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  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Karma Police, Pt. 2

    Posted on 03/22/2013 by Lisa

    Let's talk about tonight's Degrassi. (If you missed it, watch the full episode online before you read any further.)

    Still traumatized by the break-in, Fiona is desperate to feel safe in her own home. The first scene, where Bianca and Drew tried to teach her some basic self-defense was scary, because Fiona looked like she was frozen in fear. She couldn't fight back, even in a practice situation, so what's gonna happen if the robber comes back?

    I understand why Fiona went to the gun shop -- she's still really freaked out about the break in, and she wants to be prepared if anything like that ever happens again. But as the guy at the gun range said to her, "Buying a gun isn't like buying a new pair of shoes." Buying a gun on a whim when you're scared and stressed out? Not a good idea, Fiona! What if an accident happens or the gun is stolen and ends up in the wrong hands?

    When she decided to find a gun on her own, I wish I could've been there to stop her. In her efforts to feel safe, she ended up putting herself in an even more dangerous situation -- and getting really hurt. Tonight's Degrassi lesson: Don't do business with random guys in dark alleys. It won't end well.

    Rocky and Dallas
    Let's talk about Dallas being a dad. He tells Drew, "Every time I tell a girl that I have a kid, they run off." I get why girls react that way, and why he'd be nervous about talking to Alli about it. Babies are a huge responsibility, even for adults, and taking care of a baby while you're in high school is a huge deal. And of course, a baby with allergies is even more work, because you have to be so careful all the time. At least in Rocky's case, it seems like he has two parents who really care about him. Dallas may not have been around much in the past, but it seems like he's ready to try. I'm curious though... what do you think will happen if he ever has to choose between Rocky and hockey? (That rhyme was totally unintentional, haha.)


    I felt so bad for Zig during the French Club scene, when he sang that song without realizing what it was about. (But hey, now we'll never forget the French word for "kiss" right? Bisou, bisou, bisou!) The fact that the teacher thought Zig was flirting with her is so embarrassing. Zig's friend Damon seems to see himself as a tough guy, so I really appreciated when he gave Zig the "You're a good man" talk. Zig seems like he's getting his head in a better place, though. The time travel assignment he wrote for class seems like a good start.

    When Maya asked Zig and Damon if they'd be background zombies for Eli's film, I bet I'm not the only one that said "I will!" at my TV. I wish we all could be background zombies. :)

    What did you guys think about tonight's episode? Got any comments?


  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Karma Police, Pt. 1

    Posted on 03/15/2013 by Lisa

    Anybody wanna talk about Fiona? Or Dallas? Or Zig? If you haven't seen Karma Police, pt. 1 yet, watch it before you read any further. SPOILERS BELOW.

    The newest member of the Juwanna Juice team
    First up: Fiona's roller-coaster life. At the beginning of this episode, Fiona seemed happy -- until Drew broke the news that he was moving out. I get why she doesn't want a roommate (I feel the same way about living with strangers), so that left Fiona one option... getting a job. I doubt Juwanna Juice is her dream job, but I'm glad Dave hooked her up.

    I loved Fiona's #FormerRichGirlProblems hashtag, but anybody with a public Twitter account needs to be more careful about their GPS settings. C'mon, Fiona! The world doesn't need to know the exact location of your home, school, and job!

    Fiona talks to the police
    We don't know for sure that the creep who broke into her apartment is someone who saw on Twitter that she wouldn't be home, but it seems like a definite possibility. (I screamed when the robber grabbed her. That was so scary.) I really hope they catch the guy, because otherwise, I'm sure Fiona is going to have trouble sleeping at night. Maybe she should get a roommate, just to have someone else around? What do you think?

    Can we discuss Dallas and this whole "truth delay" thing?
    I've never been a Dallas fan, but he seems to really like Alli. They would make a cute couple, but doesn't Alli deserve to know that he has a kid? When Drew told Dallas not to tell Alli about that just yet, I made a VERY skeptical face at my TV. I don't believe in Drew's "truth delay" theory. In my opinion, by delaying that conversation, Dallas is basically lying to Alli. When he put all those Christmas lights up to impress her, I feel like he was kind of messing with her head. (Rocky's a cutie, though, right? I hope we see more of him!!)

