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  • Degrassi Breakdown: Nowhere to Run

    Posted on 11/18/2011 by Lisa

    SPOILER WARNING! If you haven't seen Nowhere to Run yet, watch the episode before you read any further! You can watch it RIGHT HERE:

    Jake + Alli + Clare + Drew + Alli + Eli + Marisol + a cabin + a kiss + a chainsaw + an axe = WHOA.

    Helen and Glen's wedding seemed nice... aside from that part where their kids were screaming at each other. Do you think Jake and Clare's relationship could threaten their parents' marriage?

    Speaking of Clare and Jake. Are they really going to try to date while living in the same house? I feel like every alarm bell in my brain is going off, just thinking about it. What happens if they break up?

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Jake and Alli share a moment.

    When Jake told Clare, "Alli kissed me," how did you react? Jake's lips were part of that kiss, too. He could've pulled away. He didn't. He kissed Alli back. I think Alli and Jake both had a messed-up-in-the-head moment, but it seems like Clare is only willing to forgive Jake. Do you think Clare and Alli will ever be close friends again?

    Watching Bianca tonight, I kept wondering if she was only at the cabin because she wants friends. (Sidenote: I'm glad she was there, because she had lots of funny lines in this episode.) Deep down inside, do you think Bianca is still in love with Drew? Do you think Katie has anything to worry about?

    Overall, what were your favorite moments in the episode? I loved watching Jake eat Clare's cake-face.

  • Songs from Degrassi: "Nowhere to Run"

    Posted on 11/18/2011 by Ryanmcl

    DEGRASSI SPOILERS below if you haven't seen the new episode yet. But if you watched and need to know what songs were playing, the generous Degrassi Music Team is happy to share the info and the stories behind how the songs got there!

    TeenNick's Degrassi

    "The Sun Shines At Night" by The Submarines
    The closing moments of the episode, as Clare and Jake turn out their lights Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "We had our ears on this song for a while, waiting for that special moment. Not only was it the right time of the day, but the lyrics smashed into Clare and Jake's minds -- both on either side of the wall -- both feeling the same thing. The wall still separates them, but the song means there's a shred of light in the dark."

    "Celebrate Love" by Michou
    The wedding scene. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "Such a sweet song for such a bittersweet moment. The song is about more than just Clare and Jake, it's about the juxtaposition of the marriage behind them, and the breakup before them. There's a celebration in the birth of one love and the death of another -- the song works on so many levels here."

    "Legendary" by Mr. Downstairs
    As they're driving away from the cabin. Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
    "This song really feels like a culmination of a whole story, and cabins are such great places to get to know one another. When they leave, we're leaving an entire story behind, and the song gives us a nostalgic feeling, wishing we had one more day up there."

  • Nowhere to Run: Marshmallows and Mosquitoes

    Posted on 11/18/2011 by Lisa

    Here's another behind-the-scenes video shot on the set of Degrassi: Nowhere to Run.

    "It's really dark, really late, and full of bugs." - Aislinn Paul (Clare)

    If you could sit by that fire, making s'mores (or making out), with any Degrassi character, who would it be?

  • Nowhere to Run: Go behind the scenes.

    Posted on 11/17/2011 by Lisa

    Warning: Cuteness! Here's Melinda Shankar (Alli), Luke Bilyk (Drew), Munro Chambers (Eli), Aislinn Paul (Clare), and Justin Kelly (Jake), hanging out on the set of Degrassi: Nowhere to Run.

    I love when they play tortured, emotional characters on Degrassi, but in real life, they all seem so nice.

    Random question: Would you rather hang out with the Degrassi cast -- or their characters? (In a cabin in the woods, of course.)

  • Degrassi: Nowhere to Run - Clare in the Woods

    Posted on 11/16/2011 by Lisa

    Don't you just hate it when your phone doesn't have any bars? Clare knows the feeling, in this sneak peek from Nowhere to Run.

    If you were in Clare's position -- alone in the woods at night -- how bad would you be freaking?

  • Who wants more pics from Degrassi: Nowhere to Run?

