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  • SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 4

    Posted on 09/02/2012 by Lisa

    Things got wiiiild on SLiDE this week. Let's talk about Episode 4!(Haven't seen it? Watch it here.)

    Tammy and Ed at work.
    Tammy in a visor, Ed in a banana costume.

    I feel like so much happened in this episode! I'm glad Ed walked away from the job where he had to dress as a banana, even if he looked pretty cute in that costume. (I just had a flashback to Tori and Zig talking about how bad the mascot costumed smelled on Degrassi. Yuck.)

    Luke at work.
    Luke can rock a bowtie.

    Catering seems like a lot more fun, especially when it involves hanging out in a mansion. The party didn't seem like fun for Ed's dad, though. His storyline made me sad, despite his big win at cards. :(

    Speaking of dads, can you believe how Scarlett messed with her dad's head with that whole "Gisele" thing? Do you think he deserved it? It was pretty lame of him to tell such a huge lie in his online dating profile. I wonder if his relationship with Scarlett will ever get better. Maybe... if they stop lying to each other.

    Eva at work
    I want that blue bunny-lamb thing on the right.

    On a happier note, it was neat to see the thrift store where Eva works, and I loved this bit of conversation:
    Scarlett: "This is where clothes come to die. It's like a sad fashion graveyard."
    Eva: "No, it's where fashion comes to be reborn and recycled."
    (I'm with Eva! I love thrift stores. )

    Rob and Ed
    Rob and Ed? Their couple name could be Red.

    Ed continues to be my favorite character on SLiDE. He had so many great awkward moments in this episode! From that unforgettable coat closet scene, to pretending to be "Louise" to get into the club, to the moment where he grabs his boss and kisses him... his life just keeps getting crazier and crazier, and I LOVE IT.

    Luke and Tammy
    Luke and Tammy.

    Tammy and Luke seem like they're finally getting together. No surprise there, but this episode was full of unexpected hook-ups: Scarlett and the girl in the club, Ed and his boss, Ed and Eva...

    RANDOM QUESTION: In this episode, Ed was attracted to at least five people. Which one of them do you think he'd make the best couple with?
    *Rob (his boss at the party)
    *The naked lady statue

    Pick one and tell me why you picked that person in the comments! (Also, if you feel like it, tell me what you liked best about this episode.)

  • SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episode 3

    Posted on 08/29/2012 by Lisa

    Let's talk about Episode 3 of SLiDE! (Watch it here if you haven't seen it. Spoilers below!)

    Eva makes street art.

    In this episode... Tammy and Ed spent some time alone in the dark. Eva met a guy (who's a LOT older). Luke and Scarlett bonded while babysitting.

    Random thoughts about Episode 3, in no particular order:

    1. Tammy's mom kills me!! I loved almost every word out of her mouth (though I'm sure I'd have died of misery and embarrassment if she were my mom and saying these things, especially if she said them in front of Luke). "There's condoms in the top drawer... and they're flavored, I think." Anybody out there have a mom who talks that openly about sex stuff? Is it cool or incredibly awkward?

    Tammy is desperate for a connection.

    2. The scene where you see Tammy trying to get a wifi signal on her laptop, and the screen shows us the signal level. I know that feeling SO WELL. I've balanced my laptop on many windowsills, but the fridge door thing? That seemed a little risky.

    Ed's cute, right?

    3. I love that Tammy has such good friends that when she mass-texted about her desperate need for a babysitter, ALL of her best friends showed up. Willingness to babysit at a moment's notice? That's true friendship.

    He's nice, smart... and WAY too old!!

    4. Although I think Ash is WAY WAY WAY too old for Eva (he's got to be in his 40's and she's in high school!!), I really liked when he asked her if it was an "encore situation," and then explained what he meant. That was very cute, in a way that made me wish he wasn't WAY too old for her -- not to mention married. Sigh.

    5. I sort of wish Eva could sneak me into an art museum at night. That sounds like a lot of fun.

    6. I really liked the band name Last Dinosaurs, so I googled them, and what do you know? They're a real band. I thought they might just be a fictional band created for the show.)

