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  • This post is for the dog lovers.

    Posted on 06/20/2012 by Lisa

    Have you noticed the cute dogs on TeenNick this week? I figured I'd post some pics just in case.

    Amber, Piper, and Kiki from Alien Surf Girls

    Piper, Amber's dog on Alien Surf Girls, is a police dog. I love dogs who work to make the world a better place! (Watch full episodes of Alien Surf Girls.)

    Petra and Ziggy from Dance Academy

    Petra Hoffman is the new German exchange student on Dance Academy, and Ziggy is her dog. I love dogs that are small enough to pick up. (Watch full episodes of Dance Academy. "My Life En Pointe" features lots of Ziggy.)

  • Comet from Full House as a puppy

    Posted on 04/08/2010 by Lisa

    The episode of Full House that's on RIGHT NOW is the one where a dog named Minnie has puppies in the Full House house (OK, that's awkward phrasing, but saying she has puppies in the Full House would be worse, right?) Basically, it's the episode where Comet is born. The title of this post is what D.J. says after seeing it happen. Don't worry, they don't show anything gross on TV -- just lots of cute puppies.

    In fact, one of these very puppies might be Comet. If you want to see these puppies in motion, turn on your TV!


  • Random Cuteness: Marco's Bunny from Degrassi

    Posted on 04/04/2010 by Lisa

    Hey, remember Hip Hop? He's the bunny Marco adopts in "Death and Glory, pt. 2." In honor of Easter, Degrassi, and bunnies, here's a close-up of Hip Hop's cuddly widdle face.

    Hip Hop

    Aww... Hip Hop! I just want to snuggle you.