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  • A Whole New Degrassi: Becky

    Posted on 07/06/2013 by Lisa

    This summer on Degrassi, Becky has a summer job as a lifeguard. Will her relationship survive?

    Becky (Sarah Fisher)

    When I saw Adam's promo, I was like "He better not cheat on Becky!" but maybe Becky's not as innocent as she seems? I'm going to take a deep breath and hope that whatever happens, they're able to work through it.

    If you're as curious about Beckdam's future as I am, don't miss Degrassi, this Thursday at 9pm et / 6pm pt.

  • A Whole New Degrassi: Adam

    Posted on 07/05/2013 by Lisa

    Adam's always been a good boyfriend... but is that enough?

    Adam (Jordy Todosey)

    Is trouble brewing between Becky and Adam? I love the two of them together, so this promo makes me nervous. (I'm shaking my head at the thought of Adam giving Becky a reason to be jealous. I DON'T LIKE THIS, you guys.)

    The wait is almost over. New Degrassi airs this THURSDAY at 9pm et / 6pm pt!

  • A Whole New Degrassi: Miles

    Posted on 07/03/2013 by Lisa

    Miles is new on Degrassi, starting July 11th.

    Miles (Eric Osborne)

    "I get whatever I want." - Miles

    What's your first impression of Miles? He claims he's "bad," but is he really? I don't know if I'll like him or not, but I do like his wink at the end of the promo. New Degrassi airs NEXT WEEK!

  • A Whole New Degrassi: Imogen

    Posted on 07/02/2013 by Lisa

    When a whole new Degrassi starts July 11th, Imogen has her eye on someone new.

    Imogen (Cris Prosperi)

    Is Imogen turning into a boyfriend stealer? I loved Fimogen together, because Fiona and Imogen seemed really good for each other. This promo seems to hint that Imogen's rebound could be a more complicated situation. What do you think?

    Degrassi will be on your TV next Thursday, July 11th. (No more waiting until Friday!)


  • A Whole New Degrassi: Zoe

    Posted on 06/26/2013 by Lisa

    This summer, Zoe is traveling to Paris for Degrassi's summer program. Think she'll fit in?

    Zoe (Ana Golja)

    "I have arrived." - Zoe

    What do you think of Zoe? Maybe once she makes some friends, she'll turn out to be really nice...? (I'm trying so hard not to judge her until I know more about her.) Get to know Zoe on a whole new Degrassi, starting Thursday, July 11th.


  • A Whole New Degrassi: Winston

    Posted on 06/25/2013 by Lisa

    This summer, you'll see a few new faces on Degrassi. Meet Winston.

    Winston (Andre Kim)

    "I'm gonna be the big man on campus." - Winston

    What's your first impression of Winston? I have a feeling I'm going to love him. Am I crazy for thinking he'd be cute with Maya? They both seem to have that awkward-yet-lovable thing going on. (Their couple name could be Winya!)


  • A Whole New Degrassi: Drew

    Posted on 06/25/2013 by Lisa

    Drew, the new student body president, is ready to fix all of Degrassi's problems, starting July 11th:

    Drew (Luke Bilyk)

    "There's no problem I can't solve... with a party!" - Drew

    Do you think Drew can handle the presidency? I am SO curious if he'll make it through his whole term. If he messes it up somehow, you know his "Veep" (Clare) will be happy to step in as president. A whole new Degrassi starts THURSDAY, July 11th!


  • A Whole New Degrassi: Tristan

    Posted on 06/25/2013 by Lisa

    A drama queen with a fierce new look, Tristan is ready for a wild summer in Paris.

    Tristan (Lyle Lettau)

    "I just gotta go for it. No regrets, right?" - Tristan

    What do you think of Tristan's new look? I love the blond hair. A whole new Degrassi is only 15 days away...


  • Degrassi Poll: Vote for the Funniest Episode!

    Posted on 05/30/2013 by Lisa

    This week's Fan Favorite poll is now online. Vote for the Degrassi episode you think is the all-time funniest. (Special thanks to @angela35632242 for suggesting this topic.)

    Our Twitter followers nominated the following episodes:

    Which episode was the funniest?
    Which episode was the funniest?
    Which episode was the funniest?

    Which episode makes YOU laugh out loud -- Emma's slumber party turned prank-fest in "Modern Love"? Manny and Paige's dress drama in "West End Girls"? Clare's vampire fantasies about Declan in "Innocent When You Dream"?

    VOTE for the episode you want to see again on the Degrassi Facebook page. We'll post the winning episode online on Friday.


  • Degrassi Poll: Which episode is the most shocking?

    Posted on 05/22/2013 by Lisa

    Have you voted in this week's Degrassi Fan Favorite poll on Facebook? We want your help choosing Degrassi's most shocking episode. (This week's poll topic was suggested by @_Chasing_Cars_.)

    The shocking nominees, chosen by Degrassi fans on Twitter, include:

    Standing in the Dark
    Standing in the Dark. Darcy goes on a ski trip with her friends and gets drugged and raped.

    All Falls Down
    All Falls Down. Eli and Fitz fight on Vegas Night.

    Drop the World
    Drop the World. In a misguided attempt to impress Clare, Eli crashes his hearse.

    Check out the Facebook poll to see all the options, and vote for the shocking episode you want to see again. We'll put the winning episode online Friday!