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  • What's this year's Summer Jam?

    Posted on 08/12/2010 by Chairman Nick Cannon

    What do you think is THE Summer Jam of 2010? What song is always gonna make you remember this summer, until you're old and gray and crinkly? Tell me in the comments!

    Then stop by the club later ... The Nightlife is on again tonight at 9:30p et! Anna Kendrick and Brandon Routh (from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) will be hanging in the VIP Lounge, and Cali Swag District will teach us how to Dougie / teach us teach us how to Dougie! See you at the spot, right after Degrassi.

    Chairman Nick Cannon with Anna Kendrick and Brandon Routh on TeenNick's The Nightlife

  • This is the Nightlife!

    Posted on 08/05/2010 by Chairman Nick Cannon

    The Nightlife drops TONIGHT! After you get your Degrassi on, stay for the afterparty and get your dance on with me, Chloe Wang, and Aaron Fresh... the New Boys are coming by to teach us all how to do The Jerk (jerk, jerk, jerk) and my boy Ice Cube is coming by, too! Ain't no party like a TeenNick party!

    See you tonight at 9:30! While you're getting ready, Aaron made you a playlist of his favorite soca and dub tracks (from his Caribbean home of Trinidad and Tobago -- aka TNT).

    If you google hard enough, I bet you'll be able to check these songs out...

    Aaron Fresh from TeenNick's The Nightlife AARON FRESH'S DUB AND SOCA PLAYLIST

    Soca music:
    (Soca = Soul Calypso, and it originated in Trinidad and Tobago)
    Machel Montano - "One More Time"
    David Rudder - "Islands in the Sun"
    Bunji Garlin - "Snake Oil"

    Dub music:
    (Dub is an offshoot of reggae)
    Sizzla - "Thank You Mama"
    Mavado- "Amazing Grace"
    Bob Marley - "Don't Worry"

  • Party at your house! This August!

    Posted on 07/23/2010 by Chairman Nick Cannon

    Chairman Nick Seems like you all are enjoying your heaping helping of Degrassi: The Boiling Point! Glad to see it, and stay locked because trust me... it gets even better.

    But I've got some huge news! I've been out in L.A., and as you might have seen during tonight's Degrassi, I'm working on an all-NEW show for TeenNick.

    Aaron Fresh, Chloe Wang and I have big plans: we're bringing the party right to your house every Thursday night this August. And it's a bangin' party, too... we got fresh music, hype dance moves, slick style, and hot guests. (You saw that Declan's coming, right? I know how you guys are with your Declan.) We're gonna break down dance moves for you so you can bump along at home, and baby we're gonna party all night! Or at least 'til 10 o'clock.

    It's gonna be hot AND it's gonna be here quick! Get your clubbin' outfit together 'cause The Nightlife drops Thursday August 5 at 9:30p et, right after Degrassi.