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  • Degrassi: What's Your Favorite First Date Episode?

    Posted on 05/02/2013 by Lisa

    This week's Facebook poll asks you to help us choose the best Degrassi episode about a first date. Vote now, and we'll put the winning episode online Friday!

    Our Twitter followers chose this week's topic and nominated their favorite episodes. Your voting options include these tumultuous first dates:

    Holly J and Declan
    Holly J and Declan

    Eli and Clare
    Eli and Clare

    Cam and Maya
    Cam and Maya

    As I'm writing this, Emma and Sean's first date (from way back in season one) is leading by a few votes. I'm surprised that Manny and Craig's first date isn't getting much support. I loved the way "Take My Breath Away" showed the same date from two different perspectives. Vote for your favorite first date now, and come back on Friday to watch the full episode featuring the winning date!

    Want to help us choose the episodes listed in future polls? Follow @TeenNick and @degrassinsider on Twitter.

  • Bucket and Skinner: Two Episodes Tonight!

    Posted on 05/01/2013 by Lisa

    Tonight, at 9:00 and 9:30 pm et, we're airing two never-before-seen episodes of Bucket and Skinner: "Epic Showdown" and "Epic Seal." In the meantime, check out these epic gifs:

    Bucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and SkinnerBucket and Skinner

    I could stare at that gif of Bucket in a seal costume all day. Maybe I will... but only until 9pm et / 6pm pt, because I do NOT want to miss these new episodes.

  • Degrassi: The Awkward-est Episode Winner!

    Posted on 04/26/2013 by Lisa

    The winner of this week's Fan Favorite Friday poll is the oh-so-awkward Mercy Street from way back in season four! Watch the full episode online.

    If you've never seen Mercy Street, here's what you need to know going into it: Rick was abusive to his girlfriend, Terri, and put her in a coma. In this episode, he returns to Degrassi, and a lot of people (including Emma and Paige) don't want him there. The famed awkwardness of this episode takes place in the subplot, which is about J.T. trying to impress Manny. A few highlights:

    Toby and Manny
    "Look, it's a stack of dimes!" - Toby

    Toby, Danny, and J.T.
    "Guys, check it out. I have a solution to J.T.'s little problem!" - Danny

    J.T. and Manny
    "Um... your lips are kinda sweaty." - Manny

    J.T. and Manny
    "Uh, I can explain!" - J.T.

    That is just at taste of the over-the-top awkwardness contained in Mercy Street. After rewatching it just now, I'm fascinated by the friendship between J.T., Toby, and Danny. Danny was the one to pull J.T.'s pants down, embarrassing him in front of his girlfriend, but Danny was also the one who used a fake id to buy the penis pump as a gift for J.T. What do you think -- is that a true depiction of what guy friendships are like? You embarrass the heck out of each other, but you also help each other through rough times?

    Next week, we'll post a new poll, so watch Mercy Street now!

  • Degrassi: Vote for the Awkward-est Episode Ever

    Posted on 04/24/2013 by Lisa

    Vote in this week's Facebook poll and help us choose the all-time awkward-est episode of Degrassi. We'll put the winning episode online Friday.

    There are lots of good ones to choose from, including:
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?
    Awkward-est Degrassi Ever?

    SO MUCH AWKWARDNESS, all in one blog post!! Got a favorite awkward moment? Vote for it, and come back Friday to watch the winning episode!

  • Bucket and Skinner: Epic Cupids Is Tonight!

    Posted on 04/24/2013 by Lisa

    Why are Bucket and Skinner's heads plastic-wrapped together? It'll make sense (kinda) when you watch the new Bucket and Skinner, tonight at 9pm et (6pm pt).

    Bucket and Skinner
    I love this pic.

    Bucket and Skinner
    The more Bucket and Skinner I watch, the more I appreciate Aloe. I like anyone who's willing to burst into song in public.

    Bucket and Skinner
    What's with the epic use of hair product? Tune in tonight!

    Bucket and Skinner
    And one last reason to watch tonight -- you'll get to see Ashley Argota dressed as broccoli and Tiffany Espensen dressed as a can of soda.

