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  • 10 Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Try this Year

    Posted on 01/05/2016 by TeenNickBlogger

    2016 is going to be your best year yet!

    1. Rearrange your room.
    Tired of your old bed and dresser situation? Switch up your furniture arrangement for a refreshed look!

    2. Paint your nails a wacky color.
    New Year's Resolutions

    Credit: Nailed It NZ

    What better way to try something a little out of character? Or if you're feeling ambitious, try out some funky nail art! (The best part is, you can take it off just as easily as you put it on!)

    3. Read for fun.
    There are so many books out there just waiting to rock your world. Head to the library and get lost in a fantasy world or dive into a biography of your favorite soccer player.

    4. Spend more time with those who lift you up.

    New Year's Resolutions

    You're way too cool to let someone bring you down. Hang out with the kind of people that love you for you!

    5. Volunteer!

    Speaking of how cool you are... use your awesome personality traits to brighten the day of someone who might need a boost. Whether you stop by a nursing home or just pay a random compliment, good deeds go a long way! (And they'll make you feel great.)

    6. Meet someone new at school.
    Maybe you've never talked to the girl in your class who loves Harry Styles just as much as you do. Making new friends can be a little scary, but there's nothing cooler than meeting knew people with similar (or different!) interests!

    7. Try a bunch of chocolate chip cookie recipes and find the best one.

    New Year's Resolutions

    We're on a quest to determine the BEST chocolate chip cookie ever. Get cooking and share your findings in the comments!

    8. Start a DIY project.
    Make your own textbook covers or cut off the sleeves of an old sweater to make cozy leg warmers!

    9. Watch more animal videos.
    Their cuddliness is good for your health.

    10. Start a gratitude journal.
    You'd be surprised by how much happier you'll be when you regularly jot down all the good things in your life. The more thankful you are, the more awesome you become.

    Do you have any New Year's Resolutions you're dying to share? Shout 'em out in the comments!

  • 10 Things To Do In The New Year

    Posted on 01/01/2014 by Dixie Laite

    10 Things To Do In The New Year

    For the New Year we resolve to not make any resolutions! But we are always looking for ways to try new things have fun, and be our best-est selves. So here are our New Year's suggestions for cool things you might want to try in 2014:

    1. Start a blog. It can be about your life, your favorite band, your favorite outfits, movies you love, movies you hate, kung fu, tofu, turtles, anything. It's a great way to express yourself, connect with people who share your obsessions, hone your writing skills, and it's free!

    2. Get a new 'do. One great thing about trying out new things with your hair is that it's never permanent. (Not even getting a permanent is permanent!) So experiment -- cut bangs, grow out bangs, try braids, topknots, pigtails, or go really short! Spray a rinse-out color in your hair to have pink streaks on Thursday and purple streaks on Friday. Try an Afro, try a pixie cut, imitate Rihanna, imitate Marge Simpson, it doesn't matter. Hair has this magic way of growing back no matter what you do, so why not go for it!

    3. Learn a new language. Let's face it, it's just fun to say stuff in another language, and it's great exercise for your brain. Try downloading a free app, reading fashion magazines in your new language, getting a pen pal in your new tongue, or practice by watching foreign TV and films with English subtitles. Or, if you're really up a challenge, try the third most-used language is in the US: sign language! It' gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Talk to the hand."

    4. Read a book that might rock your world. Ask friends and family what books have had a profound impact on their lives. Look up recommendations online. Check out the titles that resonate with you, whether they're non-fiction, science-fiction or self-help-y tomes!

    5. Begin a gratitude journal. Get a nice little notebook and every day write down 5 things for which you're grateful. Some days it can be hard to some up with 5, but then you can always say Degrassi or pumpkin pie if you get stuck. This one thing can really help your outlook and give you perspective when you could really use some.

    6. And how about writing thank you notes, for no particular reason? Wouldn't you love to get a random thank you card from a friend, relative, teacher, classmate or baby-sitting charge telling you how much they appreciate the things you do? Let people know how much you like who they are and what they do. (And don't be surprised if you get some thank you cards in return.)

    7. Take up a new sport. Come on, this is a no-brainer! Sports make you healthier, happier, fitter, finer, and you can get all kinds of cool extras like comradery, discipline, flexibility, team spirit, new shoes and cute uniforms. It can be soccer, fencing, karate, basketball, hockey, whatev. If you pick one you really don't like, just pick another.

    8. Be a friend to some four-legged and feathered friends. There are so many animal shelters that need volunteers just like you to walk and play with the dogs and cats waiting for homes. There are farm sanctuaries, bird and wildlife rescues who need helping hands and loving hearts.

    9. Volunteer. Of course humans need help too. Why not give some of your time and awesomeness to seniors in a home, to kids who could use some help after-school, or to patients in hospitals who could use some cheering up? You'll be surprised at how much serving others ends up serving you.

    10. Wear something totally out of character. Usually a Goth dressed head-to-toe in black? Break out a floral dress one day. Minimalist tomboy your style? Wear something super girly, maybe even some frills and flounces. The main thing is to break out of your shell every once in awhile. You might end up expanding your notion of who you think you are.

    Try all these ideas, some, or none of them. The main thing is, do something new in the New Year!