

    Do you think Bullfrog is right, and that it's too early for Eli to be dating? Or does everyone just need to stop talking about the fact that he's bi-polar and treat him the way they normally would?

    I would be so annoyed if my friends or family asked me to "take a pill" anytime I expressed an emotion... but it did seem like Eli was kind of losing it at the end there. I mean, how many times did he try calling Imogen? (Whatever the exact number is, it was WAY too many.)

    Meanwhile... where was Imogen? Is she lying to Eli? Do you think he has a reason to worry?

    Tori and Zig

    I found this photo of Tori and Zig from tonight's episode, and I feel like it reflects the state of their relationship. Tori's smile seems to say "Yay! Zig is the best boyfriend ever!" but Zig doesn't seem to care either way. I feel like if Tori is serious about cheerleading, she needs to prove it (even if it means wearing the panther costume), and not worry so much about making her boyfriend happy.

    And last but not least, where do you think this K.C. story is heading? I can't decide if I like the idea of him spending more time around Ty/Doug or not. I mean, K.C. is Doug's father, but the Powell's are officially Doug's parents now. The whole situation is so complicated.

    What'd you think of this episode? What does Eli need most right now?