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  • Questions We Have About Olivia Scriven's Degrassi Set Photo

    Posted on 09/18/2013 by Rachel Dady

    Well, hello there Degrassians! Are you waiting with bated breath for October 3rd like we are? Are you scouring various social pages and fan sites THIRSTY for some info on the Degrassi fall chapter? Well, you might have to wait a little while for that (we know, we're killin' you, Smalls), but in the meantime we need to enlist you in a very important conversation. Yesterday, Olivia Scriven, the wonderful actress who plays Maya, posted a photo to her Instagram seemingly taken in the halls of the Degrassi set. Did you all see this photo? Did you all have a reaction something along the lines of...WUUUUT?

    Photo Credit: @livscriv / Olivia Scriven's Instagram

    It's not everyday that you see a sink chillin' in from of some lockers, am I right? We're wading through some serious confusion right now, and we would like to start an open conversation about what in the world this photo might mean. Sure, we understand that this is just one measly Instagram shot likely taken on a whim, meant for the disposable interwebs, blah blah blah. But you guys, we just can't keep this bottled up inside! Walk with us as we consider these five lingering questions.

    Olivia's caption to this puzzling image reads: "Degrassi is LIFE." Now, far be it from us to suggest that Degrassi is not indeed our lifeblood, our bread and butter, our everything. Because it is. BUT is she perhaps speaking in a more literal sense? Maybe filming runs too long and Olivia has been forced to make the halls of Degrassi her new home? Or maybe she is just outstandingly dedicated and embarking on some sort of method acting endeavor? Seriously, WHY is there a sink (with a toothbrush and what looks like either a tube of toothpaste or deodorant) in the middle of the hallway?

    A few technical aspects of the image just don't make sense. For one, shouldn't we be able to see the photographer in the mirror? It's positioned high enough that there should be some sort of something its reflection, right? A hand? Or maybe the top of a head? Heck, we'd even take a ghost! We're starting to wonder if we're all just pawns in Olivia's brilliant scheme to fool/creep the heck out of us.

    We all know the "showing up to school naked" nightmare clich�, but perhaps the Degrassi writers have plans to tread new territory with dream sequences this fall? I mean, a scene in which someone dreams about brushing his or her teeth in the hallway could be...embarrassing? Okay, this one is definitely a stretch, but you'll have to forgive us for considering all possibilities.

    Here's a slightly disturbing head scratcher: If the toothbrush is indeed being used for practical purposes, why is the water which it soaks so...murky? Should we be concerned about the Degrassi plumbing? Is the glass intentionally stained with that rotten yellow hue? Is there some other unmentionable liquid in there? You'll agree, this is a minor detail we just can't ignore.

    The only other possibility that could solve this mystery that Olivia has made an iconic Degrassi reference or inside joke that we've just completely missed. We really hope we're wrong because we like to consider ourselves Degrassi experts, but we scoured through the comments left on Olivia's Instagram and honestly, no one else seems to be as confused as we are! Are we making total fools of ourselves right now? Oof.

    Realistically, there is a strong chance that this photo means absolutely nothing. But we still think it merits a larger discussion, so we would LOVE to hear your thoughts. Please, take it away in the comments!

  • Super Sneak Peek: Future Degrassi Characters!

    Posted on 08/15/2011 by Mary

    Maybe you saw the article on about Cassie "Manny" Steele's little sister, Alex Steele, joining the Degrassi cast as a niner who will debut some time in the future? Well, now you're getting a peek into a crystal ball: here's Alex as Tori (on the right) with fellow new niner Olivia Scriven as Maya (on the left).

    Olivia Scriven and Alex Steele join the cast of Degrassi
    Olivia Scriven as Maya and Alex Steele as Tori, Degrassi Niners of the Future. Photo Stephen Scott/Epitome