    Posted on 11/15/2011 by Lisa

    You guys seemed pretty psyched about the Degrassi pictures I posted last week, so here are a few more...

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Marisol at the cabin.
    THIS is how Marisol dresses to hang out in the woods? I hope she's wearing bug spray.

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Alli at the cabin.
    At least Alli brought an air mattress. (Is every air mattress ever made that army green color? I'd rather have a pink one.)

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Katie and Drew at the cabin.
    I'm proud of Katie for wearing mismatched clothes and her hair in braids. This is how you dress for the woods, Marisol!

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Jake at the cabin.
    If this were a horror movie, that cooler would be full of body parts!!! Just sayin'.

    What are you doing on Friday? Because I heard there's a party going on at Jake's cabin... Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. TeenNick. Friday. 9pm et.

    p.s. Have you seen this Nowhere to Run flipbook? It's got even MORE photos!

  • Behind The Scenes on Degrassi Nowhere to Run

    Posted on 11/14/2011 by The-Gaby

    We're a week away from Degrassi Nowhere to Run (THIS Friday @ 9p et!) and do we have a treat for you! In their own words, Munro Chambers, Aislinn Paul and Justin Kelly tell us a little bit of what to expect from the special.

    Here's Munro's bit on what goes on in the cabin:

    For the whole playlist, click here!

    PS - Oh and just in case, here's more on Degrassi Nowhere to Run

  • What are your fave Degrassi friendships?

    Posted on 11/13/2011 by Lisa

    Adam and Dave's friendship got off to a rough start, so that makes me love this OMG moment (where Adam asks Dave to look at his chest) even more:

    We're showing six episodes of Degrassi in a row tonight, ending with the episode that scene is from, "U Don't Know, pt. 1."

    I love that Adam and Dave are friends now. Which Degrassi friendships are your current favorites? Adam and Dave? Eli and Fiona? (I love them too!) Katie and Marisol? (They're fun to watch... lots of drama.) Clare and Alli? Others?

    p.s. Lots more OMG moments are right here.

  • OMG, I love Imogen.

    Posted on 11/12/2011 by Lisa

    Whee, it's Nowhere to Run Week! Tonight's Degrassi episodes include Dirt Off Your Shoulder, pt. 1, a.k.a. the episode where Imogen throws herself across the room and into our hearts. This girl makes quite a first impression, doesn't she?

    Watch the scene where she shoves tampons up her nose, right now:

    See that full ep on TeenNick tonight (it's on at 10:30 pm et). In the meantime, OMG your heart out with this playlist of OMG Moments!

    You all had a LOT to say about Imogen when she first showed up at Degrassi. Here are a few of the comments she got back then:

    "I think that imogen is creepy and crazy and needs to get her own life instead of creeping up on other peoples lives..." - maRsHmeLLoW
    "She's freakin crazy but i like that in a sort of strange way." - susu182
    "I kind of like her character... as long as she stays away from Eli. She's making him forget that he ever loved Clare and she's a bad influence on him." - justaperson_8

    How are you feeling about her now?

  • Pictures from Degrassi: Nowhere to Run!

    Posted on 11/11/2011 by Lisa

    Sometimes for work, I have to look through lots of pictures and pick out the cutest ones.

    I found some VERY cute pictures of Aislinn Paul (Clare), Luke Bilyk (Drew), Alicia Josipovic (Bianca) and Munro Chambers (Eli) on the set of Nowhere to Run. Here they are, nice and big.

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Clare at the cabin.
    If Clare's mom marries the cabin's owner, does that mean Clare and the cabin can't date?

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Drew at the cabin.
    Drew looks happy to be at the cabin... at least while it's light out.

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Bianca at the cabin.
    If I had a cabin, I would totally let Bianca visit. (I bet she could protect me from the bears.)

    Degrassi: Nowhere to Run. Eli at the cabin.
    When you're in the country, it's important to always have a farm animal on your shirt. Right, Eli?

    See all that cuteness in action next Friday! Degrassi: Nowhere to Run is coming to TeenNick, Friday, Nov. 18 at 9pm et.