    7. I loved that Tammy's little brother likes wearing dresses.

    8. I love the friendship between Tammy and Eva. It made me happy that Tammy left the rock show to check on Eva, and it made me even happier that Eva forced her to go back inside so she could write a good article about the show. YAY FRIENDSHIP!

    Who'd win in a fight? Tammy, of course.

    What were your favorite moments from this episode? Don't miss Episode 4, Friday at 10:30pm et on TeenNick!

  • SLiDE: A few pics from Episode 3

    Posted on 08/23/2012 by Lisa

    Episode 3 of SLiDE airs Friday at 10:30pm et. In the meantime, check out a few pictures from the new episode.

    Ed makes a smooshy face.
    Ed makes a smooshy face.

    Eva's lip stuff matches her hair.
    Eva's lip stuff matches her hair.

    Tammy makes me wonder if I need a denim vest.
    Tammy makes me wonder if I need a denim vest. (If I get one, I'd be the only person I know who wears one.)

    I kind of want to pat Luke's hair. Is that weird?
    I kind of want to pat Luke's hair. Is that weird?

  • SLiDE Wrap-Up: Episodes 1 and 2

    Posted on 08/21/2012 by Lisa

    So, SLiDE is pretty good, right? If you haven't seen the show yet, watch Episodes 1 and 2 before you read any further.

    The SLiDE gang

    I like how the first episode starts with everyone in trouble, because even though we KNOW how the night's going to end, I really wanted to know how they all got there.

    I felt kind of bad for Ed from the start, because I think birthdays often come with expectations. It's like, it's OK if a normal day kind of sucks, but nobody wants their birthday to suck.

    When Ed put the hair dye down his pants, I was like "Noooooooooooooo!" That was the most disturbing part of episode one in my opinion (though the scene where he pours milk down his pants to counteract the hairdye chemicals was a close second.)

    As I discussed in my last Degrassi post, I'm not a fan of surprise parties, and this is yet another reason why. Ed had plans for an amazing birthday night, and thanks to his parents' lame surprise party, he missed out on the party Scarlett threw for him. I think between Clare's party on Degrassi, and Ed's party on SLiDE, TeenNick is making a point that surprise parties end in fights or misery, so DON'T THROW THEM. Haha.

    Happy birthday, Ed!

    It was too bad that Scarlett threw Ed the party of his dreams and he missed out on the whole thing, but I'm glad he ended up having a memorable night anyway. Dancing in sprinklers at night with friends is the kind of thing he'll remember forever. (I'm sure he'll remember getting busted, too, but at least he had a little fun first.)

    Cleaning the pool.

    Episode 2

    My favorite quote from this episode is Tammy's line "I just caught them having hugs of the pants-down variety," after she walked in on Luke and Tammy messing around.

    I get that Scarlett's dad wants everyone to clean the hotel after the party, but why-why-why would he let someone who's only had his driver's license for a day drive his limo? Even if Ed does "drive like a grandma," that's just a bad idea.

    If I found a phone somewhere, the *only* thing I would use it for would be to find the owner and give it back. But I guess that wouldn't make for very good TV. Spending the day extorting money from strangers so Scarlett can repay her dad? That's much more adventurous than returning the phone right away. Isn't it fun watching TV characters make bad choices? :)

    That little scene with the clown totally creeped me out. I'm just as freaked out by clowns as Ed is. I think Ed and I would totally be friends.

    Luke and Tammy.

    I thought the scenes between Luke and Tammy were really cute and romantic. I like Luke better with Tammy than with Scarlett.

    OK, I know all sorts of crazy stuff happened between Grace and Ed (I'm just glad he made it out of her apartment in one piece) but I need to jump ahead and talk about that last scene. When I saw it, I was like "Whoa, Phillipa!!! WHAT are you doing?!!" One second she's hanging out with Ed in his backyard shed, and the next second, she's on top of him. I get that Ed really wanted to lose his virginity -- and apparently Phillipa did, too -- but IN A SHED? With a girl who seems to get on his nerves? And did she seriously record the whole thing on her phone?!! This show just gets crazier and crazier.