    Meanwhile, Zig is having a tough time.
    I understand why he feels responsible for Cam's death, but he has to let go of that guilt and move on with his life. I don't understand why he thought throwing trash on the French teacher's car would help anything, but I'm glad he talked to her about what happened with Cam. (This episode gave me some flashbacks to high school, because I was in French Club, and we had a lot of little events like the one Zig and Damon are helping out with. I'm suddenly craving a cream puff!)

    What did you think of this episode? Don't miss "Karma Police, pt. 2," Friday at 9pm et.


  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Ray of Light, pt. 2

    Posted on 03/08/2013 by Lisa

    What did you think of the newest Degrassi episode, "Ray of Light, pt. 2"? If you missed it, watch it here before you read any further.

    I feel like so much happened during this episode, and it made me cry at least three times. Below are my thoughts on the latest Degrassi storylines. Please share yours in the comments!

    Eli in the shower
    So much happened with Eli! I got all stressed out on his behalf during his NYU interview. (I went to NYU, but I never had to do an interview like that, because I transferred in.) When he talked to the interviewers about being bipolar, I was proud of him for being so honest -- and I loved when the interviewer lady complimented Romeo & Jules. I think Eli would like living in New York City as much as I did, so I'm going to be so disappointed if NYU finds out he took MDMA, showered in the girls' locker room, ran through the school naked, and hugged the principal (still naked).

    The first time I cried was during the aftermath of that scene, in Simpson's office. I started tearing up when Mr. Simpson told Eli about the heartbreaking thing they have in common. And when Eli told Bullfrog, "Last year, it coulda been me in that greenhouse," I was a mess. It seems so unfair (and so realistic) that some people get help in time and some don't.

    Later in the episode, when Eli told Clare, "Cam's not the problem. You are." I surprised myself by not crying. I think I was too shocked to cry. I never expected Eli to be so harsh to Clare. Yes, she was being pushy to get him to talk about his feelings, but I wish he could've found a nicer way to say that he needed time alone. Clare looked SO hurt when she was sitting in the window at the end of the episode. (I have a feeling I'm not the only one who felt a sudden urge to hug my TV.)

    Connor and Jenna
    So much happened with Connor and Jenna. Jenna and Connor had plans for a second date, but then Becky tried to get Jenna to date Luke instead (What a terrible idea!!), and then Connor punched Luke, and it seemed like Connor and Jenna were probably over... until Jenna told Connor, "I had more fun on our one date than any other date I've ever been on." When I heard that line, I totally started crying again. I never in a million years thought I would like Connor and Jenna together as much as I do. They make me want to build a cardboard space capsule in my living room. : )

    Katie and Jake
    And so much happened with Katie and Jake. I am so glad that Katie decided to talk to the therapist, because it really seemed to help. I don't think trying to tear the garden blockade down was her smartest idea ever, but maybe all she and Jake really needed was detention together? It gave her a chance to really apologize, and it seemed like he was ready to hear it. When Katie said "You were the best boyfriend I ever had, and you didn't deserve what I did to you," I started crying AGAIN. And when Jake pulled out that flyer about the soccer coach job, I was so happy to realize that he'd been thinking about her, too.

    I'm glad Katie decided to go for it, because the scene where she kicked a soccer ball around with Maya, a.k.a. "Chicken Little," was so cute.

    Watching the video yearbook
    Of course, the video yearbook made me tear up. (You can watch that video online right here.) I'm a sucker for nostalgia!

    This felt like such a life-changing episode for so many people. I really liked Ray of Light (except for the Eclare pain), even though it made me cry a whole bucket of tears. What did you think? Did you cry a lot at this one?


  • Degrassi Wrap-Up: Ray of Light, pt. 1

    Posted on 03/04/2013 by Lisa

    Let's talk about Friday's Degrassi! If you haven't seen "Ray of Light, pt. 1" yet, watch it here. *Spoilers Below*

    Friday on Degrassi, Eli went to a party, Maya went on stage, and Connor took Jenna to space. SPACE!

