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  • Degrassi: Vote for the Most Bromantic Episode!

    Posted on 05/14/2013 by Lisa

    Vote for your favorite Degrassi bromance in this week's Facebook poll, and we'll put the winning episode online Friday. (This week's poll was suggested by @DegrassiDaily on Twitter.)

    Degrassi has had some major bromances over the years, including:

    J.T. and Toby
    J.T. and Toby. Remember the episode (years before this picture was taken) when they bought their first condoms together? Vote for "Dressed in Black" if you want to see it again.

    Jimmy and Spinner
    Jimmy and Spinner. Several of our Twitter followers nominated Jimmy and Spinner episodes for this week's poll, so you've got a few to choose from -- the one where Jimmy takes Spinner's ADHD medication, the one where they compete in a dance contest, and the one where Jimmy forgives Spinner for his involvement in the shooting.

    Eli and Jake
    Eli and Jake. They started out as rivals, but ended up as bros. Isn't it amazing that they stayed friends after the short film fiasco in "Building a Mystery?"

    Check out the full list of nominees and VOTE for the episode you want to see again on the Degrassi Facebook page. We'll post the winning episode online on Friday.


  • Degrassi: Which Episode Is the Most Heartbreaking?

    Posted on 05/08/2013 by Lisa

    This week's Degrassi poll asks fans to vote for the episode that's the most heartbreaking to watch, and it's a tough choice.

    When we asked for poll topics on Twitter, several fans asked us to do a "most heartbreaking episode" or "saddest episode" poll, so you can thank @jennwastaken, @degrassihaha, @CholeSoledad, and @jiillyybeeaanns for this one.

    Twitter fans also nominated heartbreaking episodes for us to feature in the poll. This week's options include:

    Time Stands Still
    "Time Stands Still" If you've never seen the school shooting that put Jimmy in a wheelchair, this two-parter is an essential piece of Degrassi history.

    Rock This Town
    "Rock This Town" J.T. was one of Degrassi's most popular characters, and his final episode left his friends -- and the show's fans -- in shock.

    Jane Says
    "Jane Says" When Jane's father returned to town, she struggled to cope with traumatic memories from her childhood.

    Bitter Sweet Symphony
    "Bitter Sweet Symphony" This episode, about Cam's suicide and its repercussions, is the most recent nominee, but that doesn't make it any less tragic.

    Check out the full list of nominees and VOTE for your favorite episode on the Degrassi Facebook page. It could be one you've never seen, or one you want to see again (with a big box of tissues by your side). We'll post the winning episode online on Friday.


  • Degrassi: What's Your Favorite First Date Episode?

    Posted on 05/02/2013 by Lisa

    This week's Facebook poll asks you to help us choose the best Degrassi episode about a first date. Vote now, and we'll put the winning episode online Friday!

    Our Twitter followers chose this week's topic and nominated their favorite episodes. Your voting options include these tumultuous first dates:

    Holly J and Declan
    Holly J and Declan

    Eli and Clare
    Eli and Clare

    Cam and Maya
    Cam and Maya

    As I'm writing this, Emma and Sean's first date (from way back in season one) is leading by a few votes. I'm surprised that Manny and Craig's first date isn't getting much support. I loved the way "Take My Breath Away" showed the same date from two different perspectives. Vote for your favorite first date now, and come back on Friday to watch the full episode featuring the winning date!

    Want to help us choose the episodes listed in future polls? Follow @TeenNick and @degrassinsider on Twitter.


  • Degrassi: The Awkward-est Episode Winner!

    Posted on 04/26/2013 by Lisa

    The winner of this week's Fan Favorite Friday poll is the oh-so-awkward Mercy Street from way back in season four! Watch the full episode online.

    If you've never seen Mercy Street, here's what you need to know going into it: Rick was abusive to his girlfriend, Terri, and put her in a coma. In this episode, he returns to Degrassi, and a lot of people (including Emma and Paige) don't want him there. The famed awkwardness of this episode takes place in the subplot, which is about J.T. trying to impress Manny. A few highlights:

    Toby and Manny
    "Look, it's a stack of dimes!" - Toby

    Toby, Danny, and J.T.
    "Guys, check it out. I have a solution to J.T.'s little problem!" - Danny

    J.T. and Manny
    "Um... your lips are kinda sweaty." - Manny

    J.T. and Manny
    "Uh, I can explain!" - J.T.

    That is just at taste of the over-the-top awkwardness contained in Mercy Street. After rewatching it just now, I'm fascinated by the friendship between J.T., Toby, and Danny. Danny was the one to pull J.T.'s pants down, embarrassing him in front of his girlfriend, but Danny was also the one who used a fake id to buy the penis pump as a gift for J.T. What do you think -- is that a true depiction of what guy friendships are like? You embarrass the heck out of each other, but you also help each other through rough times?

    Next week, we'll post a new poll, so watch Mercy Street now!


  • Degrassi: Vote for the Awkward-est Episode Ever

    Posted on 04/24/2013 by Lisa

    Vote in this week's Facebook poll and help us choose the all-time awkward-est episode of Degrassi. We'll put the winning episode online Friday.

    There are lots of good ones to choose from, including:
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?

    SO MUCH AWKWARDNESS, all in one blog post!! Got a favorite awkward moment? Vote for it, and come back Friday to watch the winning episode!


  • Bucket and Skinner: Epic Cheer!

    Posted on 04/17/2013 by Lisa

    A never-before-seen Bucket and Skinner that involves cheerleading? Could it possibly be true? Yup. It's a:


    On tonight's episode, Bucket and Skinner hear that the whole cheerleading squad might win a trip to Hawaii. Pretty sure this is exactly how I'd react, too:

    Go Seals!

    If you're wondering what happens when you combine Bucket and Skinner with Bring It On, it looks a little something like this:

    Bucket and Skinner

    Take your brain on an epically silly trip to the ocean, tonight at 9pm et. (You can also watch full episodes of Bucket and Skinner online!)

    Bucket and Skinner

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Zombie, Pt. 2

    Posted on 04/05/2013 by Lisa

    What did you think of "Zombie, pt. 2," a.k.a. the Degrassi spring finale? Let's talk. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it online before you read any further. *Spoilers below.*

    I have to start with Maya, because she went through so much in this episode. I'm so not a fan of this Harry guy. When he tried to get her to blow off her audition and make out in the prop closet at school, I was like, "Really, dude?" When she told him about throwing her cello in the dumpster, and he said, "That's so proper," I wanted to take him to the prop closet myself and lock him in there forever. Don't even get me started on "Just go with it." I never want to see this guy again.

    I DO want to see lots more of Maya. (Shoutout to Olivia Scriven, the actress who plays Maya, for making that breakdown scene so emotionally intense.) I'm so glad Katie and her mom came home when they did. I think we all knew Maya had been trying to block her feelings out instead of dealing with them, but seeing everything come out at once was so heartbreaking. I hope finally opening up makes it easier for her to move on.

    Zig and Maya
    Meanwhile, Zig seems like he wants to be there for Maya, but I was relieved when they had that talk about waiting until she was ready to date. Right now, Zig seems like the anti-Harry, so I'm starting to be OK with the idea of Zaya. Just take it slow, guys. Don't rush me.

    Drew and Clare
    The election results are in... Were you surprised that Drew won? I would've voted for Clare, but after the election, when Drew asked her to be his "veep," I realized I like them as a team. They sort of balance each other out, right? I thought one of the cutest moments in this episode was when Drew found Clare crying and tried to comfort her. So awkward! But he gets points for trying.

    Connor's attempt to reunite Eli and Clare seems like a failure so far. It's strange to me that Clare was so worried about Eli a few weeks back, and now she feels like her own life is a total mess. I wonder if she would've been more likely to give Eli another chance if he'd had better timing? She was so upset about the election that she probably wasn't thinking clearly. When she told Eli, "We aren't a fairytale," I said "Whut?!?" Clare's always reading romantic fantasy novels, so I figured she'd be first in line for a happily ever after. (If you've seen the promo for the graduation special, I bet you're just as curious as I am about that shot of Eli and the carriage.)

    Jenna, Connor, and Alli
    I'm glad that Connor, Jenna, and Alli are getting along again. All it took was knowing how they like their coffee! I just remembered the fight between Connor and Alli back in season 8, when she broke his pencil and he spit on her. Our little gifted kids have grown up so fast. :)

    OK. Now let's go watch the promo for "The Time of My Life" again. It gives me chills.


  • Bucket and Skinner: Epic Copycat Pics

    Posted on 04/03/2013 by Lisa

    Hey, Bucket and Skinner fans! Check out these epic pics (Let's call them EPICS! Haha) and gifs from "Epic Copycat."

    Bucket and Skinner
    Bucket and Skinner
    Bucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and Skinner Bucket and Skinner

    Never-before-seen episodes of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures are airing every Wednesday at 9pm et on TeenNick!

  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Zombie, pt. 1

    Posted on 03/29/2013 by Lisa

    Doesn't Maya make a lovely zombie? Let's talk about the newest Degrassi. I have some questions for you. (If you missed it, watch the full episode online before you read any further. Spoilers below!)

    Maya and Zig
    Do you think Zig and Maya should date? I'm torn. I feel like Maya might just be trying to prove that's she's over Cam (But is she really? I'm not so sure). When she asked Zig out, I got the sense that he still feels really guilty and messed up about what happened with Cam. So one hand, I think they'd be a terrible couple, and that the relationship would be a constant reminder of Cam's death. On the other hand, Maya and Zig went through a deeply traumatic experience together, and if they dated, they might relate to each other in a way that other people can't. Either way, they'd probably be a very emotional couple, right?

    When Zig rejected Maya, she literally grabbed the next guy she saw and decided to flirt with him instead. (I sigh every time I think about it.) It's understandable that she wants to move on with her life, but I wish she had taken a few days to think about who else she might like, instead of sneaking off to a "senior party." We don't know much about Harry yet, but so far, I feel like Maya is just using him. She seems so self-destructive right now. Don't you just know she's going to regret posting that trashy video on FaceRange? I'm glad Katie and Zig seem worried about her, because I am, too.

    Drew and Clare
    Do you think Drew should be student council president? My inner nerd girl thinks Clare would do a better job, but I also understand Dallas' argument that she's "way too serious." I love Clare, but when she said, "This is an important job and you're not smart enough to do it," she sounded so arrogant. No matter who gets elected, it's not like they have to do all the work on their own. They'll have help from the rest of the student council, and I'm sure there are all sorts of guidelines about what they are -- and aren't -- allowed to change. Drew could totally handle it. (Random side note: That scene where Drew accidentally swung Bianca into the wall? So funny.)

    I loved Drew's line, "They don't call it a political party for nothing." Oh, Drew. He's definitely more popular than Clare, but do you think everyone who came to his party will vote for him? Or did they just show up for personal reasons, like Maya and Tristan with "Operation: Meet Cute Boys"? Everybody loves free snacks, but the real question is: Who gets your vote? I'm still leaning toward Clare, but she needs to stop insulting Drew. I feel like that kind of thing always backfires.

    Connor and Jenna
    Meanwhile... Eli and Alli? Hahaha. Connor might be the worst matchmaker we've ever seen on Degrassi. I understand the impulse to set Alli up with someone (the last thing you want in a new relationship is someone else hanging around all the time), but Connor needs to get used to spending time with Alli. She and Jenna are practically sisters, given their current living situation. Alli is single, though, and I can't help wondering... If you could set Alli up with anyone at Degrassi, who would it be? I'm sure you're a better matchmaker than Connor.

    And of course, I can't mention Jenna and Connor without saying something nice about them as a couple. I'm so glad that Jenna accepts that Connor is different, and that she likes him anyway. YAY for people who find love, against all odds!

    "Zombie, pt. 2" airs next Friday at 9m et! Happy weekend, all. And here's a gif of Clare pushing Drew into a kiddie pool, just 'cause:

    Drew vs. Clare


  • Bucket and Skinner Starts Tonight!

    Posted on 03/27/2013 by Lisa

    Never-before-seen episodes of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures will be airing on TeenNick, starting tonight at 9pm et, and we're celebrating with a big pile of gifs:

    Bucket and Skinner
    Bucket and SkinnerBucket and Skinner
    Bucket and SkinnerBucket and Skinner

    Tune in tonight to see "Epic Crush" -- it'll be on right after House of Anubis. Want more Bucket and Skinner? Check out the show site!