    What do you think of SLiDE so far?
    My overall comments: I love that each episode takes place in one day. I like all five of the main characters, and I like that they're each flawed in different ways, because that makes them feel more real. My favorite character so far is Ed, because he's so awkward, and because we both hate clowns.

    Tell me what you think in the comments! And don't miss Episode 3, Friday at 10:30pm et on TeenNick.

  • Degrassi Showdown: Week 5 Wrap-Up

    Posted on 08/19/2012 by Lisa

    I was seriously impressed with this summer's Degrassi Showdown episodes, and this final week didn't let me down. Let's discuss week five! If you missed any of the Showdown episodes, get caught up here.

    I've posted my random thoughts and observations here (with a few too many exclamation points, but hey, it was a big week!) I want to hear yours in the comments.

    The Ice Hounds... and Clare.
    I like dogs, but I don't like Ice Hounds.

    "Sabotage, pt. 1"

    It hurt to see Clare suffering, and still trying so hard to bring Asher to justice. It hurt even more to see her talking to Dallas about it instead of Eli.

    My lack of respect for the hockey guys continues. I seriously can't believe they were drinking in a school storage room at 11 am.

    Dave's audition for the West Drive guest spot was impressive. He sure has come a long way, talent-wise, from his Three Tenners days!

    Katie looks FIERCE!
    You do NOT want to mess with Katie.

    "Sabotage, pt. 2"

    A surprise party for Clare? Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? (Surprise parties are one of my least favorite things in the world... in my experience, they're always disasters. Or at least, they're always very stressful for the party recipient, and that was definitely the case for Clare.)

    When Eli went to see Asher, all I could think was "This never would've happened if Clare had been honest with him from the start."

    I loved that it totally looked like Drew was going to propose, and then he asked Bianca about sharing a bank account. That was really cute, and I was relieved that didn't propose to her in the mall, haha. When he actually did propose, in a more romantic location, I will admit that I teared up. Aww, Drianca making me cry! I never would've imagined that back in the boiler room days!!

    That fight scene was crazy, right?!! Katie's years of martial arts training finally came in handy. I love that the fight just kept going until the confetti cannon went off.

    I wasn't surprised that Dave and Alli ended things. I feel like that's been coming for a while. They seem like they got bored with each other (in a Sav / Holly J kind of way... they were a cute couple until then the excitement wore off).

    Ooh, hands touching!
    Tristan and his potential romantic interest?!!?

    "Scream, pt. 1"

    I have to say, I love-love-loved this two-parter, and not just because we got to see so much of Romeo & Jules!!

    I want Tristan to find a way to lose his "lip virginity," and NO -- I don't think Dave counts anyway, because kisses only matter if they're the romantic kind, right? I love that he went to Fiona and Imogen for advice, and I'm excited that he has a potential crush!

    I also loved that Eli (and I!) thought the play was being shut down for homophobic reasons, and it turned out to be something totally different.

    The fossil scene was so good, wasn't it? That whole thing about how "The stuff you say makes people think it's OK to bully people..." really got to me. I've said this before, but I have infinite respect for Adam for his ability to stay calm while dealing with intolerance.

    Imogen's line about how she's glad she's no longer "caught up in Hurricane Eli" was a reminder of how far he's come since Love Roulette (and how far Imogen has come, too.)

    A standing ovation for Romeo and Jules
    I'm applauding from home. :)

    "Scream, pt. 2"

    Oh, poor Clare. When she decided to manufacture evidence to use against Asher, I wanted to hug her and take her to a psychologist or something. Taking those pictures was such a HUGE step in the wrong direction, and I'm so glad she eventually figured that out. (That said, I'm glad she went back to the Interpreter office, since she ended up connecting with Jennifer, and that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise.)

    When Becky offered to play Juliet if Tristan didn't show up, I thought Eli's head was going to explode. "We don't need a Juliet." EXACTLY.