    Eli at the paint party
    I understand why everyone's worried about Eli. Clare and his other friends are only trying to protect him, but by trying so hard not to upset him, they're only making things even worse for Eli. I appreciated when the psychologist told Eli he doesn't have to talk about it if that's not helpful for him. I wish Eli could've found a way to make it clear to Clare ("clear to Clare," that's fun to say, haha) that what he needed most was a fun date with her. I love Clare, but in this episode, her big concerned eyes were starting to stress me out.

    I know Eli really needed a distraction, but MDMA seems like a dumb choice. I wish he could've just gone to the party and painted. I don't care if it sounds dorky -- creative projects always help me feel better. (I understand that the video yearbook is a creative project, too, but that one is so tied up in memories of Cam.) By the way, I saw a lot of Talia hate online after Friday's episode. I don't hate her, but I do wish she hadn't offered Eli drugs. *Sigh*

    Oh, Katie.
    Will Jake and Katie get back together? I'm thinking no. Marisol's attempt to reunite Jake and Katie made me sigh, too. I think anyone who has ever been a part of an awesome foursome of couple-friends understands the impulse, but the reality is: Eventually, it's gonna end. Crying about it just makes it harder for everyone to move on with their lives.

    I don't think Katie's in any shape to be dating anyone right now. What happened in Vegas definitely didn't stay there for her. She seems so messed up over the choices she made on that trip. When she tried to "protect" Maya at Little Miss Steaks, she's lucky that manager guy didn't call the police. She assaulted him! Not cool, Katie.

    Jenna + Connor = Love?!
    Meanwhile, Jenna and Connor? I didn't see that one coming (except, you know, in the promos, haha). At first, she looked so reluctant to go on a date with him, but maybe it's good that she had low expectations, because it left room for her to be pleasantly surprised. That date with Connor is one she'll remember forever, and sharing a first kiss in space? Seriously cute. I feel like Jenna has enough life experience to appreciate what Connor has to offer. I hope this actually becomes a thing.

    What did you think of this episode?


  • Dance Academy: Hey, Ben Tickle!

    Posted on 01/15/2013 by Lisa

    On Dance Academy, when Tara wanted a new crush, she didn't have to look far -- Ben Tickle (Thomas Lacey) was right in front of her eyes. So what's Thomas Lacey like in person? And how cute does he look in glasses? Watch this video to find out:

    Ben Tickle (Thomas Lacey) from Dance Academy

    Ben Tickle (Thomas Lacey) from Dance Academy

    What do you think of Ben so far? Catch up on the show here, and tune in Wednesday at 9pm et to see if he's willing to be more than Tara's crush.

    p.s. "Tickle" is officially my new favorite last name. I'm tempted to change my name to Lisa Tickle.


  • Dance Academy: Four Episodes Tonight!

    Posted on 01/09/2013 by Lisa

    We're showing four new episodes of Dance Academy tonight. Here are a few pics of what's coming:

    Abigail from Dance Academy

    Christian from Dance Academy

    Tara and Ms. Raine from Dance Academy

    Abigail from Dance Academy

    Grace and Zach from Dance Academy

    To see even more pics from tonight's episodes, like TeenNick on Facebook. Tune in at 9pm et to watch four episodes in a row. (If you missed the last batch of episodes, catch up online!)


  • Dance Academy: Meet Ollie

    Posted on 01/06/2013 by Lisa

    In this video, Keiynan Lonsdale (Ollie) talks about his character, a new face on Dance Academy this season.

    Keiynan Lonsdale (Ollie) from Dance Academy

    Keiynan Lonsdale (Ollie) from Dance Academy

    You'll see more of Ollie on Dance Academy this week. Catch up on the show here, and tune in Wednesday for four new episodes, starting at 9pm et.


  • SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 10

    Posted on 09/26/2012 by Lisa

    SLiDE is over! Did you watch the last episode? (If not, watch it here.) Let's discuss!

    I've got some stuff to say about this episode, and I want to hear your thoughts, too. Post them in the comments.

    So. First up. I'm curious about the wild-party-craziness that happened between episodes 9 and 10. How did Ed end up waking up on the beach alone? (If anybody out there writes SLiDE fan-fiction, I politely request a story about that night!)

