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  • Get In The Spooky Spirit With Our Halloween Quizzes!

    Posted on 10/02/2013 by Rachel1016

    Muahahahaha, well hello there, TeenNick Fans! It's the beginning of October, and that means it's time for full fledged celebration of goblins, ghouls, witches and all other ghostly traditions of Halloween!

    Even though All Hallows Eve is a few weeks away, we like to think that here at TeenNick, Halloween lasts for the entire month of October! We're kicking off our month-long Halloween festivities with these spellbinding quizzes, which are sure to haunt your socks off.

    What Should You Be For Halloween?
    Do you have the patience for a complex Halloween costume? The guts to go conceptual? Or do you just want to look hot for the parties?

    Which Halloween Candy Are You?
    Maybe we're all just random candy in the trick-or-treat bag of life. If you're hungry for a sweet new identity, take this quiz.

    What's Your Horror Movie Death?
    Are you prepared for what might happen if a crazed mutant emerges from the sewers? Or if your neighbor's llama gets possessed by a demon?

    What Kind Of Monster Are You?
    If you ever feel like a freak of nature from another dimension, you're not crazy -- that's the REAL you shining through.