    The scene where they find Tristan, and tell him they love him was so nice, but again -- I don't think that kiss with Tori counts at all. That kiss didn't matter at all. I want to see Tristan kiss someone he actually LIKES. That would make my heart so happy.

    I loved EVERY BIT of Romeo & Jules that we saw on screen, and the glimpses of backstage drama, too. That Adam/Becky hug sure seemed meaningful, didn't it? I'm dying to see where that goes.

    When the play got a standing ovation, I was so proud of Eli, and so proud of the whole cast, and basically, proud of everyone who's involved in making Degrassi. And I'm proud of all of us for watching it. I'm giving ALL of us a standing ovation. Yay, Romeo & Jules! Yay, Degrassi! I can't wait until October!!!

  • SLiDE: Get your iTunes season pass!

    Posted on 08/17/2012 by Lisa

    Don't miss an episode of TeenNick's new show SLiDE! Get your season pass on iTunes now.


  • SLiDE: Meet Ed.

    Posted on 08/16/2012 by Lisa

    "Guys, can we just do this without all the sarcastic bickering and sexual tension?" - Ed Newman, SLiDE.

    What's Ed's deal? He's sort of the center of this odd group of friends, but somehow, he's still not all that popular. Here's how Ed acts when he's around a girl he likes:

    For more about Ed, check out his character page, or read about Ben Schumann, the actor who plays him.

    Ed from SLiDE
    Ed seems kind of silly. I bet we'd get along.

    Ed from SLiDE
    Hangin' out in a pile of balls.

    Episode 1 of SLiDe airs on TeenNick tonight, but you can also watch it online now. Episode 2 airs Friday night at 10:30pm et!

  • SLiDE: Meet Scarlett

    Posted on 08/16/2012 by Lisa

    "Your first time sleeping with someone, it's not meant to be sexy. It's just meant to be... done." - Scarlett Carlyle, SLiDE.

    What's Scarlett all about? Well, she just moved in with her dad. Here's a peek at how that's going:

    For more about Scarlett, check out her character page, or read about Emily Iris Robins, the actress who plays her.

    Scarlett from SLiDE
    I have a feeling Scarlett spends more money on her clothes than I do.

    Scarlett from SLiDE
    Ooh, I like those fingernails, Scarlett!

    Episode 1 of SLiDe airs on TeenNick tonight, but you can also watch it online now. Episode 2 airs Friday night at 10:30pm et!

  • SLiDE: Meet Eva.

    Posted on 08/15/2012 by Lisa

    "The truth is always better, even if it itches." - Eva Lee, SLiDE.

    Eva is rebellious and arty, but she also seems like kind of a loner, so I'm curious to see how she fits in with the rest of the SLiDE gang. Here's a clip of Eva in action:

    For more about Eva, check out her character page, or read about Adele Perovic, the actress who plays her. (SLiDe is her first professional acting role!)

    Eva from SLiDE
    Nice helmet, Eva! I hope that didn't sound sarcastic. I really think it's cool, as helmet's go.)

    Eva from SLiDE
    I want Eva's shirt. The sleeves look removable!

    If you haven't seen it yet, Episode 1 of SLiDE is online now -- and watch Episode 2 Friday night at 10:30pm et on TeenNick!

  • SLiDE: Meet Tammy.

    Posted on 08/14/2012 by Lisa

    "You hold onto that. And your tragic notion of masculinity." - Tammy Lane, SLiDE.

    What's Tammy like? Well, here's a peek at how she acts at an important job interview:

    Oh, Tammy. I get JUST as awkward and babbly when I'm nervous. *Sigh* For more about Tammy, check out her character page, or read about Gracie Gilbert, the actress who plays her.

    Tammy from SLiDE
    I have this theory that everyone looks better when they're NOT wearing a visor.

    Tammy from SLiDE
    I wonder if her curls are sproingy. I bet they are.

    Tammy's pretty funny in the first episode of SLiDE. If you haven't seen it yet, watch Episode 1 online now -- and watch Episode 2 Friday night at 10:30pm et on TeenNick!