    Party friends

    I thought it felt very realistic when Tammy and Scarlett went into the VIP section and realized it was empty and pretty lame. I feel like the letters "VIP" give a place a special, off-limits kind of feel, but rarely live up to those expectations. I think the best moments at rock shows happen in the general admission area. (Also: It was SO GROSS when Luke and Eva got puked on by a VIP stranger.)

    The morning after

    When Ed and Luke realize that Tammy slept with both of them in the same night... SO AWKWARD. If I had time, I'd make a little chart of which of these five friends have hooked up with each other -- and it'd be a pretty complex chart!

    The SLiDE gang

    I'm not sure if a second season of SLiDE will ever get made, but I loved that when Dylan said he was moving away for a job, Luke mentioned needing housemates. These five, living in that house together? That'd be pretty crazy.


  • SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 9

    Posted on 09/19/2012 by Lisa

    As Ed realized after drinking too many energy drinks, insomnia is the wooorst. Let's talk about Episode 9. (Watch it hereif you haven't seen it yet! *Spoilers below.*)

    My random comments on this episode follow... Please post yours in the comments!

    The SLiDE gang

    I wouldn't recommend this to any real-life students I know, but I secretly love that the SLiDE gang had a last-minute pool party at 5am on the day of their biggest final. That just seems like a nice way to start the day. Haha. I freaked out when Luke had a seizure though -- that image will stick in my head for a while. Life tip: If you get in a car accident, it's always a good idea to get checked out by a doctor. (Especially if your head is bleeding!)

    Ed, losing it.

    Another image that will stick in my head: An over-caffeinated Ed trying to tear apart his little backyard club house with a sledgehammer.

    Luke, Ed, Tammy, and Scarlet

    As for the test itself, I was surprised when Luke put Ed's name on his paper. I'm very curious what kind of grade Luke/"Ed" got, since he tried to bet Tammy that he'd beat her. If Luke turns out to be some kind of Shakespeare genius, I will be very impressed. I think Tammy will, too.

    Is Luke a Shakespeare genius?

    I know it's a dorky thing to say, but I hope we find out their grades tonight on the SEASON FINALE of SLiDE! It's at 10pm et!!


  • SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 8

    Posted on 09/18/2012 by Lisa

    In Episode 8, Ed found his dream girl and his dream car, but let's talk about what happened next! If you haven't seen the episode, watch it before you read any further. Spoilers below!

    Scarlett, Ed, and Tammy

    While I love Ed's bright yellow car (My car is yellow, too.), I understand that he can't take his dream girl to a fancy dance in a car that reeks. (My car, just for the record, smells nice.) While Ed's plan to break into the mall and cheat at winning the car was pretty sketchy, I loved how he urged his friends to help out for the sake of "future Ed and his stupidly hot wife." Haha. That's a pretty good argument. :)

    Phillipa investigates the car full of balls.

    I am NOT cool with the fact that Ed lied to Phillipa to get her to help, though. She may be dorky and annoying, but um... lots of people are. (*raises hand*) Ed treated her terribly in this episode. When he said that, as an old man, he'd look back on their "filthy treehouse scramble" and regret it, I felt like I was watching her heart break before my eyes. Painful stuff.

    After everything Ed put Phillipa through, I think he deserved seeing that same "filthy treehouse scramble" on a giant TV at the mall, but of course, Tammy saw it, too. Tammy, Tammy, Tammy... You can do so much better than Ed! Let's cross our fingers and hope that instead of lowering her standards, Tammy finds someone who lives up to them.

    Group shot!

    Isn't this a great group photo? I love these kids. I'm going to miss them when SLiDE is over.

    BTW, my favorite moment from tonight's episode was when Eva talked to her dad about being adopted, and she said, "Bet you sometimes wish you picked a different crib."

    He replied, "We didn't get a choice. We just got lucky." Yup, I totally teared up at that.

    Did you have any favorite moments from this episode? Let me know in the comments.

    Only TWO MORE EPISODES of SLiDE, YOU GUYS!!! They air Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm et on TeenNick!