    Tune in at 9pm et / 6pm pt for a Bucket and Skinner packed with MUCH MORE epic silliness than you see in this blog post! (Also: Bucket wears a really cute T-shirt with a polar bear riding on a whale.)

    BTW, you know you can watch full episodes of Bucket and Skinner online, right? Just go to that link and click "Full Episodes."

  • House of Anubis: Season 2 Continues This Week!

    Posted on 04/22/2013 by Lisa

    We're showing House of Anubis: Season 2, Monday-Thursday at 8 and 8:30pm ET (5 and 5:30pm PT).

    Need to catch up? Watch full episodes here and here. If you're all caught up, you deserve some gifs!

    I love how in this one they all look like glamorous soap opera stars. Watching this gif, you'd never guess how much time these kids spend in dusty attics, dirty basements, and cobwebby crypts.

    House of Anubis

    A useful life tip, whether you live at Anubis House or not: If you have to go anywhere dark and scary, don't go alone. Bring friends (and flashlights) with you.

    House of Anubis

    Don't forget to watch...

    House of Anubis

  • Random Hotness: Burkely Duffield

    Posted on 04/18/2013 by Lisa

    On tonight's House of Anubis: Season 2, Eddie (played by Burkeley Duffield) arrives at the school. This post is for all the Eddie fans out there:

    Eddie (Burkely Duffield)
    He is cute, isn't he?

    Eddie (Burkely Duffield)
    I like to think this is how Burkeley reacts when we tweet nice things about him.

    Eddie (Burkely Duffield)
    Maybe this is how he looks when he's daydreaming...

    Eddie (Burkely Duffield)
    And here's one more, just because dude looks nice in a tie. :)

    Season 2 of House of Anubis continues tonight at 8 and 8:30pm et on TeenNick!

  • Degrassi: What's the best bestie episode?

    Posted on 04/17/2013 by Lisa

    We're putting a friendship-themed episode of Degrassi online on Friday -- VOTE for the one you wanna see! A few of the contenders are below:

    On Degrassi, friends are the people who keep your secrets (like when Holly J caught Jane cheating on Spinner with Declan).
    Jane and Holly J

    Friends don't care what gender you were born... they care what you're like as a person:
    Dave and Adam

    Your closest friend can become your worst enemy (especially if you're both running for president, and she wants to fight dirty).
    Katie and Marisol

    And of course, friends are always willing to do embarrassing things with you in public.
    Tori and Tristan

    Degrassi has so many good friendships!! Check out the Facebook Poll to see more options. We'll check the winner on Friday afternoon and put that episode online for Fan Favorite Friday.

  • Bucket and Skinner: Epic Cheer!

    Posted on 04/17/2013 by Lisa

    A never-before-seen Bucket and Skinner that involves cheerleading? Could it possibly be true? Yup. It's a:


    On tonight's episode, Bucket and Skinner hear that the whole cheerleading squad might win a trip to Hawaii. Pretty sure this is exactly how I'd react, too:

    Go Seals!

    If you're wondering what happens when you combine Bucket and Skinner with Bring It On, it looks a little something like this:

    Bucket and Skinner

    Take your brain on an epically silly trip to the ocean, tonight at 9pm et. (You can also watch full episodes of Bucket and Skinner online!)

    Bucket and Skinner

  • Fan Favorite Friday: Favorite Degrassi Freakout!

    Posted on 04/12/2013 by Lisa

    Degrassi's on hiatus, but we couldn't let you go Degrassi-less, so we asked our Facebook fans to vote for their "favorite Degrassi freakout." The winner, by a long shot? Eli's on-stage breakdown during opening night of Love Roulette, as seen in "Extraordinary Machine." Watch the full episode online!

    A few pictorial highlights from the episode:

    Fiona is skeptical of Eli's last minute changes to the script.

    Imogen wants Clare out of the picture.

    Eli has the breakdown that was voted "Fan Favorite." :)

    Owen shows off his pool skills.

    Anya takes cocaine and bonds with a toilet.

    Watch this week's Fan Favorite episode Extraordinary Machine online now, and if you haven't already, be sure to like TeenNick and Degrassi on Facebook. We'll post a new "Fan Favorite" poll next week, and